Pornstar : Patrick O’Brien

If you saw Patrick O’Brien sitting opposite you in a steam room it would take all you had to not just stare at this sexy muscle jock. First, there’s the face, devilishly handsome with just a hint of sweetness. Then there’s the body. Chiseled pecs and abs that sport a light spattering of hair that gets thicker as you go down towards a lush patch of beautiful dark pubes. From there rises a thick meaty cock with a large delicious mushroom head. As if this wasn’t a total package, Patrick then opens his mouth to reveal the most seductive English accent. A landscaper by trade, his hours in the outdoors carrying heavy objects has given him this strong athletic body. And if this super hot sauna jerkoff video is any indication of what this stud can do, this will be one guy to keep a lookout for.

Do you like as much as I do?


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  1. joe

    i’ve seen his vids and heard that accent. He’s a fucking wet dream and to hear him talk kinda gets me all hot and bothered. would totally suck his dick as he read the phone book out loud.

  2. Barebackstudeight

    Would definately have my tongue up his ass as far as I could go ! He’d walk funny !! Yum!!What fur and a lovely cock to savor!

  3. cntryman

    damn, if he’d let me, I’d be all over him in no time flat. His hairy legs alone would get my attention and my cock hard as stone. I’d love to run my tounge around the edge of his mushroom head and lick off any precum that might be there. He is damn gorgeous !

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