Pornstar : Kurt Madison

The first thing you notice about Kurt Madison is his sexy green eyes. If he looks at you from across a crowded room you’ll forget anyone else is there. His floppy hair and handsome scruffy face show how laid back he is. There is this highly sexualized yet relaxed demeanor about him that draws you in. He’s a dancer and a gymnast, so his body is perfectly sculpted with nice tight muscles, hairy in all the right places. Especially his hairy ass. One could imagine him having lots of gay jock sex, with on other stud or in a big orgy. And all the while totally holding his own. But anything you imagine for this guy is pushed aside the moment he drops his pants and whips out the monster cock that’s hiding in his pants. This delicious hunk of meat is huge. And once you lay eyes on it you’ll want it all for yourself. He’s going to make all the virgin holes nervous …

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  1. Matt

    He’s seriously hot. I would have no trouble opening up for his cock, just like I suspect he’d do the same for me!

  2. LeNair Xavier

    He reminds me of a German trick I had back in 2007. Since I’ve already came to the conclusion through a past blog post of mine that people who look alike tend to fuck alike,…then Kurt can probably make a bottom feel like he’s been fucked by a Greek god.

  3. 1Edge

    Veiny cocks turn you off? Damn, everything about this dude is hot, including that deliciously beautiful veiny cock!

    I would love to bury mine in his hot, hairy ass with a handful of that beautiful cock.

  4. amsterdampaul

    I know most US guys are cut, but boy is that one ugly scar on his cock, that cock looks 20years older than his face.. 🙁 I guess from the pics he is uni-testicled?

  5. David

    You are such a cute guy, I would really like to have you in my bed to get an unforgettable night. Too bad you are so far away

  6. DJ

    So, I’ll take a double portion – the one Rufus said “no” to, plus one. Kurt? You’re gorgeous. I’d lick you like a sno cone from head to toe, and then make you feel like you’d landed in the sheik’s harem.

  7. Dev

    Very hot Kurt…i would suck that veiny cock dry…i wont mind taking it in my would be painful..i will take it anyway

  8. Richard Rodino

    Yes, I saw him. I love Kurt Madison’s great images of his hot naked body with his hot penis. I enjoy with him very much. I want to meet him in person soon. I know I want him to fuck me anytime. I can kiss him more every day. He is a very hot, sexy, and proud of himself.

  9. sunshine9001

    I have a deep throat, and would swallow the whole
    cock and swallow his offering. cleaning out his crotch
    and licking hos balls is complete turn on. excuse the feins.

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