Would you do him : Prince William

You saw me coming with this one right ? It’s quite appropriate, particularly today…

I had to ask you guys if you would do the eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

I think he is OK. He has a nice facial bone structure and I like the way he “smeyes” ! But, I’m not into flat men. I mean, he doesn’t workout and it shows…no pecs, no abs, no biceps… I need that !!

But, for the billions in the bank, I would probably be very nice with him like Kate does, and get on my knees when he would ask me to !

What about you? Would you do him?



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  1. Allen

    Prince William is tall, handsome, and has good teeth !!!. A man with all that, and good manners is most likely an animal behind clsoed doors, so yes I would do him again, and again !!!!!!!

  2. Nathan

    Yes I would totally do him, but I like bald guys cause I am bald. He isn’t as good looking as he used to be its a shame that he let his looks go course if your the future King of England I suppose you can let yourself go I mean who can say anything.

    • blog

      @David : Puh-lease !! You know him personally ? Anyways, the subject of the post was about sex, not if he is a nice person or not !

  3. Adamion

    Nah… I would not do him and besides, a relationship is suppose to be more about loving one another instead of how much money a person has in the bank and Kate now has both to enjoy. Prince Harry is a hunk and very sexy and possibly bi-sexual, since he did kiss a guy for a drink in a pub.

  4. Rolz

    Absolutely!!! No questions ask…… Who would not want to to have him? Oh ghieeee…. He’s a royalty….. My dearest prince!!!

  5. Jimmy

    He’s a prince, so I’m pretty sure if he asks, you have to. But I’d much rather do Prince Harry; talk about your Ginger Spice; grrrrr!

  6. Darryl

    William and Harry are nice blokes,but the one i’d do is Catherine’s Brother. I watched when he walked into Westminster Abby with his Mother. Nice looking package is came in with…

  7. Anonymous

    No way… he was cute as a teenager but then he started balding and looking more like his father Charles…. yuck. I don’t care how much money he has…

  8. DRP

    I would have done him in a flat New York-minute when he was younger, but I don’t even think I could get it up now seeing as how he looks so much like his father, Prince Charles …. and let’s face it – That man is butt-nekkid UGLY!

  9. Allen J

    Nah… when he was younger much better looking… but, those seem to be going away. Harry, on the other hand has turned out to be the swan. Yummy.

  10. Rural_Guy

    Would I do Prince William? I take it this is a rhetorical question ’cause the answer is a resounding yes! I feel sorry for those who insist on gym bodies, actually guys who insist on only gym bodies strike me as more than a little superficial.

    • blog

      @rural_guy : and ? whats wrong with that? For a hookup yes, I need muscle… and yes im superficial, so what? each his own taste πŸ™‚

  11. topcat6567

    Baby HELL!!!!! YEAH he look so much like his mother and she was so beautiful. I think he has her spirit as well looks like he’s a KEEPER

  12. topcat6567

    YES he is a split image of his mother BEAUTIFUL simply put Great spirit look like he would have a great heart like her as well

  13. Vincenzo

    Who wouldn’t? Did you see those big fingers at the wedding? And English man that looks like that with big fingers…let me at him!

  14. joe

    wow this is kinda tacky on his wedding day. ( i know someone will say, oh girl shut the fuck up) but I’d say yes. Only because you rarely see him with a wild side and i bet he’d be game for any shenanigans that might come up. Plus it’d be kinda hot to hear some dirty talk with a posh accent.

  15. Stormy

    Willy used to be cuter. I mean, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eatin’ crackers, but these days it’s all about HARRY. Harry is a hottie. Though, I think I agree…Willy is probably an animal in the sack. Gotta say, she’s pretty beautiful too.

    Anyway… bottom line? It’s all about the Harr-ster.

  16. dennis wolfe

    oh yea i’d drop to my knees for him and show him a good time seen naked pics of him on net he definitly has one

  17. Yep

    @Blog: Some people actually prefer personality to looks when it comes to sex appeal. I need physical attraction, but a kind heart helps. And I’d fuck the sh*t out of William.

    (and Harry… Hell, I’d fuck Kate for the record)

  18. Harry

    William was much hotter before he started going bald. But who knows, Wills might not be so tight since he always seems to have a stick up his ass.

    Now Harry on the other hand… Much hotter and I’m sure he’d be wild in bed!

  19. Scott Ward

    I’d plow that ass for hours on end, give him a short break, while I ate out Harry’s sweet fuckin’ hole. Eventually I’d put blindfolds on both of them, get them up on their knees, and breed them both doggy style. That’s just for starters…we’d get into piss play later in the evening.

  20. Michael

    Hells yeah. He looked especially good today for his wedding. And allso at the after party in the tux. How friggin yummy he looked

  21. chris

    HARRY!!! William is cute in his own way but Harry could get it anytime, anyplace!! He has such an attractive ruggedness about him…like he’d spit on his junk before ramming it in!!

  22. Rafael

    I don’t think I would do him… I am not attracted to him; I wonder why BJ said that he would eat his ass for hours at a time. I have never seen him without a jacket, so I don’t have the least idea what his ass looks like.

  23. BlogShag

    No I wouldn’t. And it’s not because the Prince isn’t attractive. Quite the opposite. There is something about his aura that seems to conservative for my tastes. Also I would feel very uncomfortable having sex with someone of that incredible wealth and power

  24. ALo

    In a sec…anytime, any place, any position he wanted. But, that would be after taking down BJ…cause my face has Prince William’s name on it already! LOL

    Harry could watch…only one at a time. Gotta watch my heart:)


  25. Mike

    I personally don’t find William all that attractive, but I can say with almost 100% certainty that he is most likely far more attractive than “Dave” the catty author of this post.

  26. Secundino

    We were discussing with a friend how big he could be and I was getting wet thinking about his hands and thick fingers. I will be pleased if I could give him a BJ

  27. Regis

    @ Nathan: It’s not so much that Wills let his looks go — he just got older:). In answer to your question, Heck, yeah, I’d gladly do Wills AND Harry (and Andrew, and Edward. . .)

  28. Dreamer

    William has looks sure but Harry that boy looks like he may have a super kinky side….Bend over and spread those legs Harry!

  29. Ron

    I’d def do him! It would be better yet to have a 3way with Kate…..did I mention, I’m Bi?
    Maybe get Charles involved too, I’m kinda a family guy type! πŸ˜‰

  30. iSoiaus

    …. . don’t you mean, “fall to your knees”? Ha ha haa ….

    I found him quite attractive 3 – 5 years ago. I am sure he has had plenty of fun in his early years, enough to know what he wants. On the contrary, if he is going to be busy with the responsibilities bestowed upon him, something has got to give to make up for intimate & emotional needs. I’ll say … shove a viagra in his mouth, because if 48 hours is all the quality time we get this month, You’re doing me for 24! MOVE!!! Hahahaha … . . πŸ˜›

  31. SouthCapeGuy

    As cute as he is? Probably the only one of the Windsors who is besides his brother. That little smile of his shows just a hint of what the bedroom must be like. In a word, YES, even if he were not a Royal.

  32. Chris

    the Prince is tall and handsome,but I agree with David; he has a certain demeanor of nobility … a kindness, sweetness, shyness, and innocence that along with his strength, gives him an added sex appeal – a certain mystique. With such an endearing quality, I find the whole package to be very attractive and definitely sexy; indubitably, the answer is YES!!

  33. cntryman09

    Agree with Dave…he needs some more muscle on his lean body, but heck yeah, I’d do him in a heartbeat. He’s probably got a big ole hanging cock that I’d suck with delight. And eat his ass, for sure !

  34. Sunny

    I think he is cute and I would really do him, but I have to agree he does not work out and you can tell that he is flat; makes me wonders if he has anything down there LOL…

  35. PierceMN

    Of course! He’s an extremely handsome man. Jeffrey Lewis is right, Harry is hot. I’d do them both in a royal sandwich.

  36. Alan

    When William was younger (10 years ago, even 5 years ago), he was SOO gorgeous, looked more like his mother. I used to jack off while licking pics of him. The older he gets, the more he looks like his father. I hate to think what he will look like in 10 years…maybe more ugly than his father. He’s still OK looking right now. I don’t get hard just thinking about him any more, but I would do him.

  37. Bryan Costa

    I think that William is cute in his own rite. He does seem extremely shy and submissive… I would peg him a bottom. Although I certainly wouldn’t have a problem basting the royal meat, my piece longs for the Hot and Sexy Prince Andrew… That splendid ginger heir to the crown seems like he could be a wildman under the sheets…. i would peg him having a mighty sword packed between his legs….. A top eager to please his man…Actually when you think about it.. who wouldn’t want a taste of the royal milk??

  38. Peter

    No, I don’t think I would. William’s got a very smooth and too slim body which is not my preference. Now, his brother Harry is another story. He’s hunkier and appears more on the libidinous and wild side, and Harry could certainly use the “guidance” of an older man. William has a nice smile but sexually does nothing for me.

  39. Eric

    Don’t find Prince William attractive, don’t think he is aging well and his teeth are yellow! Nope, would NOT do him. He seems to lack the self confidence his bride posses.

  40. Alan Gray

    Yes, I would to do him. Lick his chest, his cock, will he looks in my eyes. Suck him until he is nice had hard, roll a condom, on that hard cock, and ride him, until he fills that condom with his hot cum. Then kiss and cuddle with him, when we are finished.
    Thank You!

  41. sunshine9001

    For Sure!!
    He is handsome, a young stud, great smile.
    worth a fortune(LOL)lives in palace. Sure he
    has a nice cock, and would be worth while sucking.

  42. Steve

    I think he is handsome but I like Diana so much as a person and he just got married so I literally would not do him but I tell you who I would do. Kate Middleton’s brother James.

  43. fernando Anguiano

    Fuck NO!!! I mean a balding fucking ugly English piece of shit??? get the fuck real, Actually I have never been ashamed of being latin but this past Friday when the fucking Spanish tv station was broadcasting the fucking dumb ass wedding I mean what the fuck do we have to do with this shit?? I even had English people at work who flew out of the island just to scape the stupidity and yet there we have US who had nothing to do with this mierda knowing all about it?? fucking stupidity at its best!!!

  44. roger

    yea — sure would but Harry, mmmmm love those red heads, and that posting of him with his friends and that outline on his loose pants — wow — very huge way huge, any time

  45. tracysboy

    well fuck yeah! – but gotta confess – id do harry twice as long fast hard and again before wills – harry is not charles son and that makes it all the hotttttter!! that ginger boy would be my prisoner of war HELL YEAH ! hooo RAWR!

  46. mtlguy

    I like Jimmy’s view … since he’s Royal we are obliged to fuck him hard if he ask …as humble and obedient subject that we are. πŸ™‚

  47. Moose

    You know what’s really weird? My brother looks like William, and I look like Harry. I was actually mistaken for Harry once while in Nashville and here was there at the same time. I know now I can never go to Ireland.


    i think the prince has a uncut dong. oh he is so cute. love to make love to him.he is my dream man! i bet he has a nice 8″ uncut dong! and a nice hairy chest to boot!

  49. Jesse

    He’s a prince, of course I would haha. He’s cute and everything but I could handle curves if he has them. Somehow the fact that he will run a country one day makes his hott level go up a few notches. Just saying.

  50. whereangelsdare

    Kate Middleton brother is DAMN fine i found photos of him basically naked … he should be the next guy to see if everyone would do him … Harry is still sorta cute and William is ok looking but i am a little young for William

  51. David

    Do him heck yes, then a split roast with Harry, while wew’re at irt get Andrew to join in…make it a royal gang ……

  52. Barebackstudeight

    He’s uncut, and probably has a nice sized unit! I’d keep a smile on his face…more like a grin!

  53. CuriousGeorge

    He looks lovely, and maybe 3 years ago,
    but now hes old N married and starting to look like his father.

    He does not thrill me anymore.

    I do however think that he is a quite lovely person and possibly I don’t have the warm tingles because he has married an equally lovely wife, Kate.

    They remind me of a days-gone-by couple that was seen as wholesome and pure.

    I cannot visualize them making babies because I know a couple like this will only have babies from a stork.. named Jovny!

  54. GayAngel

    yes I would do him IF I’m in the mood for romance and gentle touches….. now Harry on the other hand baaaaby, that will be a straight up fuck session. πŸ™‚ with his wild ass!

  55. nick

    yeah I would do him..get him out of that conservative suit! I agree with GayAngel though…Harry would be wild! I am sure he has had his share of invitations from men…wonder if he ever takes them up on it!

  56. blackslut4whitecock

    He’s very handsome, well mannered and seems like a genuincely nice guy. A good man. This makes him very hot and he can definitely get this. Him and his brother can gangbang me anytime.

  57. Kona

    Fuck yea I would fuck his ass, damn I might even let him get this ass…..I would not be soft or gental with him…boys like this want someone to take control…only in the closet tho…..tingle them balls and eat that ass…he”ll be flying me across seas every other week to taste them cakes… hes never had a black guy with 9″ of cock to please him and a nice body to rub on…….hell get out the every day norm fucking with this American bet that

  58. Ben

    Man I would love to see how hung prince william is man oh man would love threesome with harry and william mmmmmmmmm
    Hot royal COCK

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