Hot or Not : Doin’ it in public !

Hey guys, just found those amazing pictures and it turned me on big time so I wanted to share with you ! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have sex in public. Never did anything except sucking a guy in is car (which is not very ” public ” ) but I’d like to try in public places where you can be seen or get caught ! Doin’ it in public, do you find it Hot or  Not? And let us know your story ….

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  1. JT

    i have done it in public, i cant really say were cuz i think it would be a federal offence so lets just leave it at that lol. I had a “blast” hehe

  2. paul

    public expo yes have been sucked on by twoguys at same time on bayshore blvd was at nite late also out on the street in front of 2606 two guys got me naked in parking lot and sucked me also been done in a fun house at a fair people walked by us while i was getting sucked and never knew a thing was obviously very dark lol had the guys dark stash wax on front of my white jeans rest of the day lol

  3. jl

    doing it in public? hell ya. The closest time that happened for me was on a beach when i was 19 and danced in front of bonfire with techno and steam rolling off my body over the 4th of july weekend. we camped and it was a blast. All the guys were chearing me on and then someone went down on me and the rest is history

  4. mike

    sex in public is hot. The possibility of getting caught makes it even greater. I use to go to a park in kansas and would meet a friend of mine and we would hide in the bushes off the trails and get naked. It usually ended with me on my knees getting fucked from behind while people walked by on the trails.

  5. the1toknow

    I think that having sex in public is hot. There was this one time I was at a club, and had the best sex ever. While having sex with this guy, others were passing by looking and attempted to join in. I blow a load like I never did before!!!

  6. B of OC

    Public is definitely HOT! 😀 Have done many different things in public, but most recent was in a park after dark. A buddy and my sucked each other off a park bench, knowing there was a group of 4 people a short distance off who knew we were there and knew what we were doing. 🙂 Definitely a huge turn on knowing you’re being watched.

  7. Ricky

    Doing it in public it’s very hot I have had sex at parks at the movies, work even at the dresser rooms of stores. Me and my bf are always horny and can’t help it. And it’s not a quickie we take or time. ;-). So guys if you can of have the chance to do it go for it.

  8. Rod T.

    I would say HOTT but only on occasion… I know a lot of guys that get SO turned on by little fetishes that they start to obsess over being able to do that at every opportunity and then it’s a lot less hott… I would say sex (or just playing) is like most GREAT things… best if only on occasion… heat of the moments, it has a lot more passion and urgency when you just can’t help but ravish someone no matter where you are… right?

    And as far as experience: I had just began dating my now ex when we decided to see a movie downtown, after the movie (in the parking garage) we started making out and things went on from there… the places that utilized this parking garage were closed so being in our cars didn’t seem needed… needless to say about an hour and a half later (things lead to other things… we didn’t have THAT much stamina) we were interrupted by security guards that informed us that they had been watching us on the security cameras for over an hour (who would’ve ever guessed parking garages had cameras?!) and didn’t want us to go any farther, we ended up being banned for a year from the businesses the garage was for… embarrassing at the time but a great story to tell! 🙂

  9. Michael Cruz

    I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a cock in public at a nearby nude beach. Once i figured out the proper etiquette for sucking cock at that beach, I didn’t take me long to walk to that area and put my face inbetween a man’s legs. Since my focus was on pleasing my partner, i didn’t really get to notice if I was being watched. Its’ definitely exciting and something I enjoyed doing. Its’ awesome. You should try it and find out for yourself.

  10. K

    I’ve done oral and anal in public. In a park, movie theater, and the bathroom of an office building. It can definitely be hot. 🙂

  11. Brandon Cory

    So the other day i had just finished a brutal workout @ the gym when i run into this hot guy i had met once before. A short and stocky latino marine by the name of Jeremy with a pretty cock about nine inches. We had tried to fool around the last time we encountered each other but it never worked out, but this time the gym was slower and there was a few people in the locker room but not enough to worry about. So we went into the sauna where we sucked each others cocks for a while, just long enough to get hot and sweaty. Jeremy sat me on the second tier and shoved his cock up my ass and started fucking me right there. some guys walked by but no one came in. After he pulled out, bent me over and fucked my hole some more he pulled out and came on my face. He got up wiped my face off smiled and walked out. It didnt take much for me to finish myself off after.. true story

  12. David

    I have done it in public and it was hot. This guy and I were leaveing the club and decided to duck into and alley between two buildings and I fuck him right there.

  13. Michael

    I have had sex a few times in public and it is one of the hottest things you can ever do. I have sex in a restaurant bathroom while people kept coming in and out. I have also had sex in the ally right off a main street as people walked by and looked. I plan on doing it again.

  14. safty1st

    doing it in public is hot as fuck. Sucked dick several times in a Menards bathroom. Only got cought one time and was asked to leave the store. haha Had sex many times in corn fields also

  15. barebackass4all

    I think sex in public is the hottest sex ever. I have sucked cocks and been fucked in so many different public places that I don’t know which would have been my most memorable. I have met men at their appartments or homes and id knock on the door and then get on my knees in broad daylight and when the man answers the door I am there to suck his cock and i have dont this with traffic driving by and neighbors with eyes as big as silver dollars. I have had sex with men on hiking trails, adult theaters ( i think thats expected though), Store bathrooms, resturaunt bathrooms, parks and park bathrooms. Im always horny so anytime I can cumm across a man who wants his fat hard cock drained or if he finds my ass to his liking I am always prepaired with lube in hand to have a hot raw fuck anytime and anywhere.

  16. Tug Harder

    I think sex in public is HOT(not where there are kids running around, tho). I was walking on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, VA recently and this guy was checkin’ me out, probably 35 yrs old and a nice build. A few minutes later we’re at a parking garage for one of the local beachfront hotels where he’s blowing me. A few cars pull in and out; not sure if they saw the action or not but I can say it was a great blowjob and being in public added greatly to it.

  17. Jacrew00

    Deff hot!! When I was in school, I had a buddy of mine that I use to fuck around with. We mostly did it while at my house, in my room, by the pool or out in the woods while riding four-wheelers. One afternoon during one act play auditions we were setting in the hall outside the classroom where everyone else was. I noticed Scott started to rub his cock through his jeans. We both started jerking, then jerked eachother. Anyone could have walked out & caught us. We then went to the restrooms & finished up with some face fucking, then I fucked him. We then continued to fuck around in public:)) jacrew00

  18. Jeff

    It’s HOT!!! We used to have an adult bookstore in town that had theaters and viewing booths; it was a sure thing for a hot time if you visited. I always played safe but messing around in that theater was some hot, hot fun!!!

  19. Allan

    Sex in Public is hot as hell, I have done it a couple of times but I would never do what the guys on Outinpublic have done in the stores or the dinners but I would do in a building or somewhere I wouldn’t get caught…lol

  20. sweetsuecd

    I prefer to do wild sexy things on video for others to watch.
    Was used as a urinal in one video and that was very hot.

  21. REX

    HOT! I did it in public(dark park) The park was packed with guys behing the bushes and shrubs having sex. Having sex in public can be addictive, but yes its hot…

  22. Lantz

    Just recently met a guy online, we decided to meet publicily. Met at a pulloff along a busy highway. We said ”HI”, I dropped my pants and he sucked me! There were cars going past!! It was such a rush for me I ”came” within a minute…ha
    That guy sure can suck cock!

  23. joseph

    i’ve had sex in public. i love it. it was hot,the fact that u can get caught anytime wow what a turn on ,well a matter of fact i have had in public more then 5 times .and i would do it again

  24. gene

    met a guy once at a roadside park. he backed his pickup into a trail leading to a picnic table. traffic was passing less than 50 yds. the truck gave some privacy as i dropped to my knees and sucked his dick till he was about to pop his load. he pulled back, put a condom on bent me over the open tailgate of his truck and gave me one of the best fuckings i ever had. while i prefer doing it in the bed it was the only way to meet this guy and i am glad i did.

  25. married_and

    Yes, the danger makes it super hot! I’ve done it with 5 diff. flight attendants…3 in air…in the back, one in the ariport bathroom after landing, and another in my car after landing…oh and another in my hotel after landing. Each time, I showed them my hard dick while sitting in first class…they all got so turned on. Another, i reached up to my luggage and showed him my happy trail…saw his eyes go right to my crotch..then he blew me in the back of the plane. Hard dick at urinals…another turn on!

  26. BBlindfolded

    Public Sex is hot!!! Nothing better than getting an audience to watch one perform and serve. I have done it in parks, bars, bathhouses,bookstores, and even just off of the Chicago Mag Mile. Totally hot to have sex in public.

  27. Ken

    Love having sex in a public place. Had a fantastic time at a rest area at night..laying on a picnic table having sex with a great guy, hung..all I can say “wow” will do it again.

  28. Eric

    The most memorable was getting fucked in Griffith Park and upon our finish received a standing ovation by 8 or 10 guys we didn’t know where watching. Other notable offenses on the grass at Balboa Recreation Center in the late evening getting fucked by my deaf friend and the sprinklers turned on. Echo Park at 4:00 AM looked deserted we began to grind our crotches together and found the human race well adept at camouflage with men everywhere coming out.

  29. Mike

    At the time, it was hot. Now, looking back at having sex in the middle of a Walmart parking lot during the day time was a little skanky. Daytime in the park was more fun.

  30. James

    I would love to, but can’t find anyone that’s willing to have sex with me anywhere. I guess to most people my age, 37, makes me undesirable. So if there’s anyone willing to help me out let me know.

  31. dh91

    ive never had sex n public b4 but when i was 17 or 18 i did give my bf at the time a bj n the parking lot at the movie theatre. he had been n florida for the first 7 months of our relationship and when he finally got back to missouri there was so much sexual tention we couldnt handle it anymore. we had tried to mess around other times but someone always came by and cock blocked us. finally on our way to the movies we were alone and i couldnt take it anymore. i reached over and put my hand n his jeans and started playing w his cock. not being able to handle it anymore he grabbed the first parking space he could find. we jumped n the back seat of the truck and i removed his pants and started to deep throat his cock. i had him moaning like he had never moaned b4 and it was turnning me on so much that i busted n my jeans. he then busted his load all down my throat. there was so much cum that i had to pull my head away from gagging on it. i looked down at his dick as the last bit of his load came out. he looked at me and said omg that was the best bj ive ever had. all i could do was laugh and blush a little.

  32. unmenude

    Doing it in Public? Do you mean to tell me that there are people who do it in Private? Along the Sacramento river, I hooked up with a long haired blonde. We were walking the trails, and found a nice spot under a tree where we couldn’t be seen. We started going at it. We even got a little light SM action going. Pretty soon we noticed a couple of guys watching. This really got us hot. By the time we shot, there were 8-10 guys around us, all of them jacking off to the show we were putting on. Public Sex Hot?–I vote yes.

  33. Lookin4real940

    yes i think sex in public is super hot, its very attractive to me and the closest that i have came to having sex in public is at a park in Abilene texas i had a guy give me a blow job on one of the benches and a guy sitting next to us and people driving by the benches…

  34. rudeboy101

    In public is awesome….I made a blowjob hidden under the bar while my friend chatted with my uncle … um too funny!

  35. hotaznbtmboi

    Public seXXX…oh where to start…

    Some of my hottest experiences have been on some of the world’s most (in)famous gay cruising beaches. During the day you get to size up men of all shapes and color in the skimpiest outfits. When the sun goes down, it can turn out to be an all out sexfest.

  36. Latin4u2nv

    Yes, I have done it at the great out doors? Once I had this guy bent over in broad day light on a picnic bench at the park, the other was at the beach over the dunes, very hot!

  37. Bob

    I have had sex in public several times. The thing about sex in public is it’s,(At Least For Me), always been with someone I just met. I just happen to love blowing a stranger. First time I had the pleasure of blowing a black man was in a public place. Several guys watched as I sucked him off. It was the hottest thing I have ever done.

  38. Carter

    I have never had sex in public..But it is a fantasy I want to experience so bad!! I am always too afriad of getting caught by the cops or something!! Hahaha I know, the risk of getting caught is the thrill…

  39. BlogShag

    Sex in the public outdoors is way hot. What better place to do it than where you came from (nature)?

    Also, the adrenaline rush of getting caught or another hot guy passing by and joining in is hard to resist.

    I’ve had public experiences at nude beaches. They’re not just nude beaches, they’re sexual beaches, also in a department store a clerk dropped his pants and I sucked him off /vice versa. That was totally hot. He was unloading boxes and it was kind dark in that part to the store. We could have totally gotten caught. At a “Busch Gardens” type place, I sucked off the gardener in his shed and just outside the shed- vice versa.

    I’ve had many experiences. Too many to list here

  40. luisCRCY

    OTher then j.o. my friend in home depot, cars, and sex close tothe side walk at night yes its hot and fun!!!! Plus in class j.o. my classmates.

  41. Matt

    Mike from Kansas (March 23): That’s really funny because I went to a park in Kansas as well and met up with a guy and we’d go off the trails and get naked and fuck, too! The guy I played with wasn’t Mike, but damn, what are the odds, right? 😉

    I used to fuck my friend at Clinton Park west of Lawrence, KS…you? 😉

  42. Marty

    Outdoor sex? Hell yes! Public sex? Depends. Of course it’s hot, the chance of getting caught and all that, but I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I don’t have the right to make someone see that who didn’t sign up for it. So public or outdoor sex is hot, but only when it’s a private affair. It’s enough for me to have sex where I’m not supposed to, but no chance of getting caught.

  43. Zach

    I started meeting guys in the park. i love it. now i meet in parking lots, parks, abandoned buildings, alleys, schools, and driveways its great. i love it. its always great if another guy stumbles upon us and joins in or takes some pics! 😉

  44. Thom

    It can be an interesting way to spice/mix things up a bit, but overall, it’s not my prefered way of playing. It’s too much, for me, like being back in college, and having to hide who I was. Go to the other side of the tracks in the darkest hours of night and circle endlessly around the park looking for some company.

  45. DakotaDan

    First time I was ever fucked, was in a public roadside rest area, outside of Huntsville Texas. I had sucked lots of guys in the park, and one evening I was on patrol and found a hot black man to suck. ( I am white) about ten minutes into the blow job he told me to stand up, I thought it was over when he told me to unbuckle that he wanted to see my cock, I did so and then he told me to turn around, I told him I had never been fucked, he calmly but forcefully told me there is always a first time and he was gonna fuck me. He leaned me against a tree and lube my hole with spit next I felt his big cock on my hole, I honestly don’t remember him going in, it hurt so much, but i remember how much I liked the next few minutes he pumped a load in me, zipped up and left. When I gathered myself up and pulled up my pants there was a guy on the trail that had watched the whole scene. I have loved public sex since that hot day

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