Stories: Watch me cum!

I love the feeling of having my cock out in public… and to jerk it. I guess telling this story is my way of confessing, or maybe looking for an audience?

It all started when I was a teen. Looking back, it seems like I was horny all the time (well , honestly, I guess that the truth is, I am just a horny bastard that loves to pull my cock out in public, stroke it and drop a load).

It all started at the local mall. I was around 17 and with my mother in one of the department stores when I had to take a piss.

When I got to the bathroom there were two urinals and one stall, with only one urinal open. Until then I usually went into a stall where I could unbutton my pants, pull my dick and balls out, and scratch my nuts while I pissed.

Well, this day that was not possible, and looking back I am very glad!

I went up to the open urinal, took my dick out, and started to pee. As I relieved myself I glanced over to the guy next to me and was shocked to see that his cock was hard and that he was slowly stroking it right there, loving the fact that I noticed! My cock immediately responded by getting rock hard. He looked over at my hard cock and started to stroke faster. He seemed to really get off on me watching him stroke.

I had no idea what to do but since he was jerking off and I was hard, I started to jerk off too. In a way I wanted him to grab my cock and suck it, or do something else with him, but in another way I just wanted him to see my hard cock and watch me stroke . I wanted to turn him on and have him see what a horny little bastard I really am.

I could see that he was about to cum, watching me watch him. It wasn’t long before he shot a load of hot cum all over the urinal, spilling a little of his jizz on my new tennis shoes! I was stunned and so horny that I was dizzy. The guy stuffed his semi-hard, jizz covered cock in his pants, but before he took off he reached out to touch my dick. As he reached out for my cock I really wanted him to touch it, but for some reason I pulled back, and would not let him get close.

Suddenly, teasing him with my cock turned me on so much that I stepped back from the urinal and started to show off, proudly pushing my cock forward like a little hard idle for him to worship. I spit on my hand wanked my hard cock seductively and pulled on my balls, showing him how much I loved to masturbate and how good it felt. I was lost in the feeling of my cock in my hand and my hand on my cock, totally loving the fact that this guy was watching and wanting my cock.

As I jerked off I  completely forget about the guy in the stall. I was so fucking horny – stroking my cock in the middle of the mall bathroom.

It wasn’t long before I shot my hot load all over the floor, urinal and my hand.

The guy watching me took off and as I started to put my wet spent cock away, I looked over at the stall, remembering that there was someone in there! Then I noticed through the door crack that the guy in the stall was jerking off too. I had an audience of two, not one and knowing this got me going all over again. I wanted to start jerking off again and show him my cock, but I knew my mother was waiting and I had to go, so I washed my hands, wiped the watcher’s jizz of my shoe, and took off.

It was then that I realized that men are pigs, and that everybody was jerking off. I suddenly felt normal, and horny, looking forward to the next time I could tease somebody with my cock by jerking off for them.

Ever since this event I have been hooked on jerking off in public and have many places that I go to air out my cock and shoot my cum, often with people near enough to see my cock and find out just what a horny brat I am!


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  1. g456

    I got a blowjob in a stall in the mens room at Walmart next to the customer service desk. People were coming in and out and that made it more exciting. I know exactly how the writer feels…..

  2. kevin

    Been there, done that!!! LOL I have sucked dick and gotten sucked, and even gotten fucked in a nearby mall, and even in the local Wal-Mart!!! Ahh the 90’s those were the days!!! LOL

  3. Vhstud1573

    I love watching another guy jerk out a hot load. Turns me on like no other. I haven’t been lucky enough to see a guy beating it in public yet though. I do enjoy getting off in a stall or outdoors though

  4. mario

    wow that was great!!!! i love fucking and being fucked while others watch, it really gets me hard and wet…i gets really horny knowing others enjoying me getting pound and me pounding others…

  5. BKugler

    I started having sex in public mens rooms as soon as I could drive to the local mall. Back then GH’s were everywhere. I love sucking and being sucked through a hole.

  6. Deej

    That sounds freakin awesome man lol! I remember when I was in highschool I would randomly get up to use the bathroom and jerk it in the stall hahah or got a bj backstage in the auditorium or outside by the portables 🙂 nice story though!!!!

  7. HARRY


  8. Mychel

    Each man is so different, when it comes to our COCKS! Sometimes it’s the best thing that a man may have.It’s so damn HANDY!! If your Gay/Straight, we all beat the meat, and having an audience, just makes it much more erotic and so intense. For all the men, who love to Cum, Meat Your Beat Fellas!!!

  9. Dr Dave

    NOt really a Dr. but the story is hot as hell ! Like some others that have responded that have never had that experience in the Bathroom. Don’t you just wish there was some way of knowing who would be willing to hit their knees, or like to have you hit your knees and give a Great B/J all the way to the non throbbing end. Spit or swallow ….who cares just don’t quit prematurely and ruin a good thing. HAYLL YEAH

  10. roger

    I used to do that alot when I was in the army. used to go to the local swiming hole by the dam. It was a state park, lots of outhouses with glory holes in them, I would go late afternoon and the guys would just drive by use the johns and we would suck, and fuck thought the glory holes. damm I miss those hot days. More military guys enjoyed those johns.

  11. James

    I’m a str8 guy (ok 99% str8) who loves to cruise bi and gay areas in my car. Guys in trucks and SUVs pull up to my passenger window hoping to see some cock. I tease the guys by rubbing my hidden cock though my draped shirt. The slow show I put on gets me so damn hard.. Sometimes this will go on for up to an hour with me edging the whole time…Sometimes I will peek over to see if they are still watching me and most of the time they will be fixated on my thick bulge underneath my shirt. When I can’t stand it anymore I slowing expose my thick rigid cock, grabbing the base with my fist and point it toward the sky for all of the world to see. The number one comment (when they do comment) I receive is “nice cock!” along with others. By this time my cock is ready to go off and I try to edge down to prolong the stiff pleasure. But as it always goes I can’t hold off, and a big sweet load gushes and spurts out of my extra thick engorged head all over my shirt. With my body still shaking I start my car, slide the seat belt shoulder strap over my cum fill shirt and head off down the road.

  12. Mike

    totally get it. that is how it started with me. to this day i do the same thing. nothing gets me as horned up.

  13. Inscubadude

    I used to love doing this too… sadly almost all opportunities around my area have vanished. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put blinders on the urinals?! What kinda homophobic asshole had the resources to do this everywhere. God forbid guys get a glance of each other…

  14. william

    well that was a fucking hot story. i remember i was at adult store and it was a glory hole booth and this hot couple got in the next booth she was sucking his hard cock and she motioned me to stick my cock thru the hole and she grabbed it and starting to suck my cock then another mouth got on it and it was her husband and then i noticed he stopped and she took her husbands cock and let me suck his hard 8 inch cock wow she pumped it so much he blew his load in my hungry mouth and then she took her panties down and she had a shaved pussy being a bi guy i ate that pussy good and then the guy was hard again and started to pound that pussy good and he would miss the hole and right into my mouth sucking those juices off his cock man o amn i was so rock hard they both sucked me off with a good load and he shot another l;oad into my mouth, the best time i had ever had in adult porn store, where and when i hope i can get another couple to play with

  15. Alfred

    Sounds hot, never has happened to me, in grade school use to go to the bathroom and jack off, dream about sucking cock and stroke cock and cum, then get hard again and cum again thinking about how good it felt, nice stories, got me hard

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