Would you do Him : Daniel Radcliffe alias Harry Potter

In almost 2 months, the Harry Potter saga which inspired a full generation, will finally come to a close. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will hit theaters July 15, 2011. Since his first appearance in the movie, Daniel Radcliffe alias Harry Potter, became a superstar of the big screen.

Now let’s talk about the man himself – or may I say, the boy ? … I think you know already where I stand with twinky boys… for Cock’s sake… really not my cup of tea ! But I know that some of you like the young fresh boyish look. And I’m sure that some you fantasized about humping the “round glasses boy “. So, what do you think ? Would you use your magic wand on him ? Would you do him ?


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  1. RicanCutie

    Ummmm I wouldn’t do him.. I will let him do me lol there’s something about him that I like;however I don’t like twinks nor boys..

  2. vafratboy

    I like twink poyes ok, but I don’t think I’d do Harry Potter (and what’s with all the fur on his belly? *shudder*).

    BTW the nude is a photoshop job.

  3. SwChiGuyMakeUCum

    Absolutely!… Without passing Hogwarts, without collecting £200, I would go directly to the Griffindor dorm with Daniel Radcliffe!

  4. mitch3643

    Hell yes I Would.. A handsome face, beautiful body.. Two kinds of people in the world A: the people who WOULD DO Daniel B: The people who say they would’nt and Would if their friendfs dont know about it

  5. alpha85

    hell yeah! always thought he was cute, but then he grew up and turned into a hottie! Now if only we could get Tom Felton to join in the fun…

  6. kevin

    I’m a 36 yo Blk guy, and frm da dirty dirty! And as much as I love young white guys, I would have to pass young Mr. Potter up!! Dnt get me wrong he iz cute and all, I guess he just ain’t or dnt appear to be as rugged as I like my tighty whities, maybe if he do like da late handsome Heath Ledger, and appear as a rugged gay cowboy in a movie… then he mite get my attention! Lol

  7. loadpumper

    I’d do him in a minute! He’s got a nice bod that begs a tongue to roam all over him.I’d love to tastew his load.

  8. Ian Hunter

    Daniel is one of the sexiest guys in the spotlight and given the chance, I would do him in a heart beat. I love is face bone structure and if I ever got the opportunity to meet him, I would just freeze up and probably wouldn’t get anything out to say. Oop!! Now we all know that’s not going to happen. I’m never shy about anyone I’m totalling interested in.

  9. easttx54

    I would not do him, but he could sure do me as long as he wanted to. I have always like him, and really like the younger guys.

  10. Bluemartini

    No matter what anyone say he is goregeous the twink face and nice refined body I would love for him to do me love uncut dick and the accent just grabs me with all emotions

  11. tjay

    yeah i think i would. i’ve avoided twinks for a long time and just last month I was “stalked” by one who wanted a fuck daddy. I gave in and it was an excellent fuck on both ends and he has asked to see me when classes end this spring

  12. donnie


  13. Not_so_ez

    Yeah I would do him for sure. I would feel like a perv while doing it but oh yeah he is a very attractive young man!

  14. Fritz

    I would rather have him do me- it’s always good for my ego when a younger man shows interest in me. But generally twinks don’t have anything to do with non-twinks (real men).

  15. Dyerstr8

    In a heartbeat…as long as he’s the bottom!! Not much into twinks, but something hot about his thighs and ass!

  16. Mark Denning

    Oh hell yes… I haven’t bottomed in years but just say the word.. and would love to ram all I have up his boy hole with him yelling more daddy more… …

  17. Dennis

    Hmmmm Daniel Radcliffe yes, in a heart beat. Yes he’s a bit twinkish, but he’s also very nicely built. Now the idea of doing the character of Harry Potter…nah, too young and definitely projected to hold that young image deliberately so.

  18. Cameron

    I saw Daniel up close and personal(VERY up close) in Equus two years ago on broadway. I can assure you he is a wet dream in person and nothing like the nerdy charactor in Harry Potter. A definite YES

  19. james

    That pic is a fake. There are are real ones out there from when he did Equus, but that pic isn’t one of them. For one- he is not uncut. Saw the play from the 4th row, and got a VERY good view. Still, he is VERY hot and yeah, I’d do him.

  20. clintscott77

    Its hard to say but for the man himself I think I’d enjoy a nice flip flop session, where be both kiss deeply as he enters me from behind, and leaves a magic potion that Professor Snape & Slughorn would both be proud of. And then as I am entering his furry little ass and just about to explode deep inside him, who should come in but Ron(Rupert)and Draco(Tom). As Ron says sorry mates, but I caught this wanker watching from the common room. we agree his punishment for starters is to suck off Ron first, And we all take turns fucking the cute Draco Malfoy, until he shoots a load of cum equal to what we left in his ass and what Ron left in his mouth. 😉 Deep down I think he always lusted for Harry’s wand and he finally got what he wanted and then some

  21. mdana

    Yes I would love to suck on the nice uncut cock he has and savior every drop of his cum as he deposited it in my mouth.
    There is something hot about this fine young man

  22. strictlydicklylb

    Oh, fuck yea. I jacked it countless times when I first saw that picture of him from Equus. I don’t for one second believe it’s fake. Mmmmmmmm…thinking of jacking it again.

  23. Pedrin

    Absolutely. Young white boys are not my type but he’s a total hottie. And whoever had a problem with the fur… get over it!!! As for the nude pic… when that came out, the word was that it wasn’t him at all, but was faked. What’s the deal?

  24. larsnlarkspur

    Hell yes – in a heartbeat… take him slowly – doggy style first and enter him with ease building up to a passionate pounding… every position I know and then some… don’t care if he’s multi-orgasmic – I am and would love to load him up over and over and over again.. come on Daniel – let’s get naked and fuck !

  25. hotsailor1990

    Omg I have had the biggest crush on him since the first time I ever saw him he is georgious I would love to lick him all up and down swallow his hot warm man juice and pump my rock hard dick up his tight ads I would Fuck the shit out of his face and jizz in his throat. Im not usually a bottom but id let him Fuck my ass as hard and fast as he wants I love him!!!”

  26. whereangelsdare

    People he is over the age of 21 !! He has the same build as i do so i think it would be a blast he is one hot fucking man !!

  27. GayBtm83

    I love his accent, I’d suck him real good like the sucker I know I am…& I’d let him do me, as long as he wanted to. 🙂 I have a thing for guys with accents and I’ve always thought Harry Potter (Daniel) was so cute!!

  28. TrulyDrew

    Definitely, he is hot, and from what I have seen in interviews has a really nice personality that adds to his attractiveness.

  29. Summoned

    i will take a pass on this one guys. frankly i find him over rated. over generalized and hardly worth the effort. why have some one that every one else has had in their minds. he is almost as pointless as edward. lol and forget harry and except hairy.

  30. Steve

    At times I find him handsome and I’d consider it … but only if he was gay (which he isn’t).

    BTW, as has already been stated here (only once, oddly), the nude pic you’ve posted for him is a widely acknowledged fake; think that should be emphasized.

  31. tanks07gt

    I have already done him several times (in my mind & wettest dreams)… not the child/boy, of course, but the young man/boy that he has become!!!

  32. BKugler

    I’d admire his body, it is hot, but I wouldn’t do him. I would hire him to serve cocktails at my next party, wearing just a cockring. He needs a touch of a butch upgrade!

  33. ida known

    of course EVERYONE would most likely ‘do’ him for one reason or another. The “nude” pic is a famous photoshop edit- it is NOT a nude of d.r.

  34. Baltobond

    He is really talented (See him in How to Succeed.. currently on Bway.
    I saw him in Equus…he didn’t look uncut to me…Was it makeup?

  35. Jeff Davis

    I would absolutely not have sex with him. First off he’s uncut and second he’s got a hairy belly. Both are non-starters.

  36. mario

    HELL YEA I DO HIM!!!!! hot little papi,plus i let him do me tooo and i dont let many do me…i wnt taste the potter:)

  37. Russell

    I think for me the attraction lies in several places: 1) the accent; 2) his inteliigence and personality; 3) natural body – not pumped up; and 4) kissability.

    He’s definitely on the “hot list”….

  38. joe

    Yes… i mean look at his eyes and how beautiful he is. Not to mention he comes across as very gay friendly if not a latent homosexual in some of his interviews, especially when flat out asked about gay stuff. He’s handsome, intelligent, and seems to be making a good transition into an adult movie star. also, i saw them naked photos and video of him in that play, he ain’t got nothing to be ashamed of.
    Next movie should be Harry Potter and the british obsessed power bottom who threw the booty back at him.

  39. Inscubadude

    Hell yes! But he’d have to keep that sheepish attitude at bay. He’s all grown up and I’d love to hang out man to man with him!

  40. FrgtAdamIWntCock

    I would in a heartbeat, me and him are about the same age and i love english man. They have a way with their tongues!And you know wat they say,… uncut men bottom better! Ha

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