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Videos of Céline Dion’s new Las Vegas show


Being a fan of Céline, I had to share with you these 2 videos that I found online ! And i have to admit that she looks amazing with this long dress, very 50’s, and the orchestra in the back is chic and makes it even more spectacular !

The first video shows Céline singing “open arms” from Journey. Her voice is really amazing and more powerful then last time I heard her sing. I heard that since she didn’t sing for 2 years, her vocal cords are more relaxed, that’s what makes her voice being clear and stronger.

(follow the jump to see the videos)

The second video shows the medley of Michael Jackson where Céline sings “Men in the mirror”, very sweet and emotional. I like when she does the “hooo.. hooo..” like Micheal was doing !

Hope you like !


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  1. Al

    That was like a breath of fresh air………..great to see my favourite singer back again !!!
    Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  2. John

    Oh man! Looks like Sony discovered the first video and blocked it… they haven’t gotten to the second vid tho!

    Celine is so incredible! I was lucky to get to attend one of her concerts when she came to KC on her Taking Chances World Tour. It was probably one of the best nights of my life! It’s not likely I’ll be able to see her new show in Vegas though. But never say never, right?

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