Entertainment: Britney’s latest TV performance !

Finally, Britney’s highly anticipated Good Morning America performance in San Francisco from this past Sunday aired this morning. More than 5,000 jammed into the venue to watch the 29 year old legend perform three of her new songs from Femme Fatale: “Hold It Against Me“, “Big Fat Bass“, and “Til The World Ends.”

Personally, I did’nt like it ! I’m a fan of Britney but I feel like she lost it… She doesn’t give me chills anymore like in the early 2000. Remember when she did “I’m a slave for you” at the VMA’s ? I miss that Brit !

Now let me know what you think of that performance ?

Oh!  Her album “Femme Fatale” is in store now!


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  1. Charfair

    I thought Brit had a stick up her ass, she wasn’t moving and she just looked stiffed and scared.
    Dude I was extremely DISAPPOINTED

  2. johnny_boy

    britney never had it. i saw an ad on the logo channel for her album and thought how irrelevant britney spears is at this day in age.

    she has a large fag following, but with the arrival or lady gaga, she’s become obsolete and has passed through the digestive system of this so-called fame monster and her minions.

    but what do i know? i’m just a fag who loves pj harvey a little too much.
    all this over-the-top pop shit is redundant and repressive.

    at least she’s brining back the jessica simpson look.

  3. Mar

    I can’t believe this. One of the world’s greatest 3-dimensional performers has turned into a one dimensional joke. Britney herself in the past would not accept this high school talent show, what is happening? If its prescriptions, knee injury, whatever find a way to tell us instead of pretending everything is okay.

  4. Mykie

    I love Britney ^_^ and her album will be #1 again so it seems I’m not the only one who loves her, we’ll see if lady gaga still gets shine 11 years from now

  5. Mykie

    If you know anything about club kids or atlest seen the 2003 movie that maded called party monster , you’d see gaga isn’t anything new at all

  6. Steve

    I found the performance amateurish, fake, and gimmicky. The dancing was sub-par (though granted at 29 — and looking a little heavy — she’s not going to be able to do what she did a decade ago), singing clearly lip-synced (which, given the stage antics, I can accept, but all the AutoTune was taking it a step too far), and the fireworks, etc. an obvious ploy to cover the aforementioned inadequacies. Maybe like some other performers — Linda Ronstadt keeps coming to mind — she should search out a new niche more attuned to her current look and skill set.

  7. Dexter

    My favorite performance to this day is MTV Music Awards where she started with “(Can’t get No) Satisfaction” and busted out with Oopsie did it again. It’s been 11 years since that peak performance and I think she has never been able to gain back the energy she’s had since maybe, 04-05?

    Really don’t know what to think now. I like some songs, and I bought her new album. I miss the Britney that sounds like theres frogs in her throat. The one who even at times sang acapella and it didn’t even sound bad…its like everyone seemed to get her energy and vibe. Talking too much in the past now, I guess I’m just sick of the hairstyle and that every song now is part of a show. I’d want to hear something more personal from her, now that we’ve seen Britney for a very long time. I dont think she needs to pull off a Circus anymore, now I just want to see Britney be Britney. if this is her I hope to see her at least do better with it (Dance-wise and vocally).

  8. Rom%

    I really never care for the bubble gum pop, I’m from South America and back in the 80’s I listen for great new wave and punk rock music not the garbage like this britney spears fiasco…what happened with the evolution of music? better technology should bring better artists…don’t you think?

  9. Tre'

    Love the song…..Hated the performance. Britney looks as if she is she just don’t give a damn. Britney’s moves, well lets just say non-moves..was very disappointing. She is becoming one of those artist who should just put out music and never perform…e.g…Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and now Britney Spears….Come on “B”…and I don’t mean Britney…Beyounce’ we need our fix…..of….SASHA FIERCE!!!!!!!!!

  10. robby


  11. terry

    Couldnt even watch thru the first song. To me has always been much ado about nothing. Mediocre talent at best. From the distance from camera could tell she was lip synching. Gee, is she 70, Tina Turner, Cher, Diana Ross, women old enough to be her grandmother, move better, show more energy than she. Am amazed, she even has a following at all.

  12. Ummmm

    she did ok… she did much better on Jimmy Kimmel… maybe she was tired? but its not nice to call her a has been, she is very relevent in the world today

  13. Rufus

    Never cared for Britney, GaGa or any of this other pop “music”… give me Marilyn Manson any day over that top 40 crap. lol

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