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I don’t know how it is now, but back in 2002, Garrison Hall at the University of Texas, Austin, was notorious. Soon after I started studying for my master’s degree in a department located at Calhoun Hall, I learned about the glory hole and the goings-on at nearby Garrison.

I was 23 years old then, and already happily partnered. But shamed as I might feel about it after, I just had an addiction to cruising, especially in restrooms, gyms, parks, and anywhere else where getting caught provided that extra rush.

Sometimes there would be several guys in there. Some would enter a stall. Others took their chances up at the urinals. The bravest, though, took the last stall, which had a massive glory hole, one of the very few true, public glory holes I ever got to see.

Once, I went up to the urinal and took out my penis. I peed a little, but there wasn’t much in my bladder. I shook it and started to look around. One person was in the last stall, and one in the stall next to it. I could see their pants down around their ankles. Bending a little, I could peer into the last stall through the glory hole. A skinny forearm was moving up and down in the familiar way.

The guy in the neighboring stall must have decided I wouldn’t mind a show, because he moved off the seat, turned towards the last stall, and propped his knees under divider. I could see a dark-skinned, uncut cock jutting out from between his hips. He nudged this under the stall too.

As I approached for a closer look, I could see through the glory hole that the boy in the last stall had turned and gotten down on his knees too. I put my eye right up to the glory hole to watch his head bobbing up and down on the cock. The boy was tall and thin, probably an undergraduate, and certainly hispanic.

As I leaned against the door with my right hand, my left hand was caressing the erection popping out of my jeans zipper. After just a moment he looked up from his own cock to see my face in the glory hole. I grinned. He grinned back, and stood up again, turning to expose his own cock, a beauty with a downward curve and a dark hood of foreskin. I moved my face upward slightly so just my mouth was in the glory hole, then back again so my eye was looking through again.

He walked up and fed me his dick from the inside of the glory hole. I rolled my fingers over the hood of foreskin. When I pressed lightly on the underside of the tip of his dick, a few beads of pre-cum oozed out. With the end of my tongue, I lapped these up, and then gave his cockhead a gentle kiss. I stroked the skin back and forth, continuing to kiss it.

He pushed forward, hips against the door of the stall now. I opened wider and took in several inches. I felt around the cock with my tongue, taking care to explore the underside of the foreskin, before pulling it back a bit with my right hand. He began humping into my mouth. I let more cock in — now it was ramming against the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but he seemed to know what to do. He slowed down on one reverse stroke, and then pushed it forward again, more gently, so it slid partway down my throat. Then out, and then back again. He picked up a little speed. I could tell from how my throat squeezed his cock head that he had found the rhythm.
I would have liked to do that for quite some time. But after just a few moments, and without much warning in his breaths or thrusts, he came. It must have surprised him too because it started on a backward-stroke, not a forward one like I would have expected. My mouth was suddenly full to the brim, and in the back of my nostrils I whiffed the familiar scent of cum. A bit of fear and shame hit me, because even though I adored public sex, I thought it was going too far to swallow.

I backed up and squeezed his cock once more with my right hand in gratitude. I saw it backing away into the stall again as I zipped up and turned towards the sinks. I flipped on the cold water of one sink as I spat cum into the basin. Rinsed, gargled. My head was reeling — I felt guilty about being such a nasty boy, but I also knew that what had just happened was something I’d be masturbating to for months to come!




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  1. Ric

    I went to the local adult video shop last night, they have gloryholes between the stalls. I was hoping to suck some nice big hard cock….I was very horny. Damn!! Nobody there. Left as horny as when I walked in.

  2. david gold

    i went to a college in southeast mo in the libary there on the secound floor was a glory hold i can think back of countless time i would walk in and hera a schuffel and sound and just didi not relize what was going on i wish i had paid more attention to thinks back then i rember a hole inbetween the stalls dam i still have no idea how that got there and was done without getting caught i went back recently to see if was still around but it was gone

  3. UM

    Hot damn, I basically taught myself how to give great head at my universities library. Guy after guy would come through and but his cock under the stall for me to blow til he blew his load. Very hot times

  4. Steve

    The first time I got a blow job from an anonymous mouth was near Redbank, NJ while I was a graduate student at a near by school. I had been courious and had stopped by an adult bookstore on my way back to school, walked in and got some quarters and proceeded back to the viewing booths. I slipped in next to one that had the lights on. Dropped a quarter in the slot and was settling back for a hot jack off when I saw two fingers come through a hole in the wall. It did not take me long to figure out what the guy on the other side wanted and I quickly slipped him my dick. The excitment was thrilling and I knew when he wrapped his hot lips around my dick I was gone and would not last long at all. The cum started rising in my balls and I just could not hold off any longer. I exploded in one tremendous orgasm, stuffed my still hard dick back in my pants and quickly exited. I didn’t spend many quarters that night, but I knew that I would soon be back for more.

    Since that time I became like an old dog sniffing out those kind of places. That was back in the early 80’s. I now host a private glory hole at my house in north Florida. Any one who reads this, send me a reply for lots of hot fun. Stats and a dick pic goes to the top of the list.

  5. Will

    Great Story! I just recently found out about a glory hole on my campus here at SHSU… Me being the curious person that I am, I went in to check on it.. it was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever received. I dont go in there often but when I do… I leave wanting more..

  6. Trophyboy28/ Rick

    I just found out this semester that there is a glory hole at my school in one of the restrooms… I had never had an experience with one till about a month ago my first time In there I sucked two dicks and got Fucked it was definitely an experience I’ll remember. I love sucking dick.

  7. Trophyboy28/ Rick

    Oh by the way my school is in southeast San Diego, chula vista to be exact… Come check it out maybe we’ll both get lucky.

  8. Atsaguy

    I miss all the places that had glory holes a long time ago…then the law clamped down..I wish there were more in in the southern California area..I have found very few in the LA area..and none in San Diego…HELP!!!! anyone know of any…I wish I checked out the one at the University of Texas when I lived in that area.

  9. kevin

    Yea glory holes are hot!! I’m from da SIP, and I’ve experienced them in adult book stores, and in the bath houses in New Orleans!

  10. funtimeslick

    yeah, i miss the days when glory holes were a lot more common on campuses but also lots of different establishments had them too! oh boy, to be able to focus solely on the hard cock in front of me and exploring them with my talented tongue…

  11. seam

    cocksucking has to be one of the most boring sexual acts I have encountered. I have been gay for decades and can count on two fingers the number of times I’ve come from a bj. I’ve only had cum in my mouth once and it almost made me sick ugh. there is nothing intimate about the act. reminds me of the joke, little red riding hood meets the wolf and he says, little red riding hood I am going to eat you, she says, eat eat eat, doesn’t anyone fuck anymore? a lot of people are of the opinion that it is safe to suck and swallow it is more dangerous than unprotected anal sex. even small amounts in the mouth can give you an std. have you ever seen gonorrhea of the mouth and tonsils, I have, btw if your a cock sucker with a protracted sore throat get tested for a std. and never get the shit in your eyes, direct transmission of an std gonorrhea of the eyes can cause blindness and is so unattractive

  12. bijou1

    in the 70s if you wanted cock/ass you had to cruise places like this. in fact i met my mate of 23 years at a roadside rest, look one look at his fat cock and took him come with me. anyway when i was n college you went to building bathrooms and cruised for cock. can’t even begin to tell you the number of times my cock has been sucked under a bathroom stall. i have even been fucked many times in the same locations. i can even remember some group sex in public bathrooms in college.

  13. James

    Wow, that’s hot. I haven’t had that experience since moving to a conservative Cincinnati, OH. Would love to find another spot where “Hot” guys hang out.

  14. bispunk

    WE are so lucky to have several here in Toledo- so much fun and even more fun when two share the hole love getting sucked off while someone plays rubs against my back side. What fun!!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  15. leog

    Nice story. I frequented the same place, and others, at UT during that same time period. Maybe I sucked your cock? It was a very hot time. Shame that most of those glory holes are now gone.

  16. Lou

    Nice story, very exciting. I was hard as a rock through the entire lecture because it reminded me of some glory holes that I have experienced while cruising in adult video/bookstore.

  17. bernard

    guys the first time i went toa book store the only person there was a securityguard and man here in ATLANTA GA THE COPS LOVE TO SUCK YOUOFF HAVE FREQUENT GET TOGETHERS AND MOSTLY TAKE THE DICK.

  18. runhardaus

    used to suck dick at UT also. there used to be a great gloryhole in the undergraduate library. sucked some great cock there

  19. joe

    sometimes a suck buddy and I set up a glory hole and invite hot dudes over. Hottest guy we invited over was this frat boy jock type with a no shit 11 inch dick. we took turns sucking on his rock hard fat cock and his low hanging balls. the best part was the fact that he was so verbal and cussed like a sailor. When he came without warning, my mouth was filled with his huge balls and my friends mouth started to over flow with cum. then we both licked and sucked the cum off the tip of his dick and he put himself away. I totally peeked at him as he was going and he was fucking gorgeous and had an amazing but. Since then, we’ve sucked him off maybe 6 or 7 times.

  20. Brian

    Same here in netherlands at Uni. Many places where guys meet when they are horny. Lots of jerking and sucking going on.
    just guys helping eachother out … what a time!

  21. paul anthony odell

    i dont set up gloryholes i reason going to a adult arcade which offers these boothes is somewhat easier besides i dont want a whole set of people visiting me and then its”rob you later holmes”i like to start out sucking usually then push my hard 9 inch cock through to the fortunate mouth awaiting if the guy is willing i sometimes like to back my ass up to the hole and recieve a fat ass fuck and load in me the idea of sucking off a cstranger is exciting to me and others im sure

  22. SHSU Bearkat

    I found a glory hole at the SHSU in Huntsville,TX in the lower or bottom floor of the Biology science bldg. All the stalls were occupied and I needed to piss and opened the Disability stall, then I noticed the hole covered up by toilet paper. I was curious so I came back a couple of times and multiple guys step into that last stall for a couple of minutes and quickly leave after being serviced…LOL

    East TX is pretty conservative but I saw many horny college jocks, rednecks and countryboys walk away pretty satisfied.

    • Eric

      I’m in Huntsville. Hunting with friends and could use some relief. You know of any gloryholes nearby that are active today. I’m 36, 200#, 6′.

      • John

        I’m in Huntsville too. You never need to fret, ’cause I’ll take all your loads. No strings, no reciprocation, just cum and go.

  23. attitude0

    If anyone knows of any glory holes in port of Spain Trinidad… Please msg me on a4a at mentioned name. That’s an experience I would love to have….

  24. timhry69dude

    I went to school in southeast Missouri we never had glory holes, we just had to wait our turns and do understall or go somewhere else .. most of times it was either down in capaha park or sears store or at the traffic office basement or academic hall .. this was 1977-1982 fun times with teachers, administrators, maintenance men, etc .. some students but they were so closeted then ..

    saw nice glory hole at university of Missouri Columbia was fin but their partions were made of metal u had to be careful when you stuck cock thru so not to cut your self

  25. Sicalis

    188-1990: several gloryholes around campus at LSU. I got to suck hundreds of dicks of all shapes and colors! I don’t know if they’re still open.

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