Hot or Not : Older men

Age is nothing but a number! A hot man is a hot man…

I always date/hookup with older men myself. I’m 28 and I can count on one hand the guys I met that were my age, but I won’t tell you how many hands I would need to calculate how many older guys I played with…. (lol). There is something I like about older guys, experience maybe, I like guys that take care of me that are protective, and I definitely like how they look. But of course I’m picky… I don’t like any older men. I like a man to be on top of his shape, going to the gym, into sports and very active !  I also prefer late 30’s to early 50’s, young daddies or big bros ! Not that much into the grandpas though… but eh, there is someone for everyone. One of my friends likes them even older, like 50-60+.

So what about you? Do you like to date or hookup with older guys? Do you find them hot or not?

And I want to hear you too older guys… What do you have to say?

(Oh, and if you look like one of those models/actors below, get back to me with your contact info… lol )



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  1. Michael

    I am almost 39 and although I typically go for the younger guys, I do not mind a good looking guy up to age 48. If he is older than that, he really has to be mega fit and hot as f**k.

  2. Angel

    I’m 25 an i would have to say i love to date older men. Like i would have to say it’s the experience when it comes to love an sex.. they know what they want and how to get it done right. Also they are very comfortable with who they are already in their skin an i love that. Right now I’m dating someone who is in his early 40’s an I’m very happy. Sadly there is down sides to dating someone older.the looks an talks are not always fun to bare with

  3. Young & love fun

    So I’m 21 and have been fooling around with older guys for the last few years. I have yet to play with a guy around my age and the youngest I’ve been with has been 33. I’ve always been a fan of mature men because for me, they are in the prime of their sexual peak. I’m into the athletic and fit older man, I love those muscular rock hard bodies. Older guys just seem to know what they are doing and they Always seem to have gorgeous thick and long mushroom head cocks 🙂

  4. jr

    i like younger guys,because they make me feel good and some are really packing alot and i love big penis especially when i am small older guys don’t approach me at all

  5. Patrick

    I’m 18 so I just got onto the scene. But I must say I love guys that are “older” than me (and for me, that’s 25-35), but i would not pass up a in shape, gorgeous older guy. the feeling of protection, their experience, and they have way more maturity than most guys my age.

  6. Dan The Man

    Hi I am 46 yo and have always had a thing for younger guys only, I don’t know why, I think I like to be the older big bro type in charge and like that kind of chemistry with the younger lads.

  7. Tony

    I am an older guy I am not a gym guy and weith 220 lbs, not a big cock, but I have never been with a guy under 20 or over 45. The young guys love my bubble butt and the way I can move it. Us older guys know what we want and how to give it and take it.

  8. steve

    as an older man, let me tell you, I have a great time with younger, youngest being 19, to older being 74, I will roll your eyes into the back of your head baby, said hello to a guy in a bath house once, st age like 55, he turned his nose up, and made a remarke about the old troll., later he pops hid cock in the glory hole, and wanted me to go home with him adon’t rule someone out becayse of age, or for that matter body size. if nothing else be kind, but not demeaning…fter he went to his knees with an experianced BJ, basically told him to FO… followed me for an hour and a half.

  9. Will

    I hate the attitude of the younger generation (20-40) of if he is over 48 he has to be megafit and hot as f**k. I’m 52, I am who I am and am very comfortable in my own skin. I was a fairly hot guy in my 20s and 30s and I still look good for my age though there is no way I’m going to look as good as I did back then. But I’m still the same person inside.

  10. Allan

    At my age, 60, I love to hook up with younger guys anywhere from 1/2 my age and up. Never fucked a twink(18-34 age group) as yet. Most guys my age get very little sex action anyway. I am retired military, so I try and use that as an inducement. I’m almost 7′ tall and about 205#, so I’m not quite hwp, but I’m not fat, bald, and ugly by no means. Young guys want to hook up as they think of the father/son role play action they never had as a kid. I look at it as the stamina approach to lovemaking. Usually being old, means you have alot more sexual experience than the young twinks. It can go both ways.

  11. colley

    I am 50 and no matter the age guys seems to want the next while still with the current. I think as long as the guy is of legal age is shouldnt be an issue, but too many are afraid of what friends or family will say of the age gap. Rod Stewart at 66 can marry a 28 yr old female and no one bats an eye.

  12. Mike

    I’m with Steve! us older guys just have a much better sense of what is going to get your nut off ( hopefully into us) lol. I really like all ages for various reasons and at different times; the yougsters for the quick recovery capability and the older/middle age for their experience and less frenetic pace. Basically, i LOVE cocks and bods etc.

  13. Roger

    I am an older guy. I am 46 and I prefer younger guys but don’t turn down anyone older that myself either. I like the maturity of the older guys at times but on the other hand I like the immaturity of the younger guy because I can guide him into what I like. The only problem I have with the older guys is the fact that most just want a blow and go and be finished with it but the younger guys are willing to do whatever it takes to blow a load and they tend to be able to fuck me for a long time of which I really enjoy.

  14. RON

    I turned 50 I march, I’m not into men in their twenty’s but I get hit on by them all the time. I’m into hairy men in there thirty & up. If you young men are lucky you’ll get to be my age so many young men come with a lot of drama.

  15. Rich

    I Am 51 and have younger guys they range from 18 to 30. There have been times where the younger guys think because we are older that we can’t perform until they have sex with us and we out last them. Then they come back for more. I like to spend 3 to 5 hours for sex and they are used to a wambam thank you sex

  16. g

    i LOVE older guys….they are usually nicer, hotter, more secure in their selves, and BETTER IN BED! when i was in my early 20s I dated guys in their late 30s, 40’s… I once got fucked by this incredibly hot guy who was 57 (more than twice my age at the time)… now i’m 34 and my bf is 44… very happy about that! tho, now all the hot young guys are starting to turn my head;)))

  17. George

    I have found that age really doesn’t matter to much. I have enjoyed men from 18 to 74 and what matters most to me is enthusiasm. When a guy wants me as much as I want him the sex is great, when one or the other of us just isn’t into it the sex is mediocer at best.

  18. Tommy

    LOVE older men and always have. There is something about being the slutty younger stud to a sexy and distinquished older man that drives me nuts!

    My very first experience was with a very wealthy man (I was 21 and he was in his mid-40’s)…I was catering his private dinner at a gorgeous mansion in La Jolla Cove and he was flirting with me all night in front of his all male guests. When he had his first chance, he pinned me against the wall and kissed me…it made my knees go weak and my cock hard…he led me upstairs to his “playroom” and tied me up and pleasured me for hours upon hours! It definitely kept me coming back for more!

  19. Anthony

    So I’m an older guys, 48, gym rat, hard body and body builder. I live in Salt Lake City, which is still a little behind the trends as far as the gay community, but for the size town we are we are doing pretty good. Great LGBT organizations and a couple of decent bars along with a few really sleezy old queen bars too. LOL

    What I’ve noticed is that there seem to be a lot of younger guys that are actually into older guys, but they hide it. I’ve been hit on both online and at the gym by younger guys, sometimes as young as 18 or 19, usually 22 to 26 or so, and I’ve dated many of them. BUT, they are often really nervous to go out in public, they want to stay home watch a movie and “cuddle” that sort of thing. Some younger guys I’ve dated have been more secure and don’t mind their friends knowing, and love going out to the clubs to be seen with me.

    When I visit larger markets like LA or NYC I can’t help but notice all the younger/older couples, it seems like it goes on a lot and is much more in the open in the more confident gay cities.

  20. Colt

    My profile has my correct age but no photo boy its fun to go out and talk to the people who are rude or block me. Most think im in my mid thirties. Im actually 50 they change their tune when they put two & two together and get what a crack in their face. I guess not smoking and getting drunk all the time really does pay off in looking good and staying young!

  21. Ricki Gee

    well im 19. my age limit is actually 35. =oo but if that age or older they have to be super hot && fit. i dont like any older. i probably will when i get a little older but until then thats my preference. =]]

  22. Michael

    I have always date or been in relationship with men closer to my age, until 8 yrs (42 then) when I was pursued by a 19 yr old, upon meeting it was love at first sight, sadly after 8 yrs we parted ways, and i take a lot of the blame, working full-time, helping my mom, and going to school took most my time, but still would step in front of train for him, he still loves to come back and now about 8 guys in there early to mid 20’s for an evening of loving making, its not the age it is how u treat ur sexual partner, nothing like lighting a few candles (even a quickie) and making them feel like that are the last and most important man on earth when they are in ur arms, we all get older but it how u can show and give urself in a loving and caring manner thats important, not to make someone feel just like a piece of meat on the rack, but im romantic in the bedroom always, definitely want my partner at the time is completely happy and satisfied, u know you done ur job (so to speak), when u still get a tongue search kiss before they walk out the door

  23. Junior

    If the guy looked like the guys in the pictures than Im sure most men or boys would! Im not oppose to older men but I have only been with 2 older guys before. The rest of the guys I have been with have been around my age.
    I think looks have alot to do with it at least for me it does. I think fem old guys are kinda creepy though…

  24. TJ

    I’m 49 however most guess me at mid 30’s I do go to the gym enough to stay toned, trim and healthy, have a full head of hair still, dress age approperate yet trendy.I lost my partner (of 17 yrs) 10 years ago and since have only dated guys in their mid 20’s, mainly because they can keep up with me, not to brag but guys my age seem to have one foot in the grave.

  25. dan

    I love hooking up with older guys! There is something about the experience of an older man that is really attractive. I haave to really agree with what the writer of this blog said, i only like really fit, good looking older men. I love the daddy, older bro, teacher, coach, boss fantasy’s and love to really get into it. There are def only a few guys my age ive done anything with.

  26. Steve

    I am an older guy and have always gone with younger guys..My youngest being 18 and the oldest 70. I can get along with almost anyone and I can satisy my man…Age is only number and one day we all reach the older age….

  27. dh91

    being 19 most ppl assume im not n2 older men. i just like men lol. i know what im attracted to and what i like n a guy and older men just seem to have those qualities and fetures. my cousin likes them too. shes 19 as well and is dating a man who is n his 50’s and is way out of sahpe (hes also older than her dad lol). i dont just look at older men as a sexual fantisy either. ive been w enough to say its no longer a fantisy lol. older men r more mature than most the guys my age and im alot more mature than the guys my age as well so i click better w older guys. ive never dated an older guy but i have been talking to someone who is an amazing guy and is 31 and things r starting to get serious. im defentily considering taking things to the next level w him. he treats me better than all the other guys ive been w who were my age. so for all those who like older guys or u older guys that never think u could get w someone whos younger im living proof that it is possible 🙂

  28. Brian

    I must say I am enjoying a level of attention and sexual activity as a 40-something that I never had in my 20s or 30s. I had no idea I would grow to be a hot “daddy”, but I don’t mind it one bit! I love the energy and spirit of a nice and respectful younger man.

  29. Eric W

    I am 22. And I have never been with anyone older than 36 and it wasn’t a great experience. My dad is 39 so dating someone his age just feels weird. On the other hand I value older gay individuals friendship and mentorship. My best friend is 41 and he pulls young tail all the time. Almost pisses me off, why do the young guys always want older? lol

  30. William

    When I was younger I was never interested in older men. I was never rude, but it was definitely not my thing. Now that I’m 62 and not the best of shape, I’m surprised at the number of younger guys (18 – 35) that message me. Pretty much all of my sexual encounters are within that age range. I’m always flattered and surprised (and more than willing) when younger guys want to hookup. What I really don’t understand are the 18 to 23 year olds that have contacted me. Don’t get me wrong – it is always way f**king hot, but I’m blown away that they are interested at all. I say whatever makes this old world spin, bring it on.

  31. gene

    i’m 63 and i had rather be with guys early 30’s to late 40′ i thing these guys are usually in their prime. i go for the avg joe guy. not into muscles, not into fem. anyone who shaves, waxes or trims his body or pubes is fem i don’t care how big your dick is or how hot looking you are. be a man. men have body hair. if i wanted to be with a cunt i would do so. as for guys my age if you’re not interested at least be couterous.don’t be such a snob.don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! i have been with some guys my age and belive they last about 3 times longer than younger guys. they are usually more romantic, attentive,certanly more of a gentleman. and most of all remember YOU will the the old guy before you know it. i am sick of the 18 to 30 only request. if you think anyone over 30 is old man have you got a lot to learn.

  32. Bruce

    As an older (59) gay male, I can tell you that for me, age is not a major factor. But a guy being a top is major. Being a total hardcore/very oral bottom, who is 5’11” and weighs 245, my goal is to totally take care of the guy I am with. I especially like black top men. Why? Most are on the downlow and they really appreciate my fantastic oral and anal abilities. I assure discreteness and am exceptionally clean! I just want a man to be a man and give it to me the way I want it and in return I provide what he is searching for and needing. And yes, I average sex at least once a week. Experience, I have found, is more important than looks or body type and my hookups prove that.

  33. scott

    why is it that younger guys-usually the 18-28 age group like to put older men down? just wait till they ate mid 40’s or past 50. i was hot as can be in my early 20’s-but i have to admit-never liked older men. oops! looks like i have been there and done that.

  34. Frank

    I’m an older (53) bi guy (mwm). Over the years I’ve been with a wide spectrum of guys and have decided age is no factor when it comes to good sex. I’ve had some young guys who were clueless when it came to good sex…..and a few guys older then me who knew exactly what good sex was all about. I’d suggest you forget about a persons age…focus on their personality and ability to communicate there desires. Just my 2 cents

  35. jamal

    I’m 21 and my first was 45 but he was a hot Italian stallion I def don’t mind older guys but you HAVE to be on top of your game

  36. jaybee

    I do agree on hot older men especially older white…aside form their experiences..they know how to pamper a guy and know how to bring forth the ecstasy you can have for a lifetime.

    right now i still have long to be in an arms of an older white man

  37. Deltaguyinrtpnc

    55 here. Know that older used to = troll. But here to tell you: there are a lot of men my age and older (and younger for those who are really ageist) who have bodies (and minds) that are awesome: hot, fit, handsome, and, in my case, youthful oriented (I work on a college campus and have always had great positive and on-target relations with my students.

  38. Tony

    I’m 36 and love younger guys…I’ve been with one guy older than me and he was awful in the sack. He was 41 slim in shape but just sucked ( and not in the good way lol ) Younger guys just seem so eager to please.

  39. mark

    gross! i dont like older men at all usually, i mean if we are talking about arpad milkos in the pic up there hell yeah but i prefer +5 years my age down to the legal limit hehe. im 27.

  40. Deltaguyinrtpnc

    And finally: it’s nice that young guys can cum so fast and so often but guys (I hate the term “bois”) y’all lack enthusiasm and experience. Don’t get me wrong: plenty of fun to be had but…give me a slghtly older married guy who hasn’t been getting any since college and bring ’em on. Can coat like no ones tomorrow.

  41. Jose

    I’m 36 and I love older men since the time I realized I was gay, I like how mature they are, know how to have fun, many get sexier as they age sexy daddies, no grandpas unless you are very sexy in shape and can get a erection.

  42. Terry

    I am 61 now and live in Iowa. Even when I was in my early 40s it was and still is my opinion that younger men in Iowa have attitudes and will not even look at someone over 40 unless they are drop dead gorgeous. You often get called names like F**king old troll etc. I have a 26 year old friend who is a friend but has told me we would never have sex and he won’t even allow me to see him naked or see pictures of him naked. He says his age limit is about 34. Except for the fact that he is willing to be a friend I find his behavior typical of most guys from 19 to about 37 or so. The sad part is that the guys 40 and above are not interested in guys their own age or older. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “I play with guys 35 and under only”. So, an older guy like me is pretty much left out in the cold. Fortunately for me, I have been corresponding with a 44 year old who is overseas. We have seen pictures of each other and/or on webcams but have not actually met. He tells me that my honesty, sincerity, caring, compassion, and some more intimate things we have talked about are what has drawn him to me and why he continues to IM, email, or telephone. Those exact same attributes are what attracts me to him. We will get to meet in the next couple of weeks, and I’m hoping all this preliminary communication will lead to something permanent. I really would like to be in a relationship with this man.

  43. BC

    If you put a handsome guy in his 20s and an equally handsome guy in his 40s in front of me, I’m going for the 40 y/o every time. There’s something about a distinguished, self assured older man that really does it for me. I’ve found I usually have more in common with older guys than guys my age or younger (I’m 31). My ex is 14 years older than me. I’ve always had an easier time talking with older guys, and yes, the sex is usually much better.

  44. Joe

    I’m 21 this month & I’m not gonna lie I’ve been with alot of guys from 18-49. It’s been my experience that frankly guy my age are assholes, the older guy will be alot kinder & more caring. I do want to be with someone my age, I’m more physically attracted to them, but I can’t stand the immaturity or narcisism of guys my age. So I guess it’s fair to say I’m more attracted to guys my age, but I feel I make a connection, an actual bond with older guys… I’d rather be with an older guy cuz of it

  45. David

    I am an older guy (46). I have connected with guys ranging in age from 19 to 48. I prefer to connect with younger guys because older guys are more set in their ways and are less eager to learn new things. Younger guys are like sponges and have a willingness to try new things and an enthusiasm that I just don’t find in most older guys. BUT, there are exceptions to every rule. Some younger guys are set in their ways and are jaded and cynical and some older guys are eager to try new things and willing to explore. I am a bigger guy and tend to like athletic/jock guys. That is not for everyone. But, the guys who I connect with either love me for who I am or are just really attracted to old, bigger black guys. Also, I have been endowed with certain other qualities that these guys find attractive. I have a handful of guys that I connect with on a very regular basis. I also run into the occasional new guy. Have been buds with several guys for years. So long now that i can no longer refer to them as young. But, they are still a lot of fun.

  46. Prsnofnote

    a) definition of the word “old:” Your current age plus 20 yrs. . . . that way you never have to get there (old, that is!)

    b) The ages of the parties who are intimate with each other should be totally between themselves without a social projection of an “appropriate age.”

  47. toney

    oldre guy 50, children 30 and 28, swimmers build, 5’11 160lbs. x-stripper, six pack, shaved head, crouch, balls and ass. Most people thing i’m 30 and i love it. out with my kids and they think we’re brother and sisters.Nice compliment for the old man. sexy grandfather.

  48. Bryan

    I am 45 and have found myself newly single after 9 years in a relationship. I’m in decent shape and take care of myself, and think I look good for my age. I’ve been very surprised at how many younger guys approach me on this site. Sure, sometimes it’s just for sex but I am finding that a lot of younger guys want the maturity of someone older and more experienced.

  49. geoff

    what is all of this 30’s and 40’s is older? I like mature men, and that can be an 18 year old with his head on his shoulders, or a 50 year old who lives in the burb’s in his dream house and has everything he wants, because he started out as an 18 year old with his head on his shoulders. There is nothing sexier, to me at least, than a guy that is confident and sure. Personality goes way farther than looks, don’t get me wrong you can’t be a troll, and those personalities that exude manly success are the sexiest of all. Don’t call me a gold digger though, if a guy really has what he wants and lives in the shit part of town with a minimalist decor that is sexy too! I am saying that it shows when you don’t know what you want and that is the least sexy thing of all personality traits for me. So maybe I would say that I am attracted to old souls… sorry for wasting your time by letting you read this:)

  50. Buck

    I am an older guy….62 in fact. I look late 40’s at most…salt and pepper hair, a little heavy and mostly a bottom. But there is not shortage of younger guys for me. It seems like as I get older, the sex with younger guys becomes easier! I am no longer desperate, I am confident in who I am, what I can do and how to handle almost any situation. Not a wealthy guy, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I appreciate youth for what it is and mostly for what it isn’t. Give and in return I get great respect. Sometimes I pay, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I feel like they want to pay me! I don’t take advantage and don’t treat these guys like crap! I love to teach and mostly they like to learn….letting a young guy experience his prostate for the first time! That’s hot! Life is good and until the right one comes along…’s just SEX!
    Stay healthy!

  51. hairybear

    age is only a number. if i am attracted to somebody their age usually doesnt have anything to do with it. love younger and older. now for the younger guys who don’t want to get to know an older guy you are missing out on alot. and rememeber hopefully you will be our age someday so then what are you going to do and your attitude going to be?

  52. Frederick

    The trouble is trying to find older men who like older men. I’m in my fifties and have more twenty year olds hit me than i can count. But I like men my own age. Seems like all the older men are looking to regain their youth by being with young men. Ah life

  53. josh

    Im 19 and I have never dated/hookedup with anyone one younger that 21 i just don’t like ppl my age I like men who have a plan and know what they are doing in the bedroom and with there life. I’m not sure why 23-35 are just hotties

  54. Socal111

    I made the mistake of exclusively dating much older men in my early twenties. I groomed myself to attract older suitors. And I learned hard lessons. Once I got over the complicated emotions of dating, I found myself diconnected from my cohorts (guys my age). I couldn’t relate to the friends of my friends. I looked down on them and hurt my chances with a lot of them. I excused myself from the party to play house. When I woke up from my delusion,I had to start over. 31 yrs old men are not the hot young thing anymore. 31 is more practical. An acceptable partner. Not hot like 19 or 23.The 40-50 somethings I used to date look past me now. As I do them ( generally speaking). At 32, Im learning how to be appreciated for ME! It is alot easier when you dont have to explain current communicating etiquette.

  55. James

    At 54, most guys my age and older are at best on a down hill slide so generally I prefer younger men.. as young as 21 if they are mature. I dated a fitness instructer 5 years older than myself, but hey, he was a fitness instructer and fine as hell. Now you don’t have to be a gym rat but height/weight proportionate is the least I’m interested in. Holla!

  56. josh78

    I don’t think I would ever go for an older guy. The way they go around seeking the young grosses me out. I’ve had different a4a accounts before and every time my profile is bran new I get barmbarded by older guys. Even if I clearly write no older, they always send messages like: just wanting to say hi. I swear its like the older a guy gets the more shame less he becomes. I do sometimes watch older guys in porns but thats as far as id get to an older guy.

  57. Josh

    Im 20, my first time when i was 18. I hooked up with a guy around 22. It fucking sucked, i didnt know what i was doing and pretty much nothing got accomplished. The next time i hooked up with a 48 yo. Not exactly rock hard but fit and muscular, so far it has been one of the best experiences i have had. He knew what he was doing, how to help me do it, and was over all a very nice guy. So i say older guys can definitely be very hot as long as the got the experience under their belt.

  58. Drake

    When I was 18, I had fabulous sex(and more) with a guy who was 32; for you math freaks, that made me a mere 9/16 his age(what was HE thinking?). Now,in this allegedly youth-obsessed milieu,I’m nearly three times the age I was then and half again older than my long-ago lover and yet I seem to attract men younger than I. In short, the numbers don’t matter — it’s all in the vibes.

  59. Chico

    I am a 34 year old guy. I strictly prefer older guys. There is nothing better than an encounter with a guy that has experience and knows what to do and how he likes to be pleased. I like to give a slow deep tissue massage to a guy that knows how to sit back, relax and allow himself to be pleased. Older men are #1 in my book…….

  60. option92264

    my answer: Go to youtube and search Barbara Cook, Follies, “In Buddy”s Eyes”
    Now I get….didn’t you used to be….nah…he was hot.
    My next move is an infomercial …Sara McLachlan is singing in the background as my pic comes to the screen with the caption: ABANDONED AND LEFT TO DIE. If it’s good enough for the dog, it’s good enough for me…and I am being funny…

  61. unmaduro

    Cool!… it is refreshing to know that there is still hope out there as I age. I am 52 and although I cannot complaint about hook-ups, I get the occassional young diva attitude that I gave older men so much in my younger years. With age, I have learned to conduct myself, talk men into sex and yet I have remained selective. Young does not necessarily mean hot. It can also mean obnoxious, rude, egocentric and narcisist.
    I am latino, 5’8″, 200 lbs. 32 waist, 18″ arms, and pretty well served down there…Maybe aging gracefully will keep you in

  62. Billy

    I’m an older guy now (can’t believe I’m saying that), but most of the guys I hookup with are ages 25-40 (younger than me). Not because I’m against older guys—-after all I’m one of them—-but because some older guys haven’t kept themselves in shape. I’m 58, but have a nice 42″ chest and 29″ waist and everything on me works fine. Hate to say it, but some older guys just get lazy and don’t make the extra effort to keep themselves looking and performing at their best! That’s OK, makes more of that young stuff available for me!

  63. Dewayne

    All you young guys are absolute hot,I got turned on by watching all of you. I will meet and hook up with one or all of you. Love young hard cocks.

  64. tommy

    i love older guys..always have… since i was very young… i started wen i was 12.. and he was 25
    wen i was 16 dated a guy 52.. he was awesome..awesome fit and he could have sex tons..
    older guys always come on to me and i always appreciate how they make me feel…

  65. ricky

    I love older guys. I’m 29 and I’m currently dating a 45 year old. He has a great smile, hairy muscular chest, and his ass is juicier than mine! Older men are so much more fun in bed. And he’s a real gentleman. What I love most is his scent. Smells like wood chips and pachouli. Lol. But seriously, I feel very secure around him. I love it!

  66. thetopdog

    I am 45 (top) and hookup with all ages. My BF is the same age but bottom and doesn’t have the same success with younger guys. I think it’s the young bottoms guys that seek older top guys as a general rule.

    When i was young I saw older guys as second class and felt people must be hard up to go with someone older (including myself). It was merely a projection of my low self esteem at the time.

    When I came to the US 10 years ago I didn’t hookup with anyone except white, masculine guys for the same reason: that I was prejudging everyone according to my personal history/influences. Then I examined my motives and decided to open my mind. Now everyone is beautiful (when they stay in shape – I hasten to add) black, white, 18 or 60…

    As you get older you realise that old people are just wrinkly young people – they are no different otherwise… It really helps open your mind when you finally see that we are all the same.

  67. Michael

    Hi – older guy here, 57. I think I still have a lot to offer; love giving head and am very experiences at it. I have some younger guys who find me extremely hot and talented. Love feeling young cock in my ass with another in my mouth – 20 plus in age. Give us older dudes a try, you may be missing out on some wonderful sex.

  68. Don

    As a 45 year old man, I find that older men are much better in bed and know how to satisfy me more than the young ones. For the young stud, it is all about the f*ck and not about the passion and contact with the other. I have found having sex with older men so erotic and hot!

  69. RicanCutie

    I’m a 30 year old male and honestly I do not like old men at all.for some reason I tend to attract them.I have hooked up with older men in the past and felt very uncomfortable.I don’t like to feel like I’m their son,nor feel the necessity of being taken care of,nor protected by them.We all like diff guys and there’s a type for everyone,as for me I’m very picky.

  70. Melvin

    I think that older man are H-O-T. I’m 20yrs lately I have been finding older man attractive but I prefer the top bear one tho suga daddy I have been one of my fantasy. But overall I prefer older male than ppl my age. “30 and up I’ll go but under 30 is a no”


  71. Gump Chocolate

    I am an “older” guy at 40. I am a visual type of guy. I like a clean cut guy, that is in shape or just “regular”, and got some meat to work with. The oldest I have been with is 44 years old and the youngest is 24. Since I am on the DL, mature in the mind men are who I kick it with. I look younger for my age so I have not been labled a “troll” and I tend to let the action come to me. So basically, if you find me cool, then obviously I do it for them.

  72. Brian

    i am in my early thirties,(32) and have always liked the younger guys,,. dont know why, just a preference i guess,. lol.,. but at the same time i have played around with a few older men, and the experience, was awesome, its a feeling of security, and being wanted, and i agree with steve, i havent ruled someone out because of age or bodysize. i prefer a man that has a little pudge, or belly, not a twink type,lol all in all, after my first experience with an older guy it really opened my eyes to a whole different perspective of ” older men” they are more comfortable with who they are, and what they want, the masculinity of an older guy, is great,

  73. Allen

    I am 64. Hairy daddy type in good shape. I like younger men but will never approach them. I had one 21 year old contact me on a4a and was hot to get together until I told him my age. He then was really nasty. He liked my look but couldn’t deal with my age. I told him he should conseder hanging out with older people because of what could learn from their experiences in life. He told me, “I know everything I need to know.” Wow. Does he have a lot to learn. The problem I have with some people my age is that they think old. They aren’t excited about life and learning and are physically inactive. Old men can be cool and so can young men. It’s is just a preference. Whether it is sexual or not, you young guys find some older men to mentor you. You will be way ahead of the game.

  74. Vince

    I am 43 and a superchub. Despite this I am quite attractive and have never had any trouble finding men to hook up with. I look younger than I am, which certainly helps. My mosr recent source of pleasure is an 18 year old high school senior football player. He makes me feel wonderful. He is very attentive and the sex is mind blowing. That said, I have hooked up with men as old as 62. In fact, the best BJ I have ever had came from him. I also do not mind if the man is thin or heavy… to me it is all about the magnetism. If we want each other then it is always hot. I went to a bath house in Indy for the first time earlier this year. Many would not talk to me due to my size. But there were some there, mostly older men, who knew that a great time could be had with me. I look for what they have to offer, not their weight, age, or color.

  75. stone

    Well being an older guy myself almost everyone I meet is younger. I really like those sexy fifty something guys but they are usually interested in 19 year olds. I’ve always liked guys between their late 30’s and late 50’s but all I seem to score is the mid 20’s. I guess I aint complaining they are hot, and experienced which I wasn’t at that age.
    so I guess I should say how old or young I am. I am 66 years old and still going strong. Now that I have the material things to share finding someone to share it with is a guest.

  76. Jim

    Older Men have a lot more to offer both sexually and in maturity…we can show a younger guy a real good time and teach him a few things! I have a 30 yearl old boyfriend and the sex is great and I know he appreciates me 🙂

  77. Jazz!

    I’m a very masculine, 26 year old. I consider at ALL MEN who are a MUSCULAR 200lbs + and in excellent shape and fitness regardless of their age…

    But GOD!!!, In My Mind…in My REALITY, There is NOTHING …NO THING on Earth that can even DARE to RIVAL the POWER, the FEARSOME BEAUTY, the RAW VISCERAL ELECTRIC WHITE HOT SCALDING DESIRE for FULLY MATURED MASCULINE MEN… MEN in Their PRIME 40-50+ Who – through iron will and discipline – have MAGNIFICENTLY SHAPED and sculpted themselves with VOLUMINOUS DENSE MUSCLE.. even MORE, a FULLY MATURED MEN/MAN Who being ALL of that, engages the world with His INTELLECT, HIs CONFIDENCE & SURENESS, the resulting character of Him knowing… realizing Himself – the culmination of His experience, His self-directed evolution.

    And in particular, when I experience a MATURED MAN of that calibre and character, bracing My arms around His powerful shoulders…laying My body next to His in the night, surrendering My “sex” into the THICK FINGERED grip of His big heavy and powerful hands, letting go of all My “masculine posturing” ego, and My limited experience, by comparison, I experience HIM as GOD the Father,GOD the Son and GOD the HOLY GHOST..GOD as ULTIMATE ORGASM!!! can You shout HALLELUJAH!!! ha-ha-ha!!!:¬D

    I have YET to create that experience for or have that experience with any other MAN or Men in my peer group 21-29, and I don’t think I or We ever will until Ourselves become the OLDER MEN! :¬D

  78. GEORGE


  79. Sean

    I’m in my 20’s and I do find older men attractive but I don’t like being with them. I prefer the big bro type instead of the dad type. Come on, my dad is only 45! Thus, the max I will go for is no more than 35 (and I consider that old already)…..

  80. Mark

    I am 58, most think I look 45, and I feel 25. Frankly, age is meaningless to me with regard to sex and relationships. I have dated older (60’s), younger (30’s), same age…enjoy the occasional 20-something as well. I hit on and get hit on by all age groups, and I love it. I think the key is focus on being who you are, take care of yourself, live like you feel not how many years you have lived. I am not obsessed with fitness, but I work out 6 times per week, watch what I eat (eliminate those carbs boys), and stay healthy….who cares how old I am? Certainly not me, and not anyone I care to be with.

  81. willndenver

    in a couple of years i’ll be 50. 40 was pretty hard on my ego. when i was in college and in my early 20’s there were a few “older (30’s) guys who flirted with me and i loved their parties as it showed me what a social life could be for a gay guy post college. (although i never quite had the same positive experiences once i arrived at that age and “status”. i had a very strong relationship with a man 10 years my junior, all things physical were exceptional, however at the time our contradsting “maturities” and life experiences didn’t and i grew weary of being the stalwart in the relationship, always being stable and he just the opposite. funny thing: it wasn’t until i was in my 30’s that i found other men pursuing me as if i were “hott”. about a year ago, a 26 y/0 i hads met in a non sexual way, professed his deep affection for me. mny age peers have hardly ever even looked my way and i can’t seem to summon a gray hair anywhere on my frame, much less get a cracked face. lol

  82. PleaseYourMan (on a4a)

    Bi, Dom, Top in my 40’s here. Love to play with younger guys, love the older/younger dynamic. Happy to find a lot of younger guys are very attracted to us hot older guys. If you want to know more, come say hi.

  83. Mike

    I’m 57, bi-MWM, but fortunately look and act 47. I find that guys in their 30’s and early 40’s are the most appealing to me. Unless a guy my age is very fit or extra sexy it’s not a turn on. A guy out of shape at any age is a definate turn-off. I love to have fun with guys in their 20’s, but since most are insecure and/or immature, it’s a big waste of time to find that one guy that might be worth it and actually will meet up. I certainly understand that many guys don’t like older guys. I never have and certainly not when I was in my 20’s. Everyone has their preferences and guys just need to respect that and be honest with each other. Unfortunately, too many guys seem to have too much time to waste. Save the fun and games for when together, not when trying to learn about each other and meet up.

  84. Mike

    Bottom line –it seems, on average that most older guys understand the aging process better and don’t get hung up on it. It’s a number. Take care of yourself and your personality and overall physical characteristics will be attractive to others.

  85. Kevin

    As someone who has just turned 50 and very proud of it, I am more aware of the age-ism within the gay community. The gay community tends to be very superficial focusing on youth and the body beautiful. Unfortunately what gets lost is the sense of self. Age is something that happens to us all and the key is how you choose to deal with it. I choose to celebrate and enjoy!

  86. scott

    just wait until all the 20 somethings turn 50 and older. they will go through what we did. people are gonna say-you are too old honey.

  87. kadeem

    HOTTT! i luv older men they r so sexy an captivating , i’v been fool around with older men since i realized i liked men , an i’m yet to complain! jus talkin about them makes me hot lol

  88. Darryl

    As a older Man i find that many younger guys either chase, or run from us lol. Don’t they realize that we have much to share, and teach them. When you reach a certain age, you have what’s called expirence knowing how to suck cock, eat ass, and of course fuck ass. It’s not about the quanity, but it’s the quality of sex play that really tells the tail.

  89. Michael C

    Most of my best sexual experiences have had older men involved.

    The older men that I have had the pleasure to meet and have sex with like to have a younger man sucking their cock. I have no doubt that I enjoy cocksucking and cum swallowing as much as I do because of how those men fed me their cocks. I would get so comfortable sucking their cocks and letting them fill my mouth with their cum. If in the future i was to meet an older man that makes a great sex partner, I would not hesitate to have a serious committed open relationship with him. I would like to meet an older man that feels it’s his responsibility to shoot as much of his cum down my throat. Older men are sizzling hot.

  90. Steve

    Some observations:

    A) Both younger men and older will give you an “age range” for who they’d “date” [read “f*ck”] rather than be judged. But the reality is younger guys want to hook-up with guys their age and older guys want to hook-up with younger guys as a function of mid-life crisis.

    B) It’s tiresome to hear someone younger state that he would hook-up with an older guy only if the older guy was “super hot.” It’s shallow and all the more pitiful when that guy describes himself as “VGL” or whatever.

    C) It’s tiresome to hear younger guys state that they like older guys but not “you know, ancient, like over 35” or refer to us as “somebody’s grandpa” or whatever. Just say “no one over 40” or whatever and leave it at that; the insults are unnecessary and, guess what, one day you’re going to get old, too (theoretically, anyway).

    D) It’s clear — at least as noted on the local Craig’s List — that plenty of younger guys will hook-up with someone older … for money. Uh, guys, it’s called “prostitution.” I doubt very seriously that Mom & Dad would take kindly to you blowing your college tuition on meth while selling your ass for text books. And a few years down the road, these aren’t the stories you’re going to want coming to light with employers, spouses, and children. And the same can be said of the guys that are paying them. Think about it.

    E) Please don’t assume that just because I’m over 50 and you’re under 30 that 1) I’m dying to get in your pants or 2) will pay for the privilege.

    F) I’m 51. I go to the gym every day. I *try* to eat right. I don’t necessarily enjoy doing these things but I see what my fellow 50-somethings look like and no way am I ever turning into that (if I can help it).

    G) The “older men” chosen to illustrate the article are indeed hot … but sadly, completely atypical and nothing like the average 45+ guy you’d find anywhere other than a gym in West Hollywood or the jewel box of the porn video they were perfectly groomed for.

    I acknowledge that some statements may be ironic in light of a statement preceding them.

    That’s life.

  91. Hayden

    I live in Trinidad. Many gay men think 25 is old, until they turn 25. Many are averse to old guys I think it reminds them of their shelf life. But one can look good at any age. But many drink , smoke do not exercise not eat well so by the time they are in their mid 20’s they are sagging pot or rising belly, hair thinning. I dont mind any age at all once you have a relative fit form . I am 25

  92. Slipofthetongue

    Um I am down with the old dudes if they are rich and like to spoil haha. Being with someone who is secure and mature is hot. And they definitely know how to handle a guy 😉

  93. olderpoz

    I’m 72 and HIV+, both stats I’ve posted on dating sites. Since posting, I’ve never had such an active sex life. The guys I’ve been with are all younger than I am, most in their 30’s to 60’s. I feel that most guys are looking for honesty so they know what to expect.

  94. CHRIS


  95. PAULO

    I have to say that I now am what most would consider “older” but I am not conceited in any way though for how easy it is for me to talk about this subject you might think I am, but i’m not. Matter of fact when I was younger-late teens, early 20’s- A hot older man was my ultimate fantasy. Now I may be older but I worked out my entire life and used firming lotion/creams/serums for my face for the last 15 years–by the way guys this stuff works, start early…I get hit on by girls in their 20’s and guys from all ages and it feels wonderful. But I see where guys ask for no older men to write to them and I think to myself “I’M HOTTER THAN YOU!”-LOL

  96. Jim

    Am 48 and have been with older guys that were very hot in bed and sexy as hell. Often they have a better idea of what to do with the tools that they have. However, a hot younger dude is cool too. Age is irrelevant, its the guy that matters. Why discriminate, just have a good time!

  97. christoph

    Gerontophilia … I’m 47 and find it odd when i’m hit on by a 20 year old. I ask myself, what was I attracted to when I was 20…sure as h3ll not someone like me at this age. While I enjoy looking at men of all ages, sex with someone young is disturbing to me. The guys in the photos here are sexy for sure. You either are or you’re not right.

  98. sean

    its hot very hot i feal im safe with older men i dont now way but i like some one older than me and thay have alot off Experience in life and sex 🙂

  99. Johnny

    I’m 20 and I’ve always thought older men were hot. Since I’ve been 18, I’ve hooked up with lots of older guys in the 30-50s. I just love older, muscular, hairy, dominant men. MY first experience was when I was 18 and an older married dad (around 40) fucked me like crazy in a bookstore… that was amazing! Another favorite time of mine was not that long ago another married guy just fucked me for hours… So confident, so hot!

  100. G

    Ok where are all these guys at, I am an older man live in So Florida and the majority of younger guys here do not want older.

  101. Thom

    Depends on the guy, depends on the age. I’m probably more the “older man” myself, so I like the younger guys. But I have seen guys (okay, ONE specific guy) who is AT LEAST 10 years my senior, and is HOT as HELL! I just wish I knew how to ask his husband’s permission to play with him.

  102. shaun

    An older guy is an absolute yes!!!! especially if he takes care of himself meaning he at least visits the gym frequently and grooms himself when needed … older guys of todays standards get criticized because they seem to not have the time to take care of themself which is an understatment … there are those that do and it shows the oldest i messed with is 35 my stop mark is 46 so yeah they are more experienced …. more mature… huge turn on(sexually/mentally) and they deliver now as for the the extra pics the first one arpad miklos is my dream fuck daddy the way he is massive and just dominates with his huge hairy body turns me on like no other his cock and his cumshot are incredible he can make me cum without me having to jack off.(hes that good)…. my mission is to meet and get fucked (even though hes in a relationship but we can work somethin out) by this man before im 25 …..he is one of those types that just get sexier as they get older

  103. Lou

    Isn’t it a shame when 40’s is considered old. I am 61 and where I live, that is the same as being dead. You are talked about in the 3rd person. People don’t think that sex is even feasible. Give us a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  104. horny-in-greeley

    guess what? i,m 49 and i can,t get a young guy from 18-35 and i can,t get a older guy from 35-100 so that means i,m a ugly fucker,,,cause my body is not that bad,,i,m fit,,work out daily,,jog,,walk,, you name it,,, and my dick is over average,,,so must be the uglyness ,,,,,so i,m retiring,,giving it up,,,tired of trying,,to old for the bull shit,,,

  105. redfish7

    The older I get, the younger they seem to get, I’m 59 now, ok shape, no gym rat for sure, and I get these super cute guys from 18 to 31, and they keep coming back, I know when I was their age no way would I have hooked up with someone that was 59. So lucky me!!! Nothing like 18 year old nut,

  106. Tig

    65 this year and am amazed at younger guys who think they are too good for me. When I was in my twenties I dated men I like regardless of age.
    Still do.
    But most of these post only prove what I have known for so long, gay men are shallow. I look to the person not his age or if he is build like a Greek god. The inside last the outside doesn’t.
    I look to be in my 40’s in fair shape but have a great personality and am real. Which is more than I can say for most young guys.
    I only wish I could be around when they get called old.
    Because one of two things are sure to happen either you die or you grow old.

  107. goldenloverinmym

    turning 60 next month have hooked up with 19 to 66..19 was hot n sexy and all of that but was terrible in bed wam bam done left me wanting much more the 66 yr old was ok looking like myself but I spent a weekend with him had a great time the sex was great conversation wine hot tub we did it all we both versa alas he is married which I found out during the weekend.ok for a hookup but no future with my LT lover was 48 when I met him.same thing with him GREAT SEX both versa drinks conversation I though HE is the ONE MET MY FAMILY THEY LOVED HIM HOT LATINO GUY BUT!!!!! he had a previous BF that he never got over so they rekindled and here I am back again,,age don’t really mean any thing its about the guy and the connection with my 48 yr old I fucked like a porn star he kept coming back for 9 months I miss his style and touch but life goes on.i was overweight when I met him he convinced me to join a gym and its paid off lost 60 lbs and getting better every week.but now i’m miserable with out him. I wish he’d come and sample my wares now!! lol getting buff far as getting it up has never been a problem sometimes getting off is the problem.have been rebuffed by many young guys some very rude. their time will come sooner than they think….Dean

  108. McCoy

    I’m 26 and I’ve recently decided to explore my overwhelming urge to experience everything a man can offer. Every fantasy i have involves an older man or men lol. I’ve been the dominate force in every relationship I’ve been in and I just can’t see myself reaching the level of submission I’m looking for with someone my age. No “daddy issues” but I find using the term “daddy” fucking hot!!! And once i meet the mature stud that will take me to that next level of ecstacy he’s more then welcome to show me who my daddy is. Damn….all these thoughts of mature cocks has my blood flowing.


  109. wouldn't it be nice

    I was blessed with good genetics. I look a lot younger than my actual age. I get hit on and such, until they find out my actual age, then they clam up and suddenly think of something else they had to do. I am built like the examples above. Wish the above comments were true, but in chat land it just ain’t so very often..and there just aren’t many men past 35 out there in great shape. The birthday stick pummels gay men it seems. If there’s not a two in the first digit of you age, and you live in rural America…forget it. Buy a funny sweater and get a pet. You’re done.

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