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Would you do him : Chris Hemsworth


Actor Chris Hemsworth (born 11 August 1983) best known for playing the role of Kim Hyde in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, will portray Marvel Comics character Thor in the upcoming film Thor.

The Ex-horticultural labourer ( I kinda like the word labourer…) added almost 10kg to his already-imposing frame for the role. Perfect for me, I like’em massive 🙂 And there is the voice… deep and rich, gives me chills ! I’m usually not  fan of guys of my age, but he is the exception to the rule!

The blue eyed massive hunk is also featured in the May edition of GQ Australia. I bet he is about to become a major superstar of the big screen and splashed across tabloid weeklies.

I’m curious to know how many of you would take advantage of his body (like I would…) if you had the opportunity? Would you do unspeakable things with him ? Would you do him?


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  1. Lorenzo

    Would do him in a minute over and over again would SO LET HIM DO ME ANY WAY HE WANTS TO…LOVE HIM TO DOO ME DOGGIE STYLE YUM YUM

  2. RicanCutie

    Not my type at all!!!! I will b honest I am not into blondes,blue eyes,average white male. I like them exotic,bone structure,strong features . So I guess my answer to ur blog;is no I would let him do me nor do him.,now if u talk about Ryan Reynolds,Bradley Cooper,Ryan phillippe than hell yeah……

  3. Steve

    Eh, not an unattractive guy but not my type. And certainly not as Thor: he looks utterly idiotic in that costume, especially the helmet (why didn’t they just go with the comic book design?!)

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