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BeLonG To is a national youth service for Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) young people in Ireland. They believe, like us, that LGBT young people need to be respected and cared for on the same basis as all other young people, and that when they are safe and supported in their families, schools & society they will thrive as healthy and equal citizens.

Because they believe that the problems which LGBT young people experience are largely due to negative societal attitudes, they work to change these attitudes. This is done by training teachers and youth workers, running awareness campaigns in schools and youth services and working with government departments to ensure that LGBT young people are heard so that positive social change occurs.

I wish there was more organizations like this throughout the world…

Check out their ad, it’s totally amazing ! I got goosebumps just watching it and made me tear up a bit…



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  1. ajbbincubus

    WOW… That’s all I can say. I grew up in a straight house hold. Most people think I’m straight and don’t even assume I’m gay. But it NEVER surprises me how the STRAIGHT WORLD TALKS SO MUCH SHIT ABOUT US. I’m still NOT comfortable about my sexuality and I won’t hold any mans hand out in public. Like the video though, it does send a message a good message for us different people.

  2. Dave

    Oh, if only real life was like the movies. I don’t come out until I was 30, although I’d been involved with other guys since my days in Cub Scouts.

    I wish all the political BS about “promoting homosexuality” would quiet down, and people could realize that young people are dying as a result of being bullied and harassed because of their perceived sexual orientation. Just heard an NPR story about local (Los Angeles) schools including LGBT people in its teaching about history. One pro: it tells kids that gay people have worth–that they’ve made remarkable contributions to society, just like their straight counterparts. But apparently, the “con” side is shouting that it’s “promoting a homosexual agenda.”

    Oh my! Let’s hope images like those in the video will help open–and maybe even change–some minds.

  3. tivimac

    And ads like those are the main difference between USA and Europe… here in America in the land of the free, the land of the separation of the state and the church, an ad like this will never (in 10 years) be shown. Hopefully the next generation will live in a better society.

  4. Jaslyer M.

    So is it just me or was their another point to this AD. Like why didnt the guy in the red hoodie defend his (bf) and stand up and go over and hold his hand. Instead another guy stands up for him , and in the end the main character and red hoodie , leave holding hands. So stay with the guy,who didnt stand up for you.hmmm..idk mixed messages, confused 🙂 but besides that it was a nice AD

  5. Rodeo1177

    I have to say it is a powerful video. I wish we had that kind of attitude and belief system in the U.S.A., but we never really will achieve that kind of growth.

    “All men are created equal” yeah, as long as they are not different in anyway that someone else does not like in the good old U.S.A.

  6. Ricky

    This was a beautiful ad. I just wish real life was like that, that many people supporting us.
    As for the kid in the red hoodie not standing up for his bf, not everyone is strong enough to stand up to society. that’s why many go in the closet for so long.
    And yeah, last year my town experienced a gay teen suicide :(, look up Seth Walsh, Tehachapi.

  7. Tony

    I’m a 54yr old Gay Man, and I still am affraid to hold hands with another Man in Public. I lost my last lover for this reason, he thought I was ashamed, it was not that at all, but FEAR alone. I am so glad for the youth of today, they are more open and excepted than when I was in school.
    You guys keep up the good work, and just maybe before I die, I won’t be affraid to hold another mans hand in Public.

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