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Photography: Drasko Bogdanovic

Drasko was raised in Sarajevo during the Bosnian conflict and his view of real world strife strongly influenced his photographic view. His subjects are raw, a little filthy – the message is to the point. Inspired by film noir and German sexual proclivities, Drasko is credited with his ability to expose the raw, often-missed angles of sexuality.

Drasko recently released a book of erotic photography called Persuasion Of Men in which you can see more of his art. The book examines society’s view of male nudity and unconfortable fit between masculinity and beauty. Bogdanovic’s intimate portrait depict men without focusing on sexual orientation. The images draw the viewer into a game of voyeur and exhibitionist filled with erotic charge and sexual tension, guaranteed to arouse.

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  1. Norman

    I don’t really see the draw to his work. He shows very little talent. I say this as a well published photographer, but non of what I see here would be considered anything but run of the mill. Subject against the wall with one light. It’s been done since the dawn of photography. How he got published amazes me.

  2. Rob

    I appreciate what was trying to be accomplished here, but I did’nt find the models to be very attractive and there was really no edgy imagination. Leave a little more to the imagination. I have to agree with Norman.

  3. Matt

    I agree with Rob and Norman. The photos are a good start – but not very professional. Poor lighting is my first concern… second the models shadows in the background. I have been shooting photos for 30 years professionally. I would suggest the photographer takes some basic studio lighting classes.


  4. John

    Wow, sorry to disagree with you Norm, Rob and Matt, but as a senior partner at an advertising company in Manhattan, Drasko’s work is fresh and very now – we’ll be contacting him on our Clients’ behalf…excellent work Drasko!

  5. Robert

    I love his work!
    It’s very contemporary and alternative to tired old muscle studio photographs of oiled gay queens.
    Great videos and rest of the work on his website is amazing!!

  6. Issac


    Really? You think his work is fresh and with an edge??

    I’m a fine art photography student. If I would the balls to turn in unsatisfactory work like this, not only would I fail many classes, but I would lose my financial aid and be talked to by the director of the program I am in.

    Fine art photography is abstract. . .let’s remember that good art is supposed to make you feel. What is it supposed to make you feel? The answer is: an emotion.

    There is no emotion-emitting images in this “photographer’s” work.

    It’s great stuff for a porn rag. . .even then, I’ve seen better lighting in the majority of porn rags.

    I would SERIOUSLY reconsider your choice of photographer.

    The model is ‘hot’ and I’m sure the model does ‘make things go up,’ but please don’t call him a photographer.

    Very respectfully,


  7. Robert

    Photographer has quite a few gallery shows in his resume, that should say something about the quality of his work.

    I wish him all the success and good luck with advertising agency!

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