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Hey the video is not officially out, but I found it !!

Check it out here and let me know what you think !




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  1. Carter

    Love this video, I had a huge grin on my face when the opening scene took place. It’s a smart move for her to back track a little for her to her more well known days, and it in the styles of the music videos (Bad Romance, Poker Face). This is something new and fresh and I can’t wait for the CD.

  2. The_Truth_Hurts

    Love the song;however,I was expecting so much different for the video,it’s such a controversial song and twisted.. Still love her.

  3. Billy

    It sucked, it didn’t blow me away like everyone keep making it sound like it was gonna do. And fuck not sorry lil creeps of Gaga its just not the best music video ever. It really does suck, bitch seem like she’s trying to hard now a days to be something she’s really not. NEXT!!!!

  4. Tre

    Loved the song ever since I first heard it. This should have been her first single, Born This Way sound too much like Madonna, Judas has a fresh sound and the video is cool, seems like she’s going towards some religious borders with this video and Alajandro, be careful Gaga!!

  5. juggo

    i mean it’s ok but not as if we hadn’t seen it all before, so i don’t understand why she is going all gaga about this being “the greatest video ever”. i mean, really…? Come on Gaga, you can do better than THAT with $10 mil

  6. MIKE D

    Here she goes again with another hit !I had this song before it came out in the U.S. and liked it but I like it more now that I seen the video for it !

  7. Kevin

    It was a great video but only to those who can comprehend and understand the concept. And no it didn’t cost $10 million dollars to make…you idiots will believe anything. I just find it funny how so many people “claim” not to like her but are among the first ones to watch a video from her as soon as it comes out. She is the best thing in pop right now it’s way too late for negative opinions…it’s not gonna matter to her at this point in her career!

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