Would you do him : David Beckham

My “Would You Do Him” today is David Beckham. Probably all of you will say “yes” without hesitation, but I have to say “maybe” !  I hear you say ” are you crazyyyy ?!”  For me, David Beckham is just too clean and too perfect. I would have fun with him, when he is unshaved and untrimmed and dressed with jeans (not Victoria Beckham’s denim line…) and a t-shirt (I wouldn’t mind his soccer t-shirt 😛 )! But when he is in the public, he is too cute, I feel like squeezing his cheek like my grand-mother does to me ! The nicest picture of him for me is the one below where he is wearing jeans.  So answer my question : David Beckham, would you do him ?


To see more pictures of him, follow the jump or click here !

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  1. Eddie, NY, NY

    uh, Yeah !! He’s HOT HOT HOT ! I’d do him and his beard, I mean Wife VB, they hang out at gay clubs together and she prefers that he is admired by gay men than women, and he is very gay friendly and aware of his huge gay following and doesn’t shy away from them, you think all those pics are geared just to women, NO WAY.

  2. james

    in those last two pictures, when he isn’t really posing and he’s just himself, he looks way hotter (especially with his ass up and his underwear visible. yum.

  3. jossiah

    i think he would make an awesome boifriend&he can call me anytime HOW YOU DOINNNN DAVID(IN MY WENDY WILLIAMS VOICE)CALL MEEEEE(IN MY BIANCA VOICES)

  4. PJ

    I would have sex with him in the middle of a busy mall. He is just absolutely delicious! There isn’t one part of that mans body not lickable. He is smokin hot! That bitch is sooo lucky to have him in baed everyday! I couldn’t imagine. How could you ever get enough? He makes everything on my body hard!

  5. tony

    are you fucking kidding me? i’d kiss him, rim him, suck him, and slowly and thoroughly fuck him for a long, long session….and after shooting a load deep inside, take a break and then do it again as soon as my cock was hard again….

  6. Jeff

    FUCK YES! I honestly don’t know any man who would honestly not be interested in having sex with this MAN! He looks like a Greek God

  7. shawn

    Yes I would like to do him very attractive great body.And a very cool
    man great abs and legs would love to do dave for sure.

  8. Joey

    Oh god yes, I’d do him in a heartbeat. All he’d have to do is look at me, give me a nod, and I’d be on him quicker n anything. A hard man is good to find, and he’s one of them

  9. gene

    i too think he is a little too perfect. would i do him? of course but he would be much sexier if he were more natural. don’t why guys think they must trim,was, shave every hair on thier body. it such a turn off to me. give me a hairy guy over good looks, muscles or big cock anytime. still believe real men don’t shave it. don’t let anyone make a cunt out of you. be a man!

  10. Jaesin

    Hell yeah, I’d do David, youd be stupid not to. David has the perfect body and shape. I love the tattoos aswell, I’d still do David even if he had hair on his body. He is so fuckin Hott!

  11. PierceMN

    God, yes! He is a hot sexy man and he has a nice uncut cock.
    I have a picture of him naked on my screen saver! Sexy man!

  12. Diego

    I would so bend over for him and let him ram me as many times as he would want, would love to have him give me a facial or cum in me

  13. ParkerBradeton

    Absolutely I’d do him! That’s kinda a silly question! He’s handsome, athletic, hot, and looks like he’s hung nicely. He would be my ideal lover!

  14. Jerry

    I’d show him what expert cock worship is all about and that would include rimming. But with that stubble on his face he wouldn’t be doing much to me. That stuff hurts in all the best places. I like my men to have baby butt smooth faces just as I keep mine.

  15. fernando Anguiano

    I would send him back to his island and tell him to tell his nasty people to fu*&g tip 20% at restaurants and also the gay uniform A&F is for fit 20 and under guys out of the mid west not balding big bellied disgusting green teeth old fat f*&*cks!!!!!

  16. Alonzo

    Put him in a jock strap, and let me lick his tats, have to make sure they are real, and then I will decide. I am not always attracted to his pics, sometimes he is too pretty. I like the rugged look in some of his pics. I agree he looks hot in the jeans pic. Let me know when he wants to give me a shot.

  17. Dorian

    If we were team mates I would want to be close in body and spirit but I respect his choice of a wife and chidren and would keep it platonic.

  18. Jay

    I would do him in a heartbeat love tats and athletic guys he could have my ass in broad daylight in my back yard with all the neighbors watching. one fine man for sure

  19. Eric

    Looks like the typical Chelsea boy/circuit boy/”I model” type. I don’t think he’s too skinny though, hot body

    Probably wouldn’t kick him out of bed but don’t see what the craze over him was.

  20. RayVaughnCarter

    The man is a celebrity in a sports kind of way, happily married, with kids and a wife, and is not gay or looking to explore, so why waste time thinking or talking about whether or not you would do him. He is not to be done

  21. socaliguy

    omg, I would do whatever he wants me to do to him. it would be a honor and a pleasure to be able to serve him in anyway possible. As long as he is happy and proud to be with a person like me that makes him feel pleased to be with.

  22. Ryan

    This blog space was a good idea on here… however, I wish you would post more relevant articles or thoughts that pertain to more than just stereotypical gay males. Would you do _______?…Best dressed at the Oscars and constant HIV/AIDS/STD scares have become quite cumbersome to read.

  23. RaJ

    Love the pic in the white shorts where he is bending over. Can jus see myself riding him in that position.
    His mouth looks like he can suck very goood

  24. Dmac

    Hell yeah I do him. He is Fine Tatt’s and all. He is a really cool guy. I have met him after his game. And he is really friendly. He is one sexy man !!!

  25. wilton manors boy

    I would do him only if wasn’t wearing any cologne or deodorant….I love the smell of a sweaty man. Wouldn’t miond doing him right after his workout or game.

  26. Rob

    I would do this piece of man heaven in a New York second! He’s got looks, tats, muscles and I’m sure a pretty nice cock.

  27. Gunnar

    I believe I would have to say yes to this question.. Esp. after I just saw him ass up and on his knees.. would love to see more of his rockin bod.

  28. brian

    i would have to say hes tempting, to the eyes, yet he knows hes a pretty boy, and a sex figure, to the world, i would have to say,doubtful to cocky, and way to pretty, probably wouldnt give most of us guys a chance,

  29. Markq

    Definately not. I’d want to feed him. He is toooo skinny and even though his body looks nice all photoshopped up, I dont’ find him all that attractive. Like one other poster said “whats all the craze about”?

  30. Rans

    in a normal circumstances i’d say a big YES but, i have so much respect for this guy the way he’s carried himself in the public eye & has so much respect for himself and other people around him. there are not many in his position with that kind of regards for anybody. we should be proud of him.

  31. Blaklad4u

    I will do him. I love his pics with jeans and the other he bends over. I love him too much anytime I see his pic I am hot.

  32. Jay

    Hell Yeah, Dave and I could fuck until the cows came home, and even then I’d let him hit it some more. If he’s vers, than all the better. Would love 2 69 with him.

  33. Dave

    Hell fucken yes! What kind of question is that. Sorry, lost my head for a second. He does that to me.I would pay good money for a used soccer jersey of Daveys. I would SELL MY SOUL to play “popcicle” with him. I got to take a VERY cold shower now. Thanks!

  34. Christopher

    Nope. And why “salivate” over some Brit married to a Spice Girl? I find it HILARIOUS that the guys on here who “would do him” and other so called “hot” celebs~why would they be a better fuck than anyone else?

    Some of the WORST fucks in my LIFE were with the “pretty men” who relied on their looks.

    “Beauty fades, dumb is FOREVER”…..
    Judith Shiendlin

  35. Vorq

    I think he’s nasty looking. Too clean and squeaky. Plus marrying a Spice Girl ruined him for me. So NO I WOULDN’T TOUCH HIM!

  36. Jason

    I would not only do him, I would eat his wifes pussy if i had to first, just to get some of that hot man! Of course I would be shy at FIRST, but holy horse menuire, i would turn into a raging lunitic when we got at it….yum!

  37. Alejandro

    Oh yeah, he is so hot, damn, I would e-t his a– for days, suck his c–k for days and then I would let him do me over and over and over again hell yes..

  38. jdub

    david beckham does what he has to do to get thru the day. Turn the question around and there you have your answer. would david do you? highly unlikely 🙂

  39. Keith

    I wouldn’t do him but would want him to do me raw and bare, want his love juice in my manpussy…and flowing out of it…

  40. full of it!

    He looks like the typical American bottom, cute, femme, and skinny.
    I will do him once, then ignore him the next time I see him. 🙂

  41. Scott

    I would do anything David wanted, and probably some things he doesn’t even know he wants, but he would want it again once I had my way with his pretty ass!!

  42. Nathan

    I would let David Beckham DICK ME DOWN!!!! He is soooooo FINE!!!!! He can be fine in whatever underwear, jeans and a tshirt, dressed up or dressed down! I mean he is cooo freaking fine!

  43. david

    I would do him and his wife, hell that would be like having you cake and eating it too. A hot man and a hot woman at the same time. Yum yum. lets make it a 3 some, with a lot of sexxxxxxxxxxxx.

  44. david

    Some said he was too skinny , some said he was too fat. I say partying with him and his wife would be just fine. I would eat her pussy and his cock like a chicken eats corn , i started with women, men just expanded my sexxxual horizons. Both of them or either one one on one. Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

  45. Lavon

    I would do so many things to this man that would make his eyes roll and say Victoria who? Hell I would even let him beat me out of anger if he wanted to. No body but him.

  46. Jay

    Holy Fuck, I’d stay on my all fours with my ass in the air for this stud. Bend me like Beckham. I want him to fill me with his cum until I have a cum gut. I want to sleep with his dick in my mouth letting his precum just dribble down my throat all night. Fuck…yeah do him all day every day and and twice on Sunday.

  47. xandersebastian

    Great body, hot accent, beautiful cock (some of my fav nudes are of him-drools) so all in all. Definately would let him fuck me anyway and anywhere.

  48. ARTURO

    The man is a celebrity in a sports kind of way, happily married, with kids and a wife, and is not gay or looking to explore, so why waste time thinking or talking about whether or not you would do him. He is not to be done.
    If he was gay YES !!!!!

  49. Mereum

    haha oh yeah and i would please him in anyway he wants of course he’d half to handle my teazzing and pass my head jobs before desert then again what man can get past that…

  50. blond4u

    omg id so let him bend me over on all fours and take his hot cock in my boi pussy. and let him fill it with his hot cum, id let him do anytthing he wanted to me, id be his bitch hell yea

  51. Jonathan

    I already need a cigarette~ I love him the jeans. Why are so many of these pictures homoerotic? I don’t care but he looks good in those jeans. Do him? Do me, David Beckham~ He is delicious and baby has an apple bottom and that’s one apple I’d like to pick or pluck if you will. Put it in the goal, oooh you missed, please try again…hahahaha.

  52. Thomas

    Ohh fuck yeaa I would do him over and Over and OVER agaim and I would let him do whatever he.wanted to do to me.. He looks like a freak in bed and I would love to explore every inch of that perfect body:P
    i love the two black and white pictures.. And tje one with him in jeans makes him look like a boytom with a nice ass:)
    damn can he give me one day:) I wont dissapoint.. Lol

  53. CHRIS


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