Spring fashion trends – What you need, now !

It might still be a bit chilly outside, but while you’re trudging through the cold, you need to start planning your spring “garde-robe” ! Depending on your lifestyle, there are casual, dressy and work options, so take the ones that fit your style ! Here are some trends and  “must-haves” for the hot season !

1-Trench coat: Classic, timeless, the trench coat is more in style then ever. Don’t restrain yourself to the classic beige, go for navy or even a pop colour like royal blue or if you have the budget, try leather!


2- Colour blocking : One of the big trend this spring is to mix bright and loud colours together for a dynamic and confident look. Of course you probably won’t be as loud as the pictures below, but you can integrate this trend in your spring look in subtler ways, like wearing bright blue sunglasses or emerald green sneakers.


3- Double breast :  Another must have this season is the “double breast”. I just love double breasted blazers ! You can do it as a suit or just a fitted cotton double breasted blazer with jeans or shorts or if you have this edgy style, you could even wear it with sweatpants and a t-shirt as a casual/trendy outfit.


4- Natural colours/fabrics : Natural colours and fabrics are refreshing for the sunny season. Cottons but mostly linen ! Linen is everywhere !! In earthy tones of beiges, creams, whites… we love to wear them and mix them. I personally love outfits with different tones of beiges, it’s very soft and luxurious looking. You can also add an accent of camel to your belt or sandals to make it Hermes-ish.


5- Stripes : Last spring you probably got the boat shoes as it was a very strong trend, so this spring you only need the striped tops. T-shirts, pullovers, shirts, whatever you prefer, but you need stripes! The “navy and white” or “black and white” are an easy bet and are kinda classic, but for those of you who are willing, try brighter stripes.


6- The oxford shoe: A classic with dress pants or chinos … But this season, we love the offord in fun colours. Prada did the nicest ones ! I like their black and blue version shown below but they also come in many other colours.


7- “Short short”  swimwear : I am a bit sick of the skin tight formfitting squarecut swim suits. The “short short”  is more 2011. But dont get me wrong….I’m not talking about the knee lenght version there… Im talking about the one that is sexy and that shows your legs. Its cut and shape is sexy without being too revealing.


Of course there are many other trends and must-haves this spring… but I think that those are the essentials for the 2011 spring mens “garde-robe”  !

Hope it will help you !



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  1. Colt

    I like making my own trends. Vintage with a twist! Who stands out in a crowd when everyone looks the same? Unless your a meth head or a gym rat its like who wears that size?

  2. otro_companero

    I’ll invest in shorty-shorts in semi loud prints for the pool, black espadrilles because they’re cheap (and a half step up from flip flops), and a hunky boyfriend to hold hands with.

  3. blog

    Cb80, there is no age for fashion dear ! You need to adapt those trend for your age… Can’t wear a trench coat because you are old ? or stripes because you are old ? Come on, those tips are for every age 🙂

  4. ajbbincubus

    I think men look HOT in a nice leather jacket black/brown, plain shirt, great fitting jeans, boots, facial hair, and shades. HOT!!!… Again, this is my own opinion.

  5. Greg

    That shit looks fucking gay! I’ll stick with my 501’s, Pumas, Dr. Martens or Adidas and white t’s. Classic and simple all the way.

  6. Jerald

    Just a thought. Why does ever model look like he is fresh out of high school?

    We are overlooking the trendy fashionable men with years.

  7. Summoned

    ok i guess the 80’s are back. or maybe its just an oregon thing. lol. i work in fashion retail and frankly it disturbs me. its gone from “hey i am gay, nice to meet you.” to forget coming out of the closet you just blew the doors off. hot colors are cool but lets not be tacky. there is a reason why there are no reruns on maimi vice and silk stalkings.

  8. Charlie

    I really like the bright colors, but all those sweaters, coats and long pants don’t do it for me. I live in LA so trench coats and sweaters are not very practical.

    • blog

      Jake, lol !
      It’s your opinion…but they will not put hairy bears on the runways as well, as it is not necessarely what will make the clothes very attractive for the majority of people !

  9. InOverMyHead

    The traditional birthday suit never goes out of style. A spandex wrestling suit feels so nice. The rest of the time, it’s whatever jeans, shorts, Tees, tanks, hoodie was on the clearance rack. And barefeet as much as possible.

    • blog

      Bryson, yes it’s pretty similar to last spring its true !! We are talking about mens fashion here…. trends changes slower then womens… And i did’nt want to go to “high-fashion” here…

  10. otro_companero

    @ Rafael: where is the green jacket from..its a must have….let me know

    1 Trench @ Burberry Prorsum
    2 Color Blocking @ Jil Sander
    3 Double Breasted @ Acne
    4 Naturals @ Hermes
    5 Stripes @ Prada
    6 Shoes & Bags @ Prada
    7 Short Shorts @ DSquared2

  11. blaquebuddha

    I always thought double breasted suits and overcoats were for fall and winter only!!! Custom tailors normally recommend double brested ensembles during colder weather.

  12. dgreen

    love the blog thank god we can see some fashion , need to show models with a little color and mature but like it . thanks

  13. Arcanum

    In response to all the comments thus far, especially to those “opposed” to fashion trends, what you need to realize is that fashion is subjective. What may be a current trend shown on the runways of Europe and New York, are not for everyone, but can be adapted to everyones lifestyle. The designers view their creations with a certain level of fantasy. They are eye-catching and some border on outrageous (look what Galliano did for Dior), but they are not for everyone. Don’t like orange and green striped shirts, opt for subtler shades of blue and green (not pastel, of course) and still show people that you keep up with the times. Not a bright shoe person? Add blue or yellow laces into the boat shoes you got last year to perk them up. Not like your’e goin to wear them to the opera anyway! Spring and summer fashion is bright, cheerful and helps pick us up from the dark days of winter. Embrace the changing of the seasons, guys. Resistance is futile!

  14. byronbraddock

    Is there anyway I could just sleep with men and have that be enough? Or do my clothes have to announce my gayness as well? Cuz if so I’ll just stick with my fitted shirts and baggy pants thanx. Lol

  15. byronbraddock

    Ok and I’m sorry, but a trenchcoat with flip flops? Is it hot or is it cold? Did you finally hit menopause and ur getting hot flashes but just in your feet? Let’s make some sense here people!

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