Stories: just before the train ride…

I’ve been in real-estate for about 15 years and have been lucky enough to continue my success even during this long economic downturn. Over the past year I have been invited to speak at several schools and universities on the economics of the real estate market so the invitation seemed to be just another opportunity to talk about what I do.

The university was located about 3 hours away in upstate New York, so I booked a train and planed the speech.

When I arrived at the university I was about 30 minutes early and the person that invited me was in a meeting. His assistant escorted me to the lecture hall, set up my presentation and I waited for people to arrive. About five minutes later students started to arrive, I decided I had better go to the bathroom before I get stuck at the podium.  The bathroom had one stall and two urinals. One of the urinals was very close to the sink. I went in, peed, and started to wash my hands when the most handsome young man walked in. He was wearing a bright blue shirt, was about 5 foot 10, 180 pounds, blond with short hair, and smooth looking pink skin. I suspected he was a student, and involved in some sort of athletic program, although he was not super muscular, he was the certainly the jock type.

I was surprised when he picked the urinal next to the sink where I was washing my hands. Needless to say, I started washing my hands all over again. I kept my head down while I carefully glanced over at the urinal as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. His dick was not huge, but it was beautiful and just the thought of reaching over and touching it made me hard. I was trying to be discrete but there was no way I could not look. I spaced out, fantasizing about touching his cock. I got an immediate raging hardon, I realized he noticed I was watching him piss and lusting for his cock.

I finished washing my hands, reached for a paper towel and started to walk out of the bathroom. As I turned to walk out I glanced back just as he was turning away from the urinal. Rather than just put his dick away and turn from the urinal, he kept it out, turned and then started to put it away. It was obvious he was showing me his dick as I walked out. It was all I could do to get myself back to the meeting space, I had to walk in the opposite direction for a couple of minutes just to let my raging hardon soften.

When I got back to the room, the guy from the bathroom was standing in the front of the room. He looked at me and realized I was the speaker, just as I realized he was the person that was in charge of the event and had invited me. I was totally embarrassed, but he seemed to have a slight glimmer in his eye. He introduced himself and explained the computer and speaking equipment. As he attached the microphone to my shirt the smell of his cologne and the heat of his body got me going all over again, my heart started to pound as he attached the battery pack to the back of my belt. Once it was attached his hand brushed against my ass and I froze.

The presentation went great but it went a little long. And as students asked questions I started to worry, as I did not have as much time to get to my train as I had expected. Once the last student left he came up to me and asked what time my train was and if I needed a ride to the station. There was no way I was going to say no.

He said he needed to stop by his office before going to his car so I followed him as he went to his office and grabbed his backpack. There was a picture of him with another man on his desk, which seemed odd and I started to wonder if he might be gay. So on the way to his car I started to ask him about his job and the university, trying to determine if I was right about his showing me his dick and my assumption that he might be gay.

We got in his car, he started it up and we left the garage. I noticed that I had about 25 minutes before my train, plenty of time. He turned out of the garage but went in the opposite direction from the train. He turned the corner, and then went behind the little motel around the corner form the university. I started to ask where he was going, but I was shocked and just sat there, stunned. He parked the car in the back of the lot, reached over and grabbed my cock. I was hard in a second and I noticed he was too. I reached down, unzipped my pants, and took out my dick. He started to stroke it slowly. It was cold out and his warm hand felt amazing, his lips were so soft and warm. He reached down and started to play with my balls as he sucked my dick.

I could not believe this was happening, he was so hot. He leaned back, unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was perfect! Just what I love, not too long, thick, poked straight out, and was rock hard. He leaned over and started to kiss me passionately. He was a great kisser.

He stroked my cock as we kissed and I stroked his. We then took turns sucking each other’s cocks. He was great at giving head, his warm lips were amazing. I was running out of time but being with him was so fucking hot!

After a few minutes of sucking each other, we both sat back and started to jerk off. I played with his balls while he was jerking his hard, straight dick, and I was playing with my cock. Being outside in the parking lot while jerking off with this hot man, was amazing. Both of us where jerking faster and faster kissing, and watching each other’s hand run up and down our dicks.

I was getting ready to cum, I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, and started to moan, he reached over and put one hand between my legs, reaching for my ass, and the other hand on my balls. I started to cum, shooting hot, white jizz, all over my chest. As the last bit of cum shot out of my cock, he let go of my balls, grabbed his dick and started to jerk off frantically.

He started to moan, I knew he was about to cum. He rolled over, putting his cock on my chest and shot his hot load all over my chest and face. I was covered in cum and had just a few minute to get to my train.

He reached under the seat and grabbed a couple of napkins, not nearly enough to get all the cum off my chest, but enough to wipe my face. We both just looked at each other, and laughed. He put his cock away, buckled up and started to drive to the station while I wiped my face and buttoned my shirt. As I buttoned my shirt the cum made it stick to my chest. The white button down was cum soaked all down the front. Luckily it was winter and I had a jacket to wear over it.

We arrived at the train station, I grabbed my jacked, thanked him, and he handed me his email address, asking me to contact him. I got out of the car, put on my jacket and ran for the train.

As I boarded the train I realized I smelled like cum, so I found a seat that was away from everyone.

The ride home was three hours. The smell of cum was so strong it got me hot all over again, knowing I was in public, covered in our cum got me rock hard again.

As the train rode down the tracks, I jerked my cock off and on thinking of his hot, thick, straight cock. I was jerking off in the train slowly for hours, eventually adding more cum to my already cum soaked button down.

I can’t wait to lecture again!


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  1. anonymous Thought

    That was very hot remind me of a summer seduction i experience.

    It was July 15 2010,I met up with my b boi one night near the lake. We had a couple of drinks an had a couple of black an mild. The moon was shining bright we were sitting at the pick nick table staring in each other eyes. As he reach over to kiss me my body got so hot from the kiss. His lips were so juicy an thick as he kiss from my ear lobes an down my neck as he undress me in the night. His hands went freely all over my body as he taste me all over an kissing licking an sucking. i had such a natural high so relax an free.
    As climb on top of me an placing me in a 69 position, as he guide his 10 1/2 dick down my throat as i get excited of his dick touching my lips as i open my mouth to let it enter deeply down my throats. My eyes get watery as he moan pushing it in an out. He continue to stroke it in an out as he give me that gud head his dick start to expands thicker. then he stop an raise up an move me to a doggy style position,he start eating me out getting hot wet an open for him to enter in. He takes one finger an stick it in me as his tounge enter in to. he pause an slide on a condom an stick it inside of me an pull my dick back while he going back an forth in me. My hornmones start to go wild an hot sweat hits my body an roll down my back he go deeper an i feel roll into my hot ass.then he reach his climax at the same time i reach mine as i cum from my ass an dick then his hot cum splash down my back like a water hoes covering me all over. I take deep breath of the warmth of the cum. we both relax an smile.
    Cuming from the ass an dick

  2. nicky luna

    hun i was in the same shoes as you r i was dating this great guy and at the time i was in this group home and we decided to hang out and instead of just siting at the park and have lunch with him he some i just broke up with the past few months and he and i went to the prot apotty and we fooled around when i got hom i smelled like cum on my breath

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