Entertainment : GAGA’s new single : Edge Of Glory


‘Edge Of Glory’ is available to download on itunes since 1pm PT today. The single will appear on the singer’s forthcoming album, ‘Born This Way’ May 23 release.

Personally, I have to say that I like it a lot …. it’s a very nice , light, fun and softer song. I can’t wait to hear remixes of the song on the dancefloor !

I was actually thinking on creating a blog category called “gaga” because there’s Gaga stuff happening almost every day…(lol). New video, new song, new scandal…She never stops !!!

Listen to the song here ! Hurry up before they take it down !

Let me know what you think “monster” !!!


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  1. Required

    it sounded like “Art Of Noise” in the intro then turned into a high energy dance track. I am not a fan-the only aspect to her which is remotely interesting to me is that non linear approach to fashion. Tori Amos and Diamanda Galas are better pianists and I find their lyrics unintentional and profound.
    Her use of “the gays” bores me to tears-the people and artists she/they ripped off are far more savvy and interesting. There is an “Oprah” clip under the debut single, her ratings have plummeted since people have to pay to watch her babble and marketing schemes via cable so she’s firing staff members-after yoga and chanting of course, Oprah is effective if you understand how cute and cuddley she made George W.Bush look a few months past, anybody that can make an executioner and homophobe, war profiteer look like or seem as a playtime buddy is obviously diligent at accomodating her “guests” through public manipulation and promotions. None the less I wouldn’t trust Winfrey if my life depended on it. If your scared to not like her-just go to The Daily Beast web publication and read any comment blog under a recent article on Oprah Winfrey close to 97% of commenters dump on her face- something no celebrity looking for a cameo and tv spot is going to do…

  2. Starkiller1

    WOW, now that Judas is an Official BOMB the label is rushing out a 3rd single. Does anyone else think s this sounds like it belongs on the Top Gun soundtrack? Or that maybe Bonnie Tyler shouldve recorded this back in 85….Finally the downfall of Gags

    • blog

      @Robert, Oh ur a music specialist? Local DJs always remix every songs of Gaga! So Yes, I can’t wait to hear the remixes !!

  3. gay sheeple

    Just another mediocre, run of the mill, gay round up song!
    All the outrageous outfits and dancing boys can’t cover up an average voice and mediocre songs from Lady Gag Gag!

  4. blog

    You guys make me laugh. You’re all bitching her but when the album will come out you’ll be the first to run to the CD store ! lolll ahahaha

    It’s fine if you like her or not, I just don’t understand people who are trying to convince people to hate or to love her. Tastes are very different and it’s fine like that. Some people like heavy metal, some like gaga, that’s it.

  5. Kevin

    These Gaga haters are funny. I love reading the comments just to see how stupid they sound. Face it this song is amazing and she is the best thing in pop music right now. Judas is #10 on iTunes which is far from a fail and Edge Of Glory tops the iTunes charts at #1. Like the guy above me said yall are always complaining about her but as soon as something new comes out from her yall are the first to listen…she has yall minds…its ok. SHE IS THE BEST THING IN POP. And no amount of negative comments are gonna change that. Gaga is here to stay and you will deal!

  6. Aluvprofusion

    Actually Judas isnt getting any love at radio AND it failed to hit #1 on itunes or any digital sales chart..why do think they are rushing out this 80s power ballad. If Judas was a hit theyd be milking it for all it’s worth. You sissies go ahead and let Gaga be your savior but I dont need saving atleast not from a str8 white woman. Right now Adele is the best thing in POP and add Katy Perry who is pretty unstoppable right now also.

  7. Sunny

    You know by the time her CD comes out there is not going to be any music to listen to lol. But I still love GaGa!!!

  8. David

    what bothers me most about Ga Ga is that it’s not her talent, but the talent of the marketing people behind her, there are singers you’ll never hear of like Nicole 11:11, or past singer’s like Rita Jean Bodine, or Betty Davis ( not the actress ) who were or are just as out there, but with no billion dollar marketing effort.

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