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I always considered myself to be straight because I have been attracted to and fucked women. But as I look back I remember that there was always a part of me that was curious. In high school I always wanted to see my buddies dick in the shower after basketball practice and I would get hard when I could hear my brother jerk off at night. But it was not until last year when I met my current girlfriend that I realized just how bicurious I was. She is into porn, which is awesome because I am a huge fan! We watch porn just about every time we fuck. Watching her and listening to her moan and talk about the men and their cocks made me realize that I was getting just as hot over looking at the guys dicks as I was the women. 

 I started to check out the gay chat rooms on AOL and the posts on Craigslist. I would jerk off just reading the postings and chatting, wondering what it would be like to be suck a dick and fuck. Eventually I found Adam4Adam and that’s when my world changed. When I joined the site I posted a picture of my dick but not my face. Looking back, my first profile was pretty bland but within just a few minutes I got some smiles and then an email from a guy that had no public picture. He said he thought my dick was hot and that he wanted to see more pictures. I was terrified but really excited too. I relied “show me yours and I will show you mine”. Well, I guess he liked my reply and unlocked the hottest pics and sent me his email address.

 Hard and horny, I went to Hotmail and created an email account to use. I grabbed my iPhone and took some shots of my hard cock. I included one of my face I took in the bathroom mirror and sent them to him. He replied with more pics and his address!! Before I knew what I was doing I was in my car, with a rock hard cock, and almost dizzy from the adrenalin.

 He opened the door and I could hear the porn in the background. He was wearing sweats and nothing else. I stepped in and he put his hands on my face and started to kiss me. At first I was totally freaked but the longer it went on the more I enjoyed it. I always swore that I would never let a man kiss me and here it was, my first time, and I was not only being kissed but so turned on by it that I could almost cum!

 Before I knew it I was in his bedroom, his sweats were around his ankles, and I was sucking his dick. At first he started to go soft, I guess I was nervous and not sure what I was doing. He pulled back a few times taking his dick out of my mouth, but as I relaxed and thought about what I was doing I started to really enjoy the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I must have also gotten better at it because he started to fuck my face and it seemed his dick was getting bigger all the time! His dick was so hard and thick that I could just get it in my mouth, but the more I got into it the more I could take.

 Just as I was really getting into the feeling of him fucking my face, he told me to get on my hands and knees. I had an idea of what he was going to do, but at this point I didn’t really care. He got behind me and started to lick my hole. It felt fantastic! He stuck his tongue way up my ass as he stroked my hard dick. I felt like I was going to cum in my ass and out of my dick, he must have known this and stopped. I heard him open a condom and I realized I was about to get fucked. I started to say no but I was so hot and his licking my ass felt so good, I thought I would give it a try. I felt him lube my ass. He then he stuck a finger in my hole. It was a real surprise even though I know what was going to happen. He kept digging his finger in my ass, moving it around and around, I swear I could feel it though my ass, dick and balls! It was a strange mix of an uncomfortable feeling of having my ass stretched and pure pleasure somewhere deep inside my hole.  

 He pulled his finger out, put more lube on my ass hole and started to put his cock in me. At first it hurt like hell and I pulled away, but he pulled me back gently and started to put his hard, lubed dick in my ass again.  I could feel it sliding in and realized that the more I tensed up the more it hurt, so I tried to relax as much as possible. As I relaxed his dick seem to just slide in.  He pushed it in slowly but surely until it was about half way in and he stopped. Then he pulled back until his cock was almost all the way out, he paused, and then slid his full cock in me. I was surprised that it did not hurt more considering how it felt when he started, actually it even started to feel good as he slowly pumped my ass.

 He fucked me slowly at first but then he picked up the pace and fucked me hard and fast, the same way I had fucked tons of women in the past. I felt like a bitch in heat as his hard cock filled my ass. I could not believe how great it felt and before I knew it I was moaning and asking him to fuck me harder, deeper. It was as if I could not get enough of his cock in my ass.

 He touched my cock with his lubed hand and I came all over the bed, just as I shot my last drop of cum, I could feel his dick throb in my ass and I knew he was cumming hard. He grabbed my shoulders and slammed his cock in my ass so far that I could feel his balls jump against mine as he shot his hot load and his dick pulsed in my hole.

 So now I go on Adam4Adam every now and then and look for a guy to fuck me. And when I am with my girl, I think about getting fucked while I am fucking her!


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  1. gene

    it’s a shame more “straight” guys don’t give in their feelings and attractions. won’t ever forgte the first time i got fucked. couldn’t belive how good it felt. the same for the firt time i sucked a guy off. that hot cum tasted so good. i still love both.

  2. Joe

    What a great story. Made me think about my first time. I fucked women my whole life until I came across a guy who really turned me on. When we finally got passed the denial on my part, I can remember the pain and thrill of feeling his hard cock sliding slowly into my ass.
    I’m sure there are stories like this played out over and over daily, but it’s good to see I’m not alone…BTW, I got hard reading your story. Great way to get off before going to bed!!!

  3. New6900

    Yes I have had that happen to me before and your so right it is hot and I long to find someone to fuck me like that again. Your story bring back some very good time. Your a lucky guy.

  4. Sexual Turbulence

    I like the story ,but to me,it’s rehearsed..I’ve heard these stories before and over and over again..I’m glad he felt something that he needed to feel all of these years..Congratulations on your new found sex with a male encounter…Have fun..

    sexualturbulence@ A4A..

  5. Randy

    LoL.. I love stories that always have a fairytale ending. I’m not shocked everyone is hard from just that. Really? Awww, thanks for the story but didn’t do anything.

  6. john

    Hot story I’m a 41 yr old who’s the same as story. I’ve tried oral but wanted to try getting fucked. Can’t wait. my name is whtbiguybtm

  7. Mixed Breed Pleasure

    Takes a lot of courage to do what you did. I applaud You!! Hit me up if you like. I’d Love to hear more as I keep my sex life to mself as well. Maybe we can swap stories.

    u1it is my screen name on Adam4Adam

  8. Brian

    I had a similar hot encounter with a a4a guy. Married here and my wife was out of town for the weekend and invited a guy over. I just wanted to give a blowjob but things got heated and the next thing I know I was on my back with him putting a condom on and slipping his cock into my ass. It was painful for a bit but I was surprised how awesome it felt to have him push his hard cock in and fuck me like I would fuck a chick. I came pretty hard with him inside me and I’m looking for that experience again.

  9. Butch

    Damn man, your story was hot as hell. I’m sitting here stroking my thick cut 9.5″ dick reading it. Sure would’nt mind meeting up with you one of these days. U’re my type of brother for sure. Very versatile here, we could have a hot time for certain, an equal opportunity freak here………feel me *wink wink*. Amite_Music_Man@a4a

  10. Rodrico

    I got really hard thinking of this str8 guy getting his ass pound, there are a lot of guys out there who claim to be str8 but just waiting for the right man to pound them down

  11. chaude pine

    super hot….remember when I got fucked the first time in a theater watching str8 porn actually a 3some with a dude getting fucked while fucking a woman!….

  12. mike

    awesome story i remember i got fucked the 1st time, was definately different but enjoyable would like to meet a discreet slim to athletic hung top white or black to fuck me every now and then NSA…..aNUl1f3@a4a………hit me back

  13. earnest dodge

    I’ve both partaken of and provided this fantasy to others…. I’ve met guys who are married with kids but fantasize about guys, and have just a couple gay encounters a year, and been one of those encounters, and I’ve also responded to a Craigslist ad from a guy looking for a “straight” guy, and pretended to have a girlfriend and gave the guy the fantasy of being with a selfish heterosexual only interested in getting off even though that’s not my usual style at all! It was fun.

  14. Scott

    that was fucking awesome and being married also, I really understand that first time of sucking a man’s rock hard cock and then having him eat your ass real good before he fuck you long and hard.

  15. roger

    hot, my first real fuck was in the military, got drunk, next thing I know got a big black cock deep in me. like what the fuck, but I was drunk, and high so I just gave in and enjoyed it all the way.

  16. fordbeast2

    I also am a married man who has been bi all my life. My wife knows I am but does not know I have played with guys. This is one hot sorry and I have been on the giving end but I want to be on the receiving end with a guy. I am new to adam4adam and hope someone finds me and wants to meet up wit me.

  17. Daone

    Have a need from so many points to get fucked and suck dick as a normal thing deprived of for way to long. Don’t fool around but don’t do condoms and know the consequences quite well if I do and only want to do with significant other. Has no idea how well he can be treated and mind blown. Wished would be a little more helpful sometimes cause not fun wanting someone who could be a little more kind and understanding also.

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