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Entertainment: Gaga’s next single : Judas



( if the track doesn’t work below, listen to it here )


ass by user6670303

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  1. Gregg

    I dont know if she realizes that she uses the same vocal styling and musical styles over and over. On one hand it could be her being ‘smart’ using her signature to make things just slightly similar. I can hear at least 3-4 of her other songs in this song and I dont consider it very original at all.

  2. JerseyMan

    Uh… I really don’t like the song its sounds like a mix of Paparazzi and Bad Romance (Bad Mix). I don’t think it will hit Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100. Smh!! I expected better Gaga..

  3. John-Kenneth

    True so very true man…..Maybe clinging 2 fame using the familiar….Reinvention and originality anyone? It is catchy though…….Very reminiscent of many of her former hits though……Hmmm

  4. Joey

    She’s on 14:48 with me.This is normal her. Weak song that’s hyped to the extreme and the video will be outrageous and way better than the song. She’s boring and is out of ideas.

  5. Jim

    I think each of you are fricking CRaZy! This song ROCKS! The thumping base! The Jud-DAHS, JU-DA-AHHHHHH is so catchy that the first listen my roommate was like, “Ugh, I don’t like it.” Then a second listen in the car later, hmmmm…and then a few hours later, “I LOVE IT!”

    Stop F-ing comparing everything! Seriously!

    This girl is the only one doing anything original!

    When she does something totally un-Gaga-esque, like Born This Way – oh, it’s just so different, it’s not her, it’s not like Bad Romance at all. So she releases Judas, which is more traditional Gaga/B.R-ish – and then its, “I wonder if she realizes she’s using the same musical stylings.” What-the-fuck ever.

    This song has #1 written all over it. Haters gonna hate, but Gaga rules the world! So bitch all you want, queens, she’s got you by the balls!


    I think She has a brilliant marketing team.. they feed her little monsters the same thing over and over.. and people are still willing to buy and listen!!! She can put her name on a piece of shit.. and it would still sell!!! Gotta love the bitch!!!

  7. Rudy

    If you don’t like GaGa u can fuck off. Anyway she is making millions and getting everyday more famous and negative comments from assholes like some of u does not hurt her. Grow up jealous bitches

  8. danny

    Gaga fills a void that no one else is filling right now. Her music isn’t that great, but neither are any of the pop stars on the chart. Where Britney can make a lyrically catchy dancable song, she remains number one for a week or two where Gaga had Born this Way at number one for FIVE.

  9. Sean

    Just because someone doesn’t like something she puts out doesn’t mean they are a hater or that they an idiot. The chords are the same as her previous hits. The structures are the same. The melodies are the same. Yes you love it, because you’ve heard it before and loved it. It’s a mashup of Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Paparazzi. I sang all 3 songs over it the 2nd time I listened to it and all 3 fit perfectly. It would have been a great song if the hype surrounding it and the whole album would not be her ‘album of the decade’ claim. She’s shooting herself in the foot because she’s not brining anything new that she said she was.

  10. Beatella

    Judas is the demon I cling to 😀
    LoVE gaga but was DISAPPOINTED 4SURE.
    Being a true monster I can speak from my heart.
    Please bring it for the video MM

  11. lee

    I love how angry people get when anything negative is said about her. And calling someone an asshole for posting an opinion on a page that was posted for just that…opinions…is really childish. But anyway I agree all of her stuff sounds the same. She over the top and trys too hard to be noticed and talked about. This is song is garbage and she gets creepier and creepier as time goes on. Just my OPINION!

  12. Fanfan

    I remember hearing Bad Girls for the first time. We knew it was Donna Summer right away, the sound, the voice, the style! Wow I am old, but lucky to be alive, healthy, loved, and still loving music new and old. Gaga is not Donna but she is a great entertainer and a huge advocate for gay rights and other minorities. I hope she makes trillion$$$$ and finds love and happiness! Gotta love her!

  13. chipperwhore

    she tries too hard, is using gay people to make money while she or they ripped off a list of underground personalities and artists.
    Gay people are highly gullible. On the plus side she got her make up to look like Susanne Bartsch, one of the true club diva’s and mistresses of New York City, if your legendary or interesting she will steal from you- in the end after watching her NYU performances and seeing images before the “alternative make over” and hearing her paltry lesbian college rock prior to making dance electronic music, which incidentally she stated having no interest in as it was mentioned in the law suit by her former producer, Rob Fusari-read the article in last years New York Magazine, I just assumed she would begin to force feed some more crap down desperate homosexuals throats. Lady Gaga loves the weak to defend her, your her-their meal ticket. Is she still suicidal over being “hated”? Poor girl.
    Grace Jones did herself justice by turning Lady Gaga down- now that’s a diva.
    How many grammies did Milli Vanilli win?

  14. MIKE D

    I love this song but Born This Way was what got me hooked to Lady GaGa this woman can sing the beats she puts out are spellbinding . Keep it coming Mother Monster !!

  15. The_Truth_Hurts

    All you guys are focusing if her music sounds the same and that shes running out of ideas;however you are not paying attention to the subliminal messages she’s delivering.This past weekend I did a review on her songs and videos and found plenty of subliminal signs,not only from Gaga but Beyonce,Rihanna,Jay Z,Kanye West,Shakira and the list goes on.I love all this artist and have their CDs as well but after seen all the subliminal messages and hearing the songs backwards It changed my mind.Could it be that they all are part of a secret society Illuminati/free mason ? Open yours eyes people and pay attention …..

  16. Marcello

    Ok my turn to voice my opinions. I’ve always been a Gaga fan from the beginning. I understand some of her music sounds similar and what’s the big deal? When did we all become music critics? If it’s catchy and has me jamming out in the car, shower, or at the club…then what does it matter? It’s only purpose is entertainment and her music does that for me. Now as far as these comparisons people like to make “Gaga is copying Maddona” “Christina is copying Gaga’s look” “Katy Perry’s E.T. Video is a rip off of Born this way” SO WHAT?! artist would be stupid not to keep up to date with the fads of the time…it’s almost there job. Or has every new artist ever come up with a new look and music style? Of course not! Key people influence the style of a time period and everyone else goes with it. This is why for example you can pick out 80’s music as 80’s music by listening to it…it has distinct style to it. Gaga has made no secret about her influences. Also she is an advocate for lgbt rights and one of our most outspoken Hollywood icons. We should be happy that she feels so strongly towards the fight for equality. All that aside the fact rains she has an amazing and powerful voice and musical talent.

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