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“Born This Way”  is finally out since monday!

At first, I was a bit disappointed by the album, that’s why I waited few days to write something. I wanted to digest it! Her heavy use of religious metaphor and repeated mentions of Jesus, Judas, Mary, God, Chapel got on my nerves.

But after hearing it over and over in my Ipod, I kind of love it! It’s a hybrid album with Euro Dance sounds and Rock melodies, very 1980s but with a modern vibe. Here is what I think of each songs on the “deluxe edition”: 


1- “Marry The Night”  : One of my favorite, love the beat ! Very gothic with the organ but also disco-powered pop. Can’t wait to hear it on the dance floor !

2- “Born This Way”  : We all know it and we all love it. The gay anthem!  Me and my friend Thomas are always like hysteric little girls when we hear it in clubs! lol

3- “Government Hooker” : Not crazy about this song, only like the opera vocalizing at the beggining. It has minimal techno beat, missin’ some bass (for me).

4- “Judas” : Love it! The music video is amazing. I was not in love with it at first but now, one of my faves!

5- “Americano” : Very interesting song, exotic, “à la Alejandro” , but with more umpf

6- “Hair” : It’s an OK song, not gonna be a hit I think. I’m not a fan of sax … but great vocals.

7- “Scheiße” : LOVE that song and the beat is insane! Very “elegant” Chorus, I just want to learn the lyrics by heart! lol

8- “Bloody Mary” : Too slow, many Jesus/Mary/Church references which I’m not crazy about…. The only interesting things is the voice treatments.

9- “Black Jesus + Amen Fashions” : My God! Her voice reminds me of Madonna in the 80’s. Lot’s of Jesus references again… Not my favorite song but it’s fine…

10- “Bad Kids” : Starts with a 70’s feel then switch to the 90’s. Not gonna be a single… It’s just fine.

11- “Fashion Of His Love” : Madonna again

12- “Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)” : Strange title for this Bonnie Tyler-ish track. Dont like it!

13- “Heavy Metal Lover”  : I like the voice treatment, very soft, subtle. Would be nice to hear in a “5 à 7” as background music, but not in a club.

14- “Electric Chapel” : Love this song! The arrangements are great, the beat reminds me of Kylie, very fun to hear!

15- “The Queen” : Chorus sounds a bit like “The Edge Of Glory” ‘s. It’s an OK song, not a fan.

16- “You and I” : Was it written by Shania Twain? Country Ballad… weird, no contextual sense.

17- “The Edge Of Glory” : One of my favorite! The beat is great, sounds a bit like Cher’s “Song For The Lonely” but better !

The remixes on the second CD could have been dropped. Nothing amazed me there!

Let me know what you think of the album !



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  1. Lee

    I have heard her album two times now and so glad I did not buy it! The two songs I love for the music is Judas and Born this way, however the words to Judas get on my nerve because of the religious tone of it. If it was not a religious song I would totally love it! The rest of the album put me to sleep. Give me Rihanna or Madonna anyday over Lady GOOGOO!! LOL!

  2. ChipD

    “Born This Way,” we have to remember, is only Gaga’s second disc. She’s been sailing so long on “Fame” + “The Fame Monster” it seems odd to think she’s not put out more songs. Give the new disc more than a couple of listens before passing final judgement. Some of what you might think are lesser songs will likely grow on you. Gaga’s going to be able to work his disc for at least a couple of years, touring behind it and then releasing more music. She’s remade pop music into something worth listening to again, just as Madonna did when she was queen of the 80s. She’s not Rihanna, nor is she trying to be. She’s a single entity, and all of her little monsters love her madly!!!

  3. John

    I love the album but I dont like every song I like twenty out of 22 haaaaa!!! Lady gaga is amazing she out done herself to me. The religious references she uses is controversial but I expect that from her that’s why I love it.

  4. Krill

    Her or their marketing technique and use of tapping into homosexuals insecurities as a selling/talking point is very Madonna-Oprah. Liberals or the misfits/”gays” are easy targets for design-to go adverts and pandering media moguls with their I’ll protect “you” even though “we” (you and “them”) have no immediate connection, nor direct communication and honestly a television or audio device really isn’t the best means to protect oneself-if people think some celebrity is helping them like a televangelist via the media. Unless your on drugs or schizophrenic-don’t get me started.
    I have heard a few singles and it irritated, although corny pop music and gimmick isn’t my shtick.I love artists, new concepts even intelligent use of material and I just can’t find her interesting. When it comes to gay rights I prefer someone from the HRC or an actual gay individual not a fag hag to speak on their experience.
    I like her in some weird way but something isn’t right…

  5. Carlos

    I bought the album on Amazon for .99 (this makes me feel better about what im going to say). To me this ablbum only has 4 songs.

    Born this way
    Edge of Glory

    Other than that I did not like anything else.

    On a side note, Edge of Glory was featured on a Google Chrome commercial. Also, google made an “It gets better commercial” too, im so proud.


  6. panda

    i agree took me a couple times to digest it also BUT, i am the opposite i like the whole album as for “you and i” it is a song about her on again/ off again boyfriend who is from Nebraska (i am from Nebraska so i do like the song 🙂 )now to lee sorry Madonna just does not do it for me anymore and Rihanna? seriously? sorry she just is not my taste i guess i am getting too old

  7. Jim

    I think it’s the most amazing album EVER. :o)

    As a friend of mine said, this is a concept album! You really have to listen to the whole thing to see the direction and where you are going with it.

    Marry the Night – Sets the tone…gets the bpms up. But more importantly, you get the feel for Born This Way (the album). It’s like the opening of the movie! It’s a classic pop song from beginning to end.

    Born This Way – What can more be said? It was #1 for 6 weeks. It’s the title track, so it gets the special treatment, but it’s almost the odd man out on the album because it is so strong. She did a dodge on this one, clever girl.

    Government Hooker – The runway show was the perfect tease. This is Eurotrash, hot dancey pop. You don’t like THIS, turn off the c.d. Congratulations, you’re dead! LOL. As long as I’m ya HOOOOOOOOOKER—-Ah! Try to stand still…yeah, I couldn’t either.

    Judas – Dark, deep, religious. The beat, the unrelenting Ju-dah-ah, the electro breakdown near the end. Dare I say it? Heavenly.

    Americano – Gaga smacking the shit out of Evita. Lesbianism. Probably the 3rd Act of the Paparazzi/Telephone videos… (I’m going on record here!) The song embraces Latin culture and the stereotype and slams it hard into a thumping techno beat. Sheer fucking perfection. I don’t speak your language ohno, if you don’t Americanooooooooo.

    Hair – When I first got the single, I didn’t get it. In the context of the album, I do. And it works. It’s the lighter side of BTW. It’s the hopeful, cheery side – the optimism. The rebel. This is where the album starts to turn from the dark to the light. Yup. Pretty fucking cool, huh? Just relentless fun. Pure sugar. And I love it!

    Scheibe – The German backdrop is simply incredible. You’d expect to hear this in an underground hardcore German nightclub at 4 a.m. Strobe lights. Lot of drinks. So very fucking Euro in the best possible sense! She fooled us at the runway – and kicked this fucker into high gear! LOVE IT! Possibly the best song on the album. Tough call!

    Bloody Mary – Worried about this one in advance. Was silly to! The Gregorian chants, the slow, methodical, yet sensual dance beat may take its time…but it’s got you. This is the one where you’re dancing with the guy you’re in love with…and he’s the bad boy. And you know better. But you fucking do it anyway. And despite yourself, you fall. This song captures that feeling. It’s the dance before all the shit goes down. Wow.

    Bad Kids – Pure 80’s. :o) I can totally envision listening to this in my teenage bedroom. This is nostalgia and a message crammed together. 80’s guitars, senseless beats, crazy, fun rock lyrics! A message song! Echoes of Sheena Easton for those of you who remember who that is.

    Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) – Total anthem! There’s no hidden message here. This is the song that signifies the album cover for me…Gaga fearless, riding down the road on her motorcycle…the rebelliousness is there, but it calls to you…it wants you to hop on your own bike and ride with her. That’s the whole point of BTW.

    Heavy Metal Lover – I know this is going to be just a B side, but my God, I love this one. Listening to this album with Heartbeats made all the difference. The backbeat is reminiscent of Rapture from Debbie Harry – even the spoken staccato portion – but in a good way. It’s still pure Gaga. You could see the original HEAVY METAL movie playing with Gaga in the cartoon herself. Oh yeah. Can anyone say “Interlude” for the BTW Ball? I can!

    Electric Chapel – So sweet. This song takes its fucking time to win you over. It’s a slow burn. It has a touch of feeling like it was on Madonna’s Ray of Light album. The Madonna comparison is a positive in all respects. The song stands on its own as a Gaga creation however. The church bells during the chorus…perfection! This song is all about the details. It knows it has you. And I love that in a song. It’s got attitude.

    You and I – I must confess, I’m not a huge piano-bar kind of guy. Speechless won me over, but You and I had me worried when I first heard it last year live. The best compliment I can give it is that on the album, I dig it. :o) I love the production!

    Edge of Glory – Beautiful. Soaring. Epic. A perfect way to close the album. A tribute to Grandpa Gaga who passed away. From the heartbeat and the flatline at the end, the sweet chorus is uplifting and gorgeous. Very Benatar. Could see Neil Giraldo playing the guitar for this one.

    From beginning to end, Gaga has created a revolutionary concept album. One gets the impression that she was going to take that huge treasure chest called the 80’s, take the best parts of them, and move them into the future. Madonna, yes. But Springsteen. Elton. Pat Benatar. Deborah Harry. That’s no fucking coincidence. She got inspired by the greats and then went back added modern pop and house music – and – bam- GREATEST. ALBUM. OF THE DECADE.

    She did it.

    ***** out of *****
    5 stars out of 5

  8. chegue89

    I love it my favorite songs are scheiBe, electric chapel, edge of glory and of course judas and born this way, I have to agree that it does have many religious references

  9. Daniel ( LadyGagaMonster )

    It is a new breed of Gaga; Not dealing with the fame. I love Marry the night and feel it will be her next hit. My second favorite is Government Hooker. Gaga is amazing. I had the change to go to one of the last Monster Ball concerts and i will say that from here on out whenever she is in Tampa I will be at her show.

  10. marq

    I think this cd for gaga is SUPER! I’m glad she didn’t just drop some pop like tunes just to top the charts. She is a artist with a vision, a story. Seems like she has some weird lyrics with religious quotes but its diffrent for her and she just wants to mess with peoples heads… $$$$$ they buying it…

  11. Boo

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, Born This Way and Judas took some time before I actually liked them. I heard the clip of Government Hooker that had played at the Mugler show…the album version could use a bit more bass. I think Edge of Glory and Americano are my personal faves. Overall, the album doesn’t live up to The Fame and Fame Monster…but those are some big shoes to fill. The religious references are interesting…but its a bit confusing at times. A solid album, but takes a few listens to fully appreciate

  12. Tim

    this CD sucks…so boring…what happened Lady G? This is garbage….I did not buy it, listened to it on YouTube….save yer money guys!

  13. Harlow

    It’s a great album. If anyone was looking for a repeat of The Fame you will be disappointed. Commercially speaking, I believe The Fame was geared more towards mass consumption but Born This Way is much more for Lady Gaga fans specifically. This album has much deeper tones to it and the lyrics tend to be a bit darker. The way I see it The Fame was a delicious plate of pop junk food and Born This Way is a slab of sirloin which takes a bit more chewing and is a bit harder to digest. 4/5 stars from me.

  14. Robert

    Its OK. I think it sounds like her old album and so 80’s rip offs. Wish I would have heard it before I bought it. Oh well.

  15. Jose

    Is not all that… Some of the reviews are really mediocre.. You guys expected so much from the album that is a disappointment. It is a rush job with lyrics to push all buttons. Rag about religion and gays and you have the new Gaga cd.

  16. Harry

    Im so amazed that you think that we ALL love “Born This Way” its a dreadful song…and its NOT the gay anthem.

    Im not a fan of Gaga..but at least the songs from her first CD and EP were pretty good as hit songs go (yes, I really dislike her) but Im not biased and admit a hit record when I hear one…and those where hit records.

    That people are not picking up on her anti-christ stance (fine if its your thing) is amazing to me… (Im not a christian)

    Gays who are into her, need to crawl back out from her vagina and butthole…and really look at who this woman is, and what she is really singing about!!!

  17. Kevin

    This album is amazing! People who don’t like it obviously was looking for “The Fame” teas and sadly you will be disappointed. I applaud her for moving FORWARD with her music as all artists should. If you want “The Fame/Monster” then go listen to it it’s that simple. It’s funny its always the same people in every Gaga blog hating but Rolling Stones gave her album 4/5 stars, she has her first #1 album and the album went platinum in it’s first week, so all you Gaga haters I don’t think your opinions matter at this point. If you want bubblegum generic pop music then there’s Katy Perry and Rihanna for that. She said last year that this album was gonna piss a lot of people off and man was she right lol. So far the album has been getting great reviews from Rollong Stone, Billboard, HitsDailyDouble, etc. So haters stay mad Gaga is here to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it so rant all day long about how madonna-ish, faghag-ish, gimmicky, too religious she is it won’t change anything so stay in your feelings!

  18. Dain Eric

    I like this album much better than Fame/Fame Monster.Unlike everyone else in here, I think Bloody Mary is the best song on the album. Really like Sheisse and Black Jesus as well. I wasn’t a GaGa fan before, but after this album I am ready to climb on board.

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