Hot or Not : New Britney Videoclip / Hold it against me

Yay, it’s finallllllllly here !

The princess of pop just released her latest music video today:  Hold It Against Me

It’s kind of hot, but weird at the same time ! I dont really understand the concept of the fight, the meteor, the wedding dress, but who cares ?! Its interesting visually and i love my Brit !

What about you? Hold it against me: HOT or NOT ?!

(click on the photo to view the videoclip)


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  1. Jomil

    well.. it’s suppose to symbolize (excuse my english, im new at this) Britney’s life, from whe she came into the stardom, she hit the earth like a comet, then they dressed her up , she got in love, then preassure kicked in, she fought her self..and then she came back.

  2. rick

    wow one of the worst repeats from her looks like they took the last decade of her career and put it in the video the video does not impress me nor does britney gag!!!

  3. Sean

    Meteor- her crash into fame

    first part of the video through the chorus- her rise to fame with her music video catalogue playing behind her

    breakdown-she ruins her career as everyone knows through her very public breakdown. The two Britney’s represent the public persona of Britney and the personal Britney. They are battling each other. In the end both die and are formed into one.

    Last dance- the new Britney reborn.

    I don’t think it’s a wedding dress so much as a princess dress. Or it could be a wedding dress for ruining her marriage..who knows.

    Hope that helped.

  4. lowell

    Lady Googoo,are you taking notice?This is how a REAL STAR blows back onto the charts.It gave me a woody and I’m a Gay man,SCHWING!

  5. brandon

    the video symbolizes britney’s career.. the meteor is her hitting the scene.. her in the center of her videos is her rise to the top.. then her downfall.. the paint on the videos is also symbolism of her downfall and her fighting herself.. as she falls down.. and beats herself up.. then she comes back up symbolizing she’s a fighter and continues to prosper

  6. JustMe

    She’s not part of the “Gay” scence, shes part of the “teeny-bopper” scene. GaGa = Gay Britney… which is why shes 100x better.

  7. Nato Luiz

    Hold it against me! I am gonna have to hold it against her! The video is very much GOOD eye Candy..but the doped up COW hasn’t dance in almost 5 years…..don’t have a dance breakdown in your song (a bomb beat breakdown) then regurgitate Mariah carey’s video where your fighting yourself..Hello bitch we know your Bi Polar ….she didnt even try to dance …..and if you think she did dance then pay close attention you dont see a full camera pan its cut every half count of her so called dancing ….she needs to put it down and …call it quits

  8. Jason

    It’s a story of her career. The meteor is when she started her career, then the rise to fame around all her videos then the paint being representative when she went “crazy” and fighting herself to reclaim her sanity. The final dance scene represents a reclaiming of her past and that she will not slack off on maintaining her career.

  9. John-Kenneth

    Strangely hotttttt….Didn’t get it at first but I guess it’s ah creeper…I was hoping 4 something more artistic from her though! Fair effort Britney!

  10. Eddie

    Love Britney but Puleeze, no originality in the concept of the song – “If I told you that I wanted your body, would you hold it against me?” How old is that one? Not her best music either.

  11. Mateo

    The video is kinda sporadic but it is pretty cool. I think it tells a story. Britney hit the world like a meteor, no one expected her or had seen anything like her in a million years. Then we all watched her grow up (in her wedding dress raising with all her old videos around her). The battle between herself is like her breakdown. And yet as the video shows the good brit won and is, for lack of a better use of the analogy, painting the town, living life, doing what she wants. Its a little self serving but overall I think it was more artistic than 3 or the last few videos before it.

  12. Adam

    Since the first time I heard the song, I had something in mind regarding how could look like the video. Now that it’s out, I’m very disapointed. Seems a big ad for commercial products. Nothing to do with the lyrics of the song.

  13. Richard

    I’m tired of dumb ignorant sluts like Britney representing the gay community. Same thing goes for Gaga, she’s a fucking freak show and we’re idolizing her. Grow the fuck up people.

  14. MarchOfDomes

    NOT………its a lame rehash. And does anybody else get that your being controlled by a corporate entertainment group. After watching the “Austra” (Beat And Pulse) video it just proved how lame and uninteresting people with a lot of budget money and no substance, such as Spears, truly are.
    Add to mention MTV and Fuse do not play music video’s but only sell a select few of product which is placed to take your gay money…ask yourself, go to and see cool video after cool video, do you really get the opportunity to see art and music, or are you controlled and marketed “to” by a group which doesn’t allow options in your life-but hides behind a real cute package designed to make you “feel” nice?
    I think Britney Spears is a bore, and they are using gay people to collect a check. The video was stupid, she’s like a robot in the role of an office clerk with dance moves, “kinda like her career”. Was she really brainwashed by Madonna and that’s why she went C-R-A-Z-Y…..
    The video by “Austra”(Beat And Pulse) the uncensored version on Daily Motion is sexy, cool and formulaic. Also check out the gay friendly band which gets ignored “Hercules And Love Affair”.

  15. MarchOfDomes

    Briney Spears is as bland as she is hallow, generic and intentional. Has anybody seen the clips on Youtube of “Geneva Jacuzzi” in Zurich performing “Bad Moods”, or her new video for “Bad Moods”. Probably not. Her live performance in Zurich is genius.
    Britney Spears is a creative-less, washed out product, her music is so impersonal its enough to make grown men cry.
    And whats with devotee’s to gay commercial product, everybody knows she manufactured, you don’t think they do and sell her on purpose, or are you people stuck in a spin cycle or some controlled contrived comfort zone. I’m telling you your out of touch and brainwashed, they want your money and to be sweet………now behave and be a good gay boy, corporate group number #1 got’s everything under control.
    go check out “Austra” (Beat And Pulse) as well. Britney needs more than a vacation.

  16. Phoenix_Rising


  17. Astro

    I remember when Britney made catchy fun pop songs..but that was nearly a decade ago. She hasnt had a remarkable hit since Toxic

    The song is melody-less, and for a Jonas Ackerlund video its horribly boring and low brow

  18. MarchOfDomes

    “hating” is a term used by people whom defend celebrity aimlessly because they prescribe to the cute marketing of commercialism or possibly the personality portrayed. In effect its nothing more than a selfless personally imposed act, behaved by people that are already controlled by the media and what is sold to them. Criticism is nothing more than that- taking it to a level of deeper emotion says something more about the vapid infiltration which has used people based on preferences and adoration, ultimately some individuals lack the skill to seek options or understand moderate understanding while being immersed in what appears to be “pop culture” or art. Psychiatric medications and tirades are not advised. I adore “MikeAlike” for what he states regardless of others predisposition.

  19. Eric

    I personally never got the hype with this girl. She doesn’t really have anything to say; her voice is lifeless. She just always seemed like a good backup dancer to me.

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