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Pornstar : Cody Cummings


Next week I will be interviewing pornstar Cody Cummings. I know that most of you like him a lot so if you have any questions you would like to ask him, feel free to submit it here in the “comment section” below. To get inspired, you can visit his website here to see hot videos and photos of this hot “str8” jock!


(photo credit : cody cummings)

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  1. ninja9

    He doesnt suck dick, and he doesnt fuck guys (top or bottom), which is pretty lame. I dont care about labels like str8, gay, bi, g4p, all I care about is the action, and his actions are boring.

  2. joe

    if these are hard hitting questions, please ask him “how do you feel about some of the stigma that comes with gay for pay performers?” or “will you ever bottom? Or straight up fuck a guy?”

  3. Chris

    I’ve seen many of Cody’s videos and I have several questions I would ask him. I would like to know how he enjoyed taking those anal beads in Shameless Plug. I would like to know what he considers himself to be. I’ve read bisexual and straight. I saw the video where he supposedly tasted his own cum. They made such a big deal about it but I didn’t actually see where he did that. If I’m not mistaken I’ve also seen one of his videos where he sucks his own cock. If he can suck his own then why can’t he blow another guy? I loved the video where he was kissing the guy. That was really hot. He is always claiming that he is pushing his limits. I would also like to know if he is ever gonna have sex with a guy and say gay for pay. A lot of “straight” guys have sex with men and still consider themselves to be straight. So I’d like to know if he is ever going to do that. I personally and am sure a lot of the rest of the guys that watch his videos really want to see him nail a hot guy or maybe get nailed himself. He has an ass that looks like it needs to be fucked. He loves having it played with and he has stated he loves getting rimmed. There is an entire pack of hot guys with that company that he can fuck them all. I’m sure they would line up for him.

  4. James

    Hey, ask Cody if he will ever had mutual oral and anal sex in one of his films. Also ask him if he had to fuck 1 gay pornstar, who would be?

  5. Stephen

    What’s his story? Bi? Straight? Gay for pay? How much longer can he expect fans to be satisfied with him jerking it or bi-3 way sessions?

  6. Tom

    Is he ever going to give in and go “all the way” with another guy on film? He’s a great-looking, well-built guy… but the stuff that’s he’s been doing with guys on film is getting old. GIVE IN ALREADY!!

  7. Jordan

    Cody is my ultimate dream guy, his is so hot and sexy. I want to cuddle up in his big muscular arms! 🙂 come to Oklahoma please!

  8. Tyler

    Cody, you’ve worked with male adult film stars and I was wondering which guy you starred in a film with you found to be your hottest fuck?

  9. Jock

    Cody Cummings is a god. He should stop listening to the queens that criticize him for being “gay for pay” and doing things he’s obviously uncomfortable with. It’s refreshing to see a handsome str8 guy being worshipped and watching a hot guy having str8/bi sex versus disgusting Ron Jerome types (str8 boys have such easily intimidated egos). The charisma and pure sex appeal pours off this guy and the George Clooney voice is perfectly mated. (ask him if he ever plays himself off as Clooney over the phone,he’s a dead-on match. I know his audience is gay and he has to play more to that angle…..maybe a little more cumeating action from his worshippers, maybe a bi cream pie shoot, mmmm. I really hope this guy doesn’t succumb to the pressures of the industry, that place where one’s self worth comes into question and drugs and alcohol come in to fill the void. I’m hoping he makes some good money and gets the hell out before the bad things start happening to him. He just seems like a great guy and I’d hate to se him hurt. Cody, ignore the dog and pony aspects of “keeping it fresh” and be yourself. It’s straight guys like you that keep guys like me gay =)

  10. bibearcat

    from what I have seen on clips he is getting more adventurous. Will he be suckin dick anytime soon on his site other than his own?

  11. David

    Cody is a fuckin HUNK. I would totally love to do him if I had the chance, it’s hard to decide what’s better his face, cock, ass,or chest.I think he has a cute teenage male face.

  12. bootjack

    How did you end up having sex with men. I’ve seen the videos on your site and you are clearly into women, or at least your dick is. You can bearly get it up for men. Do you have to pysche yourself up for this?

  13. Brad

    He’s a douche. He doesnt suck dick, he doesnt fuck men, he doesn’t even masturbate other guys. In fact, he barely touches his male partners. It’s like he’s a user just for money. I guess that makes him a whore who won’t put out. Why not just do straight or solo vids? Ask him when he’s going to retire. And ask his fans why they don’t have any respect for themselves.

  14. Sean

    he appears to be an opportunist, trying to make money off the gay population by acting like he is having gay sex. While he certainly is handsome and has a beautiful ass I find him to be very boring.

    I would like to see him with a cock in his mouth and one in his ass. I am sure there are people like me that would really tune in and buy his stuff if this ever happened.

  15. Jason

    I don’t care if he’s gay for pay, but would like to see him bottom and go down on another dude. I’m just sayin’ that if your gonna do it, then do it right. And if you need practice, well… 😉

  16. Brian

    why dnt u fuck a guy? i dnt wanna see u get fucked cause ur just to much of a mans man…an that i love your always so calm an nioce an i love tat as well but atleast blow a guy or top him please an thank you an also if ur not comfortable thats fine i will astill buy an watch you so if u ever do need a quicky let me knw oh an yes it wil;l be quick thats just what i

  17. Benjamin

    I’d ask him- ‘What is something about yourself that few people know about’? and hope for something cute or interesting ;o)

  18. Sergio

    A good question might be: Is he aware that more guys than girls are part of his fanbase, and what does he think about that? Since he’s mostly into girls and doesn’t mess with guys too much, is that an ego booster or is it unflattering?

    Also, what is it that makes him let guys play with him but he never lets himself go all the way with one?

  19. YeahOkay

    I’ve never seen him with any men of color. Ask him if there is a reason for that. If it’s not his preference, that is fine. I would still find him gorgeous, but I would find him much more interesting if he changed it up a bit.

  20. ThikChgoChocolat

    also, contrary to popular belief, if your dick gets hard when a guy sucks it, if you moan and groan like a bitch in heat when another guy eats your ass and you cum like gangbusters from a guy giving you head, i hate to burst your bubble but you ain’t all that damn straight…..GET OVER IT!!!!!! i get so sick of dudes claiming to be straight but let another dude wrap his lips around his dick he’s rock hard and spooging all over the place. ain’t nothing wrong w/being gay or even liking both the pole and the hole, but whatever you like own up to it is all i’m saying…..

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