Gaga: “Born This way” Videoclip, what’s your opinion ?

Love it or Hate it ?

I adooooore it !!! Wooooow !!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a good videoclip ! When I first heard this song I thought it was OK and when I saw her performing at the Grammys I fell in love with it, but when I saw this music video, I adored it ! I like artists like Gaga that has something to say, that goes forward, that sets trends, that lead the way… I also like the “weirdness” that she has and her guts to be different. Videoclip is so “Gaga” !! bravo !

Whats your opinion ?

Didn’t see the clip yet, check it out here !


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  1. MarchOfDomes

    its takes alot of work for a label to pull statistics, compile images and dissect other artists psyches to gain adoration, when in fact the label is nothing more than a capital ploy to collect a check from homosexuals, using political activism as a cover for public manipulation. My opinion of the song when it was first released remains in tact…..its horrible, and the cross marketing using Madonna when the instruments sound like Bronski Beats “Hit That Perfect Beat” is a gimmick. Lady Gaga is marketing tool, I find her lack of creative display and music before the design team, prior to 2006 a more accurate basis to guide comments and details that now that Interscope isn’t promoting Ashlee Simpson as a creative diva, the appear to be reputable. Stefani is done ripping of Grace Jones and Roisin Murphy obviously. Gay people don’t know what their like, so thank God for Interscope Records helping people understand themselves, the clueless are so willing.

  2. Eddie

    OMG, maybe I am showing my age but how much more similar to Madonna and Express Yourself could she have gotten – WAY TO SIMILAR to say it is an original song and not a rip off, right down to the “rapping”. I love her music and originality – I love the idea behind this song and the support it gives us – but in all honesty, it IS Madonna’s Express Yourself and anyone who doesn’t recognize that didn’t grow up and thrive on Madonna music like some of us “older folks”.

  3. fernando Anguiano

    I am ready for real music, someone who can tactually sing not this cheap ass out of la garbage! Everything this nasty bitch does is been done before. Again I am so ready for someone who can sing.

  4. aintnocityboy

    I was so impressed by the grammy performance. Flawless dancing just a great performance. Reminded me of the Ban Romance video which is my favorite. Born This Way is a great song and one of her best. Instant favorite. The video is way beyond bizzare and the giving birth metaphor is disgusting. When she is in the bikini her make up makes her look like Cher on a really bad day she looks like she is on drugs. She hardly dances in this video which is disappointing. Its supposed to be a feel good song and she totally screws that up. The gapped tooth close up is again a wtf moment. Why ruin a good song this way? There is Avant Guard and then there is this crap. Please make a video worthy of the song.

  5. Blandbitions

    Madonna is original? Madonna and her label group used gay people while making it seem like she cared to make money. Madonna in fact has ripped off more artists than she has had husbands. And also sued for infringement more than marital bliss. “Swept Away” is a perfect example, Lina Wermuller made the original movie in the 70’s. Lina is the first female director to win an academy award, which is probably why Madonna ripped her off, more than likely. None the less Madonna remade Lina’s film stroke by stroke and it was terrible…of course the emphasis on her body image reigned supreme.
    Madonna also ripped off Malcolm McLaren, repeatedly, in fact “Vogue” is a knock off of “Deep In Vogue” by none other the punk designer himself Malcolm McLaren.
    Gay people are easy targets for manipulation and praise…I was once a Madonna “fan” until learned what a piece of empty hallow shell of a gal she really is-while using people of substance, including homosexuals for credit and money. She does nothing by cheat people out of experiencing the real thing, while making it seem as she is not doing that.
    Lady Gaga is no different- gay men in particular adore insipid women they can feel sorry for and party with. Pathetic.

  6. C30C60C90GO

    I don’t know. I love the message of the song but seriously, the images of her and her beautiful dancers with perfect bodies kinda negates the emphasis of being who you are. Once again sex sells. The most beautiful part of this video was Rick Genest (Zombie Boy). Don’t get me wrong I like Gaga, but as long as she’s copying other artists she should have done something along the line of Xtina’s “Beautiful”. Just sayin’

  7. mattydean

    All the drama of a freshman-year art student’s powerpoint presentation and twice the pretentiousness. Horrible.

  8. ChristopherJae

    I love this video! Especially the playful humorous bits i.e.( at the end when shes walking through alley like a crack head). She gives Madonna props all the time and out her own mouth is a big fan of hers. Lady gaga is our generations Madonna and Grace Jones. She means a lot to millions of kids out there and in all has a positive message, what we all strive for wich is “Be who you want in this world” why?…Cuz we were “Born this way”

  9. Alan

    I am soooooo over gag-gag. I love her music, albeit, she ripped off Madonna. She is a freak all the way to the definition. Stick to signing and she would be okay. She actually is stating to, actually is already looking stupid

  10. Fuzzy Lumpkin

    I totally agree with both of the comments here, Gaga ripped off Madonna and tried to sell it to the gay community again. Personally I’ve hated the new song since it’s debut. A song really gains popularity when people can relate to it, but this one tries so hard to be the prime example of a homosexual magnum opus that it’s totally sickening. I really hope the rest of her new album doesn’t follow suit, one overplayed piece of garbage on the radio is bad enough.

  11. CESAR

    Hey guys, that video is really amazing, I really liked it, I love Gaga’s very personal style, in my opinion she is focused to be original instead of glamorous, I like that, the song even it sounds similiar to Madonna’s Express Yourself. Love both of them, different ages, but 2 superstars. Long life to the Queens.

  12. Greg

    Born This Way had to grow on me after a couple of listens in order for me to like it. The Grammy performance was a rehash of Gaga’s previous performances (i.e. MTV VMA ‘O9 and AMAs ’09). I’ve seen her perform much better than that.
    As far as the Born This Way video goes-meh. Throwing around random pieces of “art”, movie like intros and repetitive choreography has been done many times by better artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet and of course Madonna. I’ve enjoyed all of Lady Gaga’s videos up until now.
    Gaga is an interesting person in the music industry but I’m not sure how long she will remain relevant amongst the people who can see right through her.
    And also, am I the only one who thinks she does not look healthy in this video?

  13. Gavin Thomas

    Damn straight. Gay people are some of the most shallow, easily thwarted sheep-minded people to walk the earth. Any female artist that fakes the pro activisim of gay support gets followed. If an actor play a gay part or strips for a camera, they become the favorite of a opinionless sub group of people – Homosexuals.

    … and yet we fight for equality as well as to be considered valid citizens. Lets start with our lack or opinion and depth first.

  14. Spinbanks

    I couldn’t agree with MarchofDimes, and Eddie more! When I initially heard this song I thought it was crap. After seeing the video, I still think it’s crap. The only good thing about the video was the introduction story which was a nice attempt to make sense of a track that had already lost my vote. To be quite honest, I expected more from Gaga than this song, that gives me motion sickness. From “telephone” with Beyonce to this?

  15. Andru

    I admire the concept, but what’s with copying Madonna and MJ at the end?? And parts are really gross and she really needs to lay off the meth coz she’s starting to look like a 12 year old boy. As if copying Express Yourself and Vogue weren’t bad enuff she came out with this self-important tripe that rapes the gay community. Twelve thumbs down for stupidness and unoriginality.

  16. Michael

    Just like the good old days…the 80’s, aka Madonna. This song is purely Express Yourself Time. Can’t wait until Madonna gets a grip again and starts pumping out some decent dance jams….Gaga will be in second place once again. She is talented and can sing…but she is irritating Madonna on purpose I think to challenge her….come on now Madonna step it up girl. Just like Cher…just ask her how to reinvent. You are still young a very relevant.

  17. wncdude

    Fantastic! I love it! Hang in there, Gaga! You can laugh all the way to the bank! Keep up the good work and I will keep right on buying your music!

  18. Warren

    I love Gaga, but when I heard Born this Way I was singing the lyrics to Madonnas Express Yourself for about a minute and a half before I realized it was a different song. I was slightly disappointed, but lets not forget that almost every track off of her first album was a hit single; she has to plateu sometime. Either way, there are more than ten more songs to hear from the new album. Ill reserve judgement until I hear the whole compilation

  19. PS

    MarchofDimes: Which creative, original, top-selling album did you write that sold millions of copies? I guess I missed it… I agree with, Eddie. Not the most original and definitely not her best. But… who else is doing what she does? Nobody, and it takes guts to take a stand… so, props to Gaga. She F*ckin rules!

  20. Darrell




  21. Bellfower Balls Rick

    I think she is a class act not afrade to stand out and make people think as well as preform. Love the pink hair and the topic is right on, how many times have many gay people ask theimself this question. Yes some are and have not the day to day struggle to fit in. But she has some class keep it up Gaga you have what it takes to withstand the test of time. I hope you dance and peace out!

  22. Bellfower Balls Rick

    Opps well I should have said the day to day strugger that gays have to fit into a straight world. After all some are born with both sex’s.

  23. T

    marketing ploy? hmmmm, every artist uses those — and gay people aren’t really that huge of a market.

    the song is not “express yourself” — I see why people think that, but most people who say that don’t even know what a song is.

    I find it funny that people say lady gaga lacks creativity or talent etc. She is obviously one of the most talented and creative people on the scene, and that has really ever been on the scene. She’s a phenomenal live performer, excellent singer, great keyboardist and talented songwriter. She designs some of her costumes and brings performance art to the stage. Oh, and she has a message and a cause as well. Even if you think BTW sounds like EY – it’s one song that she has written out of many. She’s penned hits for other artists as well. 20 years from now GaGa will still be a force to be reckoned with and all you haters will just be bitter about it. She is a performer, an entertainer – and she is selling out concerts all over the world and making 100 million dollars a year. She also managed to raise over 20 million dollars last year for charity (HIV prevention) and donates 20K/concert towards homeless gay youth.

    the truth is all the people that are so negative about GaGa are just jealous. You wish that you were 1/100th as successful in life as she is. And she deserves every bit of it, the woman can back her shit up like no other. She makes Madonna look like a fool in my opinion. Lady Gaga has raised the bar and it’s going to be quite sometime before anyone comes close to her — and she’s just getting started bitches.

  24. Eric

    Gaga is a Total Madonna wanna be that aint never gonna be!! complety unoriginal ,over rated, and over exposed! Sorry boys just had to voice my opinon. check out the Express yourself video to see a true Diva………..

  25. Sexylatin1007

    Well I respect everyone elses opinions but come on this a new generation ,Madonna it’s great like her music and herself but the years passed and it’s not invain we make changes everyday ,not to mention the gay community grows day by day just leke verything else! Love yourself ,love music, and life!! Enjoy everyday like if it was the last one!!! love Ladg Gaga = Madonna ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. steve

    i love gaga’s new song and i love how it has style sampling from other artists done in such a way its a perfect blend! for the critics when you can do better do it or stfu ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. abdaro812

    First time I heard it, I thought was a MADONNAS remake from some new singer, EXPRESS YOURSELF, so sad that later on, a friend of mine told me who is the singer, MADONNA, is , was , and will be the KING OF THE QUEENS. No more words.

  28. TOM

    Hey GaGa bashers get a life! First of all don’t you think GaGa knew what she was doing with “Born This Way”? Yes it is Madonna-ish, but can’t you see this is GaGa doing what she does best creating controversy. GaGa is always compared to Madonna,because like Madge she is unique and does as she pleases. Also GaGa stated Madonna was a major influence in her musical career. So in my opinion this is a homage to Madonna. If Madonna gave her blessing to GaGa why can’t all you Madonna fans just lighten up. There’s only one difference between GaGa and Madonna and that is…GaGa can sing!

  29. Luiz

    Awful. I miss “the fame” era. Poker face ad Bad Romance. Those should of caused way more hype than this song. It’s just awful. Thumbs way down. But then again that’s my opinion an I’m sticking to it. I don’t have to like this song. And I have stronger reasons at that too. But teens worship her. If only they were here during the Madonna era…

  30. kasey

    During the grammys as soon as the intro of the song started playing….I was like. WHAAAAAA….MADONNA IS NOW SINGING , EXPRESS YOURSELF? Then lady gaga started singing…and I was like OHHHH SHIT…MADONNA IS GOING TO STRANGLE THAT BITCH….While the song was playing I was singing express yourself… convience two of my coworkers I youtube express yourself and played lady gaga new song @ the same time……..WELL NEED I SAY MORE?

  31. Brandon

    I am a fan of Lady Gaga.. many of her songs and videos are fantastic and original. However, Born this Way is a blatant rip off and then she had to go and butcher the video too. I appreciate the message she’s trying to make but that doesn’t make up for that fact that the song is terrible. It’s similarity to Express Yourself is the only redeeming factor.
    More than that, we dont need her preaching. She is not a champion to our cause. She’s a mascot and would do well to remember that.

  32. david alexander

    i thought there were alot of similarities between this video and older madonna, even some mj, old school vogue, new school vogue, she rips or is inspired by many directions. that being said, i liked the visuals of almost all of it except the dance scenes. they are not cohesive with the rest of the video. i do think she is kind of a taker of others stuff, but so is everyone. also, she is doing alot for gays and aids and so on and so forth. i dont hear any other artist right now speaking as loudly and openly for gay people. i dont really love her music or her but i do appreciate that she is fighting for us. she fought target, and she has stood up and spoken about safe sex, aids, doma, marriage, rights, dadt, etc.

  33. Devon

    I totally agree with Eddie.. its a copy of Express yourself, and for her to release the song as the first single from her upcoming album, I think it speaks volumes for what the rest of the album content might be. If she wants to be “original” and so avant garde, she might want to get her own idea and beat for a song.. changing lyrics does not an original song make.

  34. Steve

    Lady GaGa is definitely not an original. I feel she performs out of desperation to be excepted as an entertainer performer. I didnt like the Grammy performance or video and do feel she is just a mockup of Madonna’s express yourself.

  35. Dithysts


    Anyway, back to things that matter.

    Lady GaGa may work for a label, but simultaneously, she’s using the awesome force that is her public spotlight to bring attention to civil rights issues, not just collect money from homos. I’ve not spent a cent on her, so what do you have to say about that?

    Anyway, the video is fucking AMAZING. I heard Madonna’s express yourself and I couldn’t hear the exactness, but sure, one can scrutinize and claim similarities.

    Also, it’s not a secret that Lady GaGa has followed in Madonna’s foot-steps. Madonna knows this, and loves it. She’s continuing that same force, and revamping it into a new energy and all people can do is scrutinize and just hate.

    I suggest people relax, enjoy the music and have a good time.

  36. Peter

    I agree with Eddie, it does remind me of Madonna, but then again Lady Gaga reminds me her in general. I think Lady Gaga is great. Like Madonna, she has balls and stands up for what she believes in. I think Lady Gaga will do for this generation what Madonna did for the the X Generation. She is a role model telling folks to stand up for what they believe in, no matter what others say or think.

    I love the song, love the lyrics, but I hate the video. Little too many crotch shots for this old queen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. jose

    this is one of the wildest videos,I’ve seen,just saw it on VH1 this moring,”Can you call what Lady Ga Ga does even a vidoe,it like a mini-movie,she keeps topping herself more and more,bet the remix is going to slam,doesn’t matter if she’s like Madonna during the 80’s,I can’t even picture any other music artest even doing eye popping videos,she’s fantastic,

  38. hatter

    she’s a rip off and uses gay guys to her advantage. no straight guy would go for her and girls would not support her weirdness.
    on top of that shes satanic and blatant with it.

  39. JimMC

    Ok, first of all, Eddie – there is no “rap” in Express Yourself. There is a rap in “Vogue” – is that what you meant? And why is it no female can have a rap in a song without it being a ripoff of VOGUE? Jeez O Pete.

    And not only did Gaga say Madonna sent her an email saying she approved – but Madonna was at her NYC Concert in the Front Row a few nights later. If Madonna doesn’t care – why should you?

    And really – the song is awesome! So’s the video! It just went PLATINUM and it’s the best selling song of 2011. So to all the haters out there – haters gonna hate, but it ain’t gonna stop the Princess of Pop!

  40. I, Care

    Does it really matter if it is that similar to Madonna’s song? Does it? We buy it, I listen to it million times a day. I just don’t understand why people react like they made Madonna’s song and wants gaga DEAD. Did Madonna really support gay community as gaga’s doing now? 2 out of 3 buys it. Listen to its message. If you don’t like it then don’t.

  41. FuckTheHaterz

    1st off let me comment on the 1st douche bags comment… Of course Gaga is a marketing tool for interscope…duh any and every artist that has ever been signed with a mojor recording label is a money collector for them…thats the whole point! Your just upset because you cant stand the fact that she is getting sooo much attention and true love from her fans! Get a life! To the second grandpa who commented The only thing she copied from Vaggona is the beat! Tired of all these old as dudes saying she stole Vaggonas shit! All of the words and meaning are completely different! Even if she took express yourself and copied it word for word you should be thankful that The Mother Monster someone is trying to revive that dead bitches music! Paws up Little Monsters fuck that other chic… Whats her name again?… Isnt she dead? Oh well who cares Gaga is the queen of pop so ge use to it!!

  42. Dan

    A talentless, Madonna wannabe(no fan of Madonna), hack. Just because one sells millions of copies doesn’t mean they’re great. Besides I prefer heavier, more brutal tunes. Stuff that drives hippies away.

  43. DavidGR

    Yawn. Some interesting visuals, but I thought music videos had evolved. The song is pretty ordinary as well. As for a message, Christina A was more successful with You Are Beautiful

  44. Mythos

    I don’t care about her at all. She’s a case of charity/cause with product placement. Here I’m folks fighting aids and equal rights but don’t forget to buy my music. Manipulation at its best.

  45. Gaga lover

    Ok what’s original these days…nothing! To all you people say it’s a rip off of express yourself…who flipping cares!!! I would love to see any artist now put out a whole album that is completely original. So it’s similar, so it sound a little the same. Not alot in my opinion. But what your all obviously missing is the point of the song. Be happy with who you are not overly judgmental over a song! So dramatic guys come on!!! It’s just a song.

  46. Artichoke

    I don’t subscribe to the opinion that she was “Born This Way” – I believe dressing up like an idiot and ripping off other artists’ work is a lifestyle choice.

  47. ALEXXX

    So i dont get it. If her song is called “Born This Way” but yet she changes her face and puts these odd piercings on her or what ever they are and on her shoulders as well? Dont get me wrong i think she is a great artist but this just shifted my opinion about her.

  48. pipercharmed1

    I love GaGa she’s very talented… but I can’t take the remix to madonna’s express urself…like the song but hate the video..she should have gotten a better treatment than that…

  49. Saul Villegas

    I respect her vision. I believe this woman is very intelligent and talented to say the least. Her video was a compilation of past Madonna videos. For example: the eye on her chin…I mean what difference does it make if its on your forehead or chin right?

    Her artistic team does a very good job to convey her messages. She has a distinct style. Her video was cool regardless of her reminiscing past divas. She is the new sensation and that’s that. All I can say is don’t forget who’s done what, and learn how to be observant and not ignore when someone imitates.

    I dedicate the song: She’s not me-Madonna.

  50. SebastienDC

    The whole argument that Stefani ripped Madonna’s Express Yourself is pointless. Unless Madonna herself brings it as a legal matter, its all fair and legal. And if there is no proof that the song is not accepted by people, keep in mind that it has been number one on Billboard since it debuted there.
    Original – prolly not, but unless legal systems say otherwise, IT IS
    Appeal – Hell yeah, and not just to the gays!!
    Commercialised – Duh! All artistes are!!!

  51. Daniel

    I loved it
    It reminded me of Ziggy Stardust, the beat is fantastic , her body is awesome and the song has a deep meaning, power anthem LOVE yourself -because it makes you PERFECT, it’s the new BEAUTIFUL which was really boring and lame, it’s amazing to make a dance song with such a powerful meaning.
    Now for the video, It always seems that GAGA recent videos , ALjenadro.Born this way are starting to get boring in the end ? then turns into a huge orgy with the dancers, which Madonna did on Tour in the Girlie show/Britney in SLAVE, repetitive and boring,and the whole tuxedo skeleton thing was none-sense,BUT loved the Cheek bones and the point shoulders, it’s the new sexy.

  52. gaygypsy

    Why are we so critical..OK, what ever it suppose to sounds like..why can’t we enjoy the song..and the point of us gays being tricked in to buying this music..hello who thinks supports female musicians more then gay men..the records company’s know this..and if straight men follow her “weirdness” good for them..didn’t Britney Spears also pull a “Madonna” back in her hay day..before she went back shit crazy…Born this way is a great song..listen to the lyrics..or read them if you don’t like the yourself is about a person wanting their love interest to show how much they love them..not I am gay and its ok…Madonna is a trend setter so why are we getting all upset when someone like Lady Gaga (Mother Monster) actually recognizing the trend to her advantage..

  53. ajbbincubus

    I don’t mind the music, but I’m definitely NOT a fanatic. I would NOT pay to see her in concert, that’s for sure.

    I’m more a rocker than a popper.

    Can’t dis the classics ya’ll.

  54. CS_NY88

    “I think she’s talented and very inpolitically incorrect, which I love. But I also think that she read up on Madonna’s life and learnt it like the Bible.”

    -Jean Paul Gaultier on Lady Gaga

  55. hottopic2day

    While Lady Gaga may have an exceptional voice, this song just didn’t do it for me- it didn’t have the uniqueness that carried her other singles to the top. As far as the video goes…I can appreciate that she got artsy and tried to tell a story with it, and the choreography was pretty good, but I feel like anyone with a Mac could’ve made a similar video. I was also disappointed in the fact that she wore a bikini for half the video for no apparent reason.

  56. David

    Lady GooGoo makes me want to throw up in my mouth. What has happened to todays music? All synthesizers….no talent. Just like Britney “chubs” Spears…..the record companys just want to shove crap down everyones throat. Lady GooGoo is just part of that crap today.

  57. jorge

    i love everything she does,,,,even if is it copy,everybody does it,,,so why not LADY GAGA,,,,i was expenting more much more ,,,,from this video,,great song but the video….boring ,,,,the bigining was great ,,but when she was dancing with almost nothing it felt like 20 mints,,,the part with the pink wig and skeleton make up,,,,,come on you can you batter BABE,,,,I GIVE A 7 TO BE NICE

  58. notafan

    I didn’t even listen to the whole song. She is trash and needs to go away. It’s amazing the amount of money someone can make by being ignorant, selfish, stupid among other things. While your at it, take the douche bags of jersey shore along with you. America as a populous is getting stupider by the second.

  59. TomBoy59

    the song is awsome !!! fabulous . however Lady GA GA is a young Madonna ! but hey, that’s ok with me i LOVE Madonna. and anyone who promote gays in a positive light & in the main stream media is OK by me! it’s so difficult to come with new , fresh video’s , choreography , new creative concepts, THAY HAVE ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE … madonna , michael jackson, brittney & cher … nothing really new . BUT.. it’s all GREAT !!!! WTG GA GA !!

  60. Dakota-James

    I think this is my favorite Lady GaGa song I love the beat as well as the message in the song. She is a little wierd but hey you have to stand out from the rest somehow especially after Madonnas career doesnt leave much for the up and comings. Madonna was always controversial always putting societies taboo topics on blast breaking down walls changing our attitudes and how we thought and gave us the power to speak up. So of course entertainers have to be more creative today there isnt anymore shock value our innocence is gone. Oh and to the person with the (T) You should do your research before speaking the gay market is much larger than you think and my guess you are straight and dont realize when you watch tv or listen to the radio or read a magazine that a good chunk of that advertising is geared towards gay people. They are just more creative and honestly most straight people miss it thats why it works. Its a known fact gay people have money and are usually single love to shop and have nice things and straight people have kids. advertisers are realizing where the money is at so travel,animal stores home stores fashion/style entertainment thats where gays put their money and its a market companies want now.

  61. William

    She is a very talented artist, but the fact thathe song is an “Express Yourself” rip off with a spoken interlude, reminiscent of “Vogue” makes me relize that her target audience needs a lesson in dance/pop music history.

  62. Alfred

    I think she is wack. And smells like cheese. She is part of the illuminati, always with the eye of horus in all of her music videos. I’m sure her music has hidden messages in them as well. Funny how someone can go from nothing, and then blow up just like that in 2 years. Def a illuminati puppet and people are just eating it up and smiling. She’s not original, and those “trends shes setting” have been done before, she’s just made it mainstream or did it two decades later. The wold is going to shit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the anti-christ or sold her soul. i sound crazy- but you never know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. chas

    I think it’s fab. It has a great, positive message which we all need 2 hear. Of course, some folks have 2 criticize. Some folks tend 2 put entertainers in a box & cant fathom the idea of them creating something new, something DIFFERENT!
    Its like when, my idol, Dolly Parton went pop 4 a bit. Everyone was mad & said she was abandoning country music. She said that she was just taking it with her to new places, and she did.
    Give Lady Gaga a break, folks! Try creating even 1 tiny little bit of what she has done & then maybe, U can gripe. Good grief.

  64. Omaha20

    This video is Madonna to the 100th degree. Fantastic!! Most videos don’t hold my attention much anymore, but this one had me all the way. The music is very much like “Express Yourself” as others have said, but with a much deeper meaning. Thank you GaGa for giving us a voice.
    I know my comments will get lost with all the others, but I just felt compelled to give my opinion.

  65. copy cats are azzoles!

    Since the first time I ever heard or seen Lady Gaga, I thought she should change her name to Madonna impersonator.
    Does anyone really think that Gaga can span 3 decades the way Madonna did? I think not since most opinions of Gaga are not to favorable. I agree with some posts here when they say that gay people are sheeple. I mean come on gang, most of you voted for a community leader for president…I rest my case.

  66. Andy

    Really? She is trying to hard…
    coming out an egg?
    Wearing shit on her face?
    Its ridiculous!
    She was fine when she 1st came out, her choice of wardrobe
    was different, but still sexy, cute. Nowthe bitch looks as if she
    Is on a bomb one. Lol
    She need to sit her ass down. Lol

  67. Pollux

    I think Gaga’s new video is absolutely brilliant. More than any other out there today (and this includes Madonna), she is pushing the artistic envelope. I thought Bad Romance was brilliant but Born this Way is in a league of it’s own.

    Good luck to any pop star out there who thinks she can compete with Gaga. After the Born This Way video, you definitely have your work cut out for you.

    I haven’t been this excited about a musical artist since Marilyn Manson terrorized the main stream. He and Gaga have so much in common that its scary!! Both of them utilize the art form of the music video to its fullest potential. Hail Gaga!!

  68. Noone

    This cunt has zero talent, it’s all zeroxed. See Madonna, Blondie, grace jones, Elton John, Isabella Blow, Leigh Bowery, queen, on and on. There is a difference between homage and straight up plagiarism. Kill this bitch immediately. Her greatest contribution to music would be to let her monsters eat her at the end of a show, or overdose, or get pussy cancer, something really horrible, as horrible as her shitty music which makes me ears bleed.

  69. Moda

    I cannot enjoy this because the music is sooooooo bad! Lady assface has set dance music back to before it even existed. Her music is hands down the worst, worse than her hideous face that has to have cracked a few mirrors, mostly ones she was doing coke off of. Throw that basket in the river and drowned him!!!!

  70. musiqbiz

    ok first off im gonna say that i like her and here music but this song was poorly done. the only thing good about this song is the production, the mixing and mastering. it sounds like it was done in and hour. the concept is great but shes running over the track and off beat at certain points. something that shes never done before. the lyrics are just not good and sounds like it was written in 5 minutes. if you compare this song to all of her others from top to bottom…this has to come last. everyone keeps saying she’s ripping off of madonna well news flash everyone rips off of everyone in the music biz. its been that way for decades. its not so much ripping off, as it is paying homage and giving respect. shes getting to the point where she can almost put out anything and the gays are gonna love it. she and her entourage of yes men and labels are noticing this and telling her that she can do no wrong and shes gonna start to lose sight like most celebs in general, and this is coming from someone who works beside these artist in the music biz.

  71. Ryan

    I must disagree with Pollux totally. Gaga is good, but she really does not have the longevity that Madonna had and still has to this day. I have seen Gaga live and Madonna live, both are awesome. Madonna is always going to be the most brilliant star out there. Gaga just came out what? two years ago and she is already using the most advanced stage equipment and video editing? You just have to see…she is going to burn herself into non-existence.

  72. music critic

    This is absurd. Firstly-she is hooked on meth, or heroin or something -clearly by her continuing downward spiral…seeming more and more like Amy Whinehouse. All of it is copycat-Madonna, Grace Jones, anyone or anything that had a hook. This video is absurd. Lady DumbDumb has made one too many attempts at being “cutting edge”. Her alien vagina birthing brains is so STUPID. This song is stolen “express yourself” and a gay anthem track from seventies-dunno the name. Music has been lost on crap like this. At leats this polished turd can sing a note-unlike Katy Perry. It is a terrible shame because this chic was born with a very unique voice(though her dancing and coordination is borderline absurd) and a soulful heart. Born this way? Stefani? I imagine God in the heavens looking down seeing Stefani -high, with a drink in her hand, a cigarette in the other, her pussy hanging out and a slab of meat on her head saying-“No sweetie, I would never create such a disaster-you did this. You were born naked, beautiful and talented.” The fame monster is old news-the last true artist to leave LA-please grab the HOLLYWOOD sign.

  73. gaygypsy we go..I guess she will be around since we are still talking about Lady Gaga…as far as longevity..did we know that Madonna would last this long, no we didn’t..Give her a break…she trying to make music that we seem to like, whether you love or hate you have to admit that she has made her mark…discussing whether is real or fake is not a real concern…I like her and I do enjoy her message even if its repeated from the 80’s, 90’s, etc..Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride whether its going up or to the people that hate her..her downfall..just watch and see where things go….

  74. Marchof Domes

    so like Gaga “Stephanie” (Lady Gaga) is a political activist for “the gays” and doesn’t want her music sold via Target because TARGET endorsed an anti gay politician in Minnesota, so like yeah totally, and like, so like, why doesn’t the LADY drop Interscope Records, home of Enimem and 50 Cent, the music businesses most notorious hate filled rappers towards homosexuals in mainstream music-is it because Interscope Records pays her?
    Lets get this straight Lady Gaga won’t deal with Target for allowing funds to support a politician who doesn’t support “the gays” but the record label she uses and supports not just promotes anti gay musicians, pays them large amounts of money to do so and her record label obviously knows she has ripped off lists of gay icons and underground artists, correct? Such as Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, MikeAlike and even clothing designer Brandon Hilton. Why does “she” (Lady Gaga) use gay people, other artists and gay peoples preferences????? It must be a spiritual thing “for her”.
    I like her gay friendly target base, and is she just as stupid as her fans?
    Oprah honey, any questions?

  75. mike

    sometimes someone else says something so perfectly you just need to qoute it, or “copy” like Ga Ga…..

    “Damn straight. Gay people are some of the most shallow, easily thwarted sheep-minded people to walk the earth. Any female artist that fakes the pro activisim of gay support gets followed. If an actor play a gay part or strips for a camera, they become the favorite of a opinionless sub group of people โ€“ Homosexuals.

    โ€ฆ and yet we fight for equality as well as to be considered valid citizens. Lets start with our lack or opinion and depth first.”

  76. Caleb

    I don’t think most of you guys hating on GaGa are realizing that you’re old. Madonna is a whole different era that doesn’t even cover the new gay generation. What’s better than an artist that the new generation of gay guys can relate to. Sorry but Madonna is just way too old for most kids. Stop the hate and appreciate there’s new artists supporting the gay community, do some research on the work she’s done so far. She’s great!

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