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In 48 hours, Uganda could pass a law that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality. An international outcry shelved this bill last year — we urgently need to ramp up the pressure to press President Museveni to stand up for human rights and stop this brutal law. Sign here or here, and tell everyone !


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  1. Kevin

    this is crazy, people are out here killing each other and raping people but they are tryna kill men just for being homosexuals…. SMH Lets get it together people of Uganda!!!

  2. Rob

    If the law does pass then the only thing we can do is to petition the State Department to put some pressure on Uganda for human rights and then also see if we will offer asylum for gays that can get out of the Uganda and come here. Its sad that Africa still has such unstable ruthless governments, which of course is still a sad consequence of european colonializm, rampet corruption, and religious fananticism, and the blood diamond trade.

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