Would you do him: Ashton Kutcher

Yesterday was the premiere of No Strings Attached, a comedy in which Aston Kutcher and Natalie Portman are life-long friends who almost ruin everything by having sex one morning. In order to protect their friendship, they make a pact to keep their relationship strictly NSA. No jealousy, no expectations, no flowers, no fighting, no nothing…. (we would all love NSA relationships !!!!) The movie is comming out in theaters January 21st.

Now, let’s talk about the man himself… Do you find him hawwwt ? Would you have sex with him? Would you do him ? I personally have to say “no” on this one! I Find him too cutie-cute, too slick, baby face… I prefer rugged man, experienced man, manly man…

But let me know what you have to say!

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  1. Arvakur

    I’d DEFINITELY do him!!!!! Just the kind of cutie-cute, slick, baby face man I like! Besides, he got a good body and he’s a smart guy who can look dumb and goofy. A fun guy to have fun with, any ways!!!

  2. Rodger S.

    SAY WHAT? You wouldn’t do him? Well, we all have our preferences, he just happens to fit mine to a tee! (Minus a little of the attitude.) But yeah, since he gained some weight since “That 70’s Show” I think he’s gorgeous! Love to watch his lips as he talks–yum! But when he takes off his shirt it’s not until he puts it back on that I even notice he’s even got a face–as HOT as his face is!
    Do him?
    Of course!
    However, I’d die if I was ever lucky enough to have the chance and miss out on the whole darn thing!

  3. Jerry

    HELL FRIGGEN YES!!! Any way that cute hot sexy guy wanted it I’d do it or let him do it to me. No holds barred! Hell I’d even have a uterine transplant and carry his child, so long as it wasn’t by artificial insemination.

  4. Gregg

    I would have to say YES. I am not a fan of his work, but always a fan of a hot guy like him. There are many, many, many guys that I would do in Hollywood!!!

  5. sure would

    think he’s a bright, handsome, likeable, charming, and fun guy. who the hell wouldn’t find that attractive, man, women, or dog

  6. Gerry

    I will do him anytime and make sure he will love it so much to be gay for ever. I dream of him from the time he was young how sexy he was.

  7. Colibre Libre

    Well, before when he was younger with a hotter body but now he’s lost his abs and now he’s rocking flab with the love handles and all. I’d rather do his wife Debbie and I’m gay lol

  8. Rick

    No doubt I would do Ashton! He is def a “man’s man”! Great body, great personality! Luv to know (and see) how hung he is!!

  9. michael

    Omg!!!!!!! I fuckin fantasize about suckin his cock and eatin his boy hole!! I would be his fuckin slave!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to drink his piss 2!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. FunnyHaHa

    omg for sure ….. he’s hot… did ya see him in his undies on SNL… wow … great boldge
    He was an underwear star when he was younger…

  11. cody

    I would worship the ground he walks on…and be on my knees in a second!!! I would lick his nuts, suck his big cock, and eat that hot tasty ass, then he could lube me up and plow my manhole, till his balls cum through the head of his cock head!!!

  12. Mel

    This the kind of hunk that lets what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas… what they CAN’T get from wives…figure out what that is….I would love to curl his toes….lol

  13. Ben

    Hell yes, I would. He has a nice chest and big hands. I am sure he has nice-looking toes as well. Skinny dipping would certainly lead to so much more!

  14. Shawn

    yes I would BUT – it’d have to be at my place & very spontaneous. that way I wouldn’t be worried that he’d stop midstream & say, “you just got PUNK’D!”

  15. Dave

    Yes, he was so very hot when was modeling, he is still one very good looking man. Yes, I would let him do whatever he wanted to me.

  16. Mike

    He is one of the hottest men in movies. He is uber sexy and must have a big schlong. That is a requirement in the cougar training handbook. And he’s kept his cougar happy for quite awhile. I’m a top man but would let him do whatever he wanted.

  17. Alanjay

    Hell yes. Id so love to suck him off and then fuck his boy hole until he lets me cum and shoot my load on that super hot chest and cute face!!!!!

  18. Brian

    Would have to say no on this one. I like maculine manly men, he doesn’t quite fit the bill. He’s kinda like a picture on the wall – nice to look at but that’s about it.

  19. wannafuckbuddy

    ide deep throat his cock swallow his hot load sit on him and ride his cock bend over and let him fuck me hard and suck his cock again untill he exploded deep down my throat again

  20. Den

    He was portrayed as a sex toy on tv… didnt like the show.. He has matured nicely… would bend him over and give him some manhood experience. wink

  21. bottomguy

    I would do him, but he probably already has a boyfriend. Nothing like marrying a late 40’s woman to throw hollywood off his gay trail

  22. datngarex

    hell yea… if ashton was gay… and if i could meet him… all the things that I would do, would not b leagle in all 50 states and 13 colinies…

  23. Ron

    Hell yeah ! I do him in a FLASH. Give him a bed bath with my tongue, from head to toe. He can sit on my face any day. Would LOVE to swirl & twirl my HOT, WET, tongue in his SWEET ass. Then SUCK his COCK like theirs no tomorrow. Then reap my REWARD , by GULPING down ALL his LOAD of his just RELEASED , HOT, CUM :), <3 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !

  24. steve

    im mainly top but suck dick. would love to suck his cock and let him be the first to fuck me. any nude pictures of him i betg hes huge

  25. Jay

    Baby Face? I don’t see it! He is a good looking guy- but baby face? Not even close. A baby face is someone who looks very young like 16,17,18,19,20,21,22. He does not even look even close to those ages.

  26. steve

    im mainly top but suck dick. would love to suck his cock and let him be the first to fuck me. any nude pictures of him i bet hes huge

  27. Leo

    I would have to pass on him too. There is just something about his personality, I find him to be lacking maturity…something like that.

  28. richard h

    oh yeah, would enjoy getting him off, even if it wasn’t mutual! He’s been hot since the That 70’s Show, him and the played Fez on that show would be a perfect man sandwich!

  29. Tom in Pasadena

    After I totally worked his throat and face I would flip him over and pound him in a number of positions till he begged me to quit. That’s my version of doing him

  30. Jon

    I am a top and would tear him up. I would also let me have his way with me if that is what he wanted. He is fucken hot and I have a strong desire to be in his presence, Whatever it takes. Yes I would bend over for him or fuck him hard. Demi could even join in.

  31. Shawn

    I would exercise every fantasy that I have ever had involving Ashton!!! Would I hook up with him???? He could do me until he was totally and completely DRAINED!!!!

  32. Kryztofur

    I’m with you on this one….THAT MEANS NO! Like A Few People Have Said He Seems Like A Cocky Asshole And That Right There Is Enough To Say No…

  33. AJ

    I would hit it from the back – he has a goofy face but a hot body. I would also probably try to fist him just to wipe that dumb look off his grin

  34. John

    Of course I would do him, but with all these gay guys commenting no one mentioned….does he really have a small dick as reported? I have heard it more than once. (Small dick or not he’s one of the hottest men alive) Doe he really have “attitude”? I never heard that but lots of bloggers seem to have mentioned that. I wanna know about the dick!

  35. Jonah

    Hot? Yes. Sex with him? Eh, if I had my pick of Hollywood hotties, it wouldn’t be Ashton. But ask me again if I happen to run into him in a dark alley.

  36. JonJohnny

    if I had a last wish, it would be him in bed with me, I would kiss and lick every part of his body, and suck him off. All Night!

  37. Chad

    I wouldn’t just do him. I would totally fall for him. His personality and smile take my breath away. It is not just sexual attraction, but also emotional.

  38. Derryck S. Griffith.

    Hello everyone,

    Ashton, like a lot of Gay, young, and handsome men is simply that. A trait that most Gay men are attracted to.

    However, sex with him may be pleasureable, or it may be dis-appointing, depending on what one would like to get out of a sexual encounter with him.

    But I would also like to know how he thinks, his intellectual capacity to hold a discussion on International Issues.

    His ability or in-ability to feel affection or passion for someone, and his view on love and relationships. Especially Long term relationships.

    For me, being Homosexual or Gay is not about getting LAID only, it is also about Love, Meaningful relationships, and Good Sex with a partner that is compatible with me in that activity too.


  39. Frankie


  40. james

    would I do him?? ya I would do him… I would drink his bath water just to get a taste of what was in it…so yes again I would do him and let him direct me in what ever else he wanted…he comes off as being cocky but that is almost all the time in the scrip so you can not go by what you see in the movies or on t.v. you would have to get to know the real him and I bet he is nothing like what you see in the movies…

  41. REX

    only if I was drunk, he is a handsome guy, sexy and all, but he just aint my type. I wouldn’t mind him giving heads ;). He has nice lips

  42. Jeramy

    yes I would, I’d eat his man pussy like no tomorrow, who in the hell cares about his personality or if he is childish, strip that fucker naked and throw him in my bed any damn day

  43. Donnie

    Most cute guys are asses and stuck on themselves , and there looking for other cute guys that are stuck on there selves as well , so just let those type be with there selves , give me your average joe anytime !!

  44. Barebackstudeight

    Yes, with Ashton and Bruce Willis. Ashton would walk funny for a month. Willis would have his foreskin eaten alive ! He’d walk funny for a month too!

  45. joe

    I’d suck him off and that’s about it. Just to say i sucked off ashton kutcher. I mean he’s cute and all but not like “oh my god my tip is wet with pre-cum” hot.

  46. justme

    Love of my life! I’ve always had the hots for Ashton! I’d love for him to have at me for hour. I’d suck him, eat that ass, pretty much the guy wanted done, i’d do.

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