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Men’s Beauty : Massage: Finding the right Rub

So you want a massage. Good, it’s a great experience beyond just feeling good, many people believe that massage has many health benefits as well. But the hard part is figuring out who to see or where to go for a massage.

First off, you should think about how you want to do this. Besides just the cost of a massage, are you more interested in having the practitioner come to your home or going to see them? Many different professional environments are available for the art of bodywork. You can find therapists in many gyms, full service salons, day spas or many high end resort destination spas. All of these setting offer different benefits. In the Salon, Day Spa or Spa setting, you typically will be working with a therapist who does more relaxing massage, while in more of a medical setting it’s often about pain management or rehab type of work. This of course is a general rule, not always the case. The advantage of course of having a Massage Therapist come to your home is that you don’t have to go anywhere. But usually your going to pay extra for the out call. If you are looking for a out call therapist, one of the many websites that you can look into is This site lists therapists all over the world. And on our website, you will see many therapists listed under a pro accounts.

Next let’s talk about about the basic type of techniques that your therapist is going to be using. No matter if it’s in a Spa or at home, you should have a basic idea of how they are going to be working with you. The most often used type of massage is usually called Swedish. This type of massage is known by the long connective strokes that the therapist uses during the session. Another common type of massage is Deep Tissue. This type of work is focused on more deep pressure, often affecting the connective tissues of the body. Related techniques are Rolfing, Structural Integration and Trigger Point Therapy.

Then you may also see therapists advertising more exotic sounding massage. Such as Hot Stone Massage, which is various techniques that incorporate Hot Stones of various types into the massage. Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Acupressure are various types of massage using eastern medical ideas. And then you might also find energy work, Reki or Aura healing listed with some therapists. These tend to be ways of focused manipulation of the energies of the body, and may not actually include the therapist touching you.

So we know where we are going, and how they are doing it. But the last couple of things you might want to make sure to discuss with your massage guy is what sort of oil and/or lotion they are using, and how they drape you during your session. You may want to ask this due to any skin sensitivity issues you might have. I also personally stay away from massage products that use Mineral Oil, or any petrol chemical. You should also tell your therapist if you have any nut allergies, or gluten issues. Many massage products contain either of these things. Wheat Germ Oil for example is used in quite a few massage lotions.

As for draping, some therapists -for either legal reasons or policy of the location – are required to drape. And of course as the client, you may not desire to be fully nude. Many types of massage can be done around a pair of shorts for example. Shiatsu is usually done with the client wearing loose fitting clothing. If you want to discuss this with your therapist before hand, he should be open to having this conversation. Keep in mind that just because you are nude, does not mean that anything other than therapeutic work will take place. In the spa setting, most therapists could well lose their job for this. If you are looking for erotic work, a “full release” or “happy ending” you would more likely find that someone coming to your home would be more open to this type of work.

Of course the key point here is to know what your paying for before hand. Any Professional Massage Therapist should be open to talking about his training, certifications, special techniques that he does or any other questions you may have. If you aren’t comfortable with the answers you receive from him you may want to consider looking else where for a session.

Owen Edwards, California Esthetician and graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy.

(photo credit : massagebait)

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  1. Darryl

    I have had many massages in the past and they did feel great. I’ve babbled in giving them to special people, and the feedback was good. A true professional would never put you in a situation that makes you fee uncomforable. Do your homework,then lay back and enjoy the human touch.

  2. David

    I love getting massages, I personally think that men are the best. The reason is not only are their hands strong but most of them have great bodies. not only do the guys usually give massages but some give happy endings as well

  3. rich

    I am a massage therapist, i have been practicing for 2 years, I found your article very informative. My problem is finding clients. I give a dam good massage and incorporate reiki energy work into the massage experience. I intuitively read my client to know where they need to have the massage focused. I also talk to my clients about what they do for a living, how they exercise, what activities they preform on a regular basis to help me in knowing what type of massage or techniques to use during the session. Thanks again for the wonderful article.

  4. Eddie - Body & Soul

    Thanks for publishing this article. I’m a massage therapist with studios in Vestal NY and in Clarks Summit PA. I get a number of my clients from this site, and they especially enjoy my outdoor massage gazebo !! I use hot oils, organic lotions, hot stones, stretching, deep tissue work in every session, and I also offer body scrubs, wraps and other treatments !! Hit me up if you’re going to be in my area !!

  5. Nick

    As a massage therapist with over 7yrs of experience, I’ve found that many men, including the straight “married” ones, want the massage to be erotic and sexual. They ask if I will be nude, too, and allow them to touch back. It’s kind of frustrating to think that I’ve spent so much time and energy perfecting my craft and the only thing some people want out of it is sex. Very few ask about my experience, technique or credentials. Almost all of them want to know if it’s “nude on nude” with release.
    Just wondering if other therapists find this to be true.

  6. Tim

    Agree 100% Nick! I have almost 1000 hours of training, and atleast that many hours of hands-on experience. But too many male clients are only interested in what I’ll be wearing, and how I will “releae” them (not IF, but HOW). I am definitely not a sexual prude, but get accused of being a prude because I refuse sex with my clients. In every locality that I am aware with, sex with massage is illegal, classified as prostitution. Atleast consider the ethics, then consider the law. I don’t appreciate being called a prostitute. Massage is a valuable part of healthcare, making you healthy and keeping you healthy. It is not a conduit to sex. In fact, using a pic from “Massage Bait” is an insult to our profession, since it glorifies prostitution.

    • blog

      Dear Tim, we cannot use any images that we want online because of copyrights! Therefore we are using images that we CAN use, from sites that we promote !

  7. Owen

    Let me just say, I’m glad folks are reading the posts I’m doing for this site. As for clients Rich, that can be hard. I work out of the local full service salon here in Guerneville CA. So I get a good number of walk in clients and referral from the Cosmetologists that also work in the salon. Depending on the situation where you work, you might want to consider perhaps joining the local Chamber of Commerce or other professional groups in your area. I get a great return on that one. But then I also work in a tourist area, so the cross marketing from local bed and breakfasts or hotels really helps me. It takes time to build a client base, I’ve been doing this for 17 years, 10 of them in this area.

  8. Arnaldo

    Massage will increase blood flow to all over your body, and properly done will increase the range of motion. With a fresh blood flow, it will help maintain toxins and wastes flushed out better and better if adding just water afterwards. A good soak in the bathtub after the massage will increase you wellbeing, relaxing, and having a better restful sleeping time.
    Massage will increase your overall body and muscle toning and mentally as well. Better if pleasant aromas (aromatherapy) is incorporated. And better yet, adding some time, if that can be added, a dry sauna and/or steam-room treatment, along with some minutes in the whirlpool. Then a gradually warm to cool refreshing shower, and you’ll feel like a million dollar buck!

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