Pornstar : Jake Ellis

Jake Ellis is so handsome with his deep hazel eyes and those sexy pouty lips that you know would feel so good wrapped around your cock. And at six foot two he makes an entrance every time he walks into a room. He’s got a lean muscular build, mostly smooth with just a little light brown body hair in all the right places. He’s a typical horny college jock that loves jerking his thick meaty dick. You can almost picture him with some of his buddies having some hot group sex or at the very least one hell of a circle jerk. And while his cock is really nice it’s his lightly furry ass that really stands out. While he’s laying out in the summer sun just running his hands all over his hot body, he lets his fingers work their way down to his hole. It’s tight, hungry and waiting to get rammed hard. He teases around the edge with his finger before putting it in, enjoying the sensations but wishing it were something more. All in due time, Jake. Then he turns around and works his handful of cock with such a heated stroke that his cumshot is amazing and he relaxes in a puddle of jizz and sweat.

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  1. David

    Jake is a hunk: he has a nice cock and a hot ass. I love watching him rub himself and play with his ass as well as jerk his meat. I WOULD DO HIM IN A HEART BEAT IF I HAD THE CHANCE

  2. sunshine9001

    Hey..he is really a hot dude. nice cock and ass. would eat both in a minute. like to clean out his crotch and balls.
    great guy

  3. Barebackstudeight

    His ass would be raw,by the time I get through with him! Eaten, pounded, fucked silly! Definately walk silly!

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