A4A : updated version of RADAR

We’ve just published an updated version of RADAR ‘Native’ app in the Android market and made some improvements to all RADAR versions.

Latest Updates for all RADAR versions (webApps and Native Android) :

– SEARCH BY LOCATION is now possible, similar to the main A4A site.

– Two New Buttons at the top of the list of members; Refresh and Clear Search criteria.

– Multi-select options in search page is now possible.

– A “delete account” option has been added.

– Back button for Android; will alert before closing the App.

– Other improvements: improvements in layout – new app Icon on mobile home screen – performances improvement and updated “About Radar” page

Please read the full details about all our mobile versions here !


In order to comply with App Markets restrictions, and only for “native Apps”, we can only show pictures that have been rated as non-Adult (G-rated). Members have the option to upload an alternative “G-rated” Primary picture in profile.We are currently rating all pictures; Until this has been completed non-rated pictures will be excluded from the native App. This restriction does not affect the WebApp ( or the mobile version ( or the main site (


Click here for Adam4Adam RADAR App Introduction Video !


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  1. Hawaiian_Maile(Adam4Adam_Screen_Name)

    Radar on Android Froyo is more convenient to use than Grindr because (1) the user can see and compare the distance to all potential online members
    (2) access is given simultaneously to both other Radar users on mobile, to other mobile-logged-in users, and to on-regular-PC users…meaning the audience is wider
    (3) the user has access to Adam4Adam mail, as well.

    Like I said, the user interface is convenient and quick. Let’s spread the word about how great Radar is.

    No, I haven’t had my first meet yet from Radar, but neither from Grindr.


  2. Jim

    I prefer using the native Android Radar app instead of the web version, but I of course don’t like having the adult content blocked. Would you consider releasing a non-Market .apk without the adult content restrictions in addition to the censored Market version? I’m not sure how easy it would be, but you could build a flag into it saying whether or not to hide adult content and flip it depending on where it’s going (Market or non-Market). Maybe host the .apk for download on your web site for users who know how to install it?

  3. T

    I second Jim suggestion. This would be relatively easy to do and also to have it automatically detect updates and allow user to apply them. You will have some issues with ATT users and potentially other big carrier users. ATT block their Android phones from installing non-market aps (side-loading). In order for ATT users to install a non-market apk, they will need to root their device and enable the phone to allow installation of non-market apps. Rooting an android phone is relatively painless.

  4. Llaves

    why not make it available for download for Side loading, I had to restore my phone, and know i cant re-install it… and i dont use there wed apps…

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