Hot or Not: Naked Combat

Kinda like the idea ! Do you ? Well for sure my opponent would have to be a tall beefy/muscular/hairy top though lol….And I would let him win so that he could fuck me hard at the end, because the winner has to fuck the loser and humiliate him to show his sexual dominance.

Selecting the images for that post got me hard ! Any wrestlers in here ?

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  1. Alex Estrada

    It brings back memories of college when I wrestled in an underground B and D nude wrestling circuit. I never lost a match, and they still talk about the way I would humiliate the looser because no one can humiliate a man and fuck him like a women, like how I can!!!

  2. ray

    i love the idea and i would always be the looser any sexy hunks out there intereted in some fun hell alex sounds like my kind of man

  3. bradcameron

    i have participated in this type of action have a bud that is really into it young army guy it is so awesome try it with food or oil

  4. biff

    naked combat, would be hotter if were real fighting,i know its just soft porm and the guys look great, but i like real action,not fake

  5. Velv

    HOT!!! I’ve always liked these sites, but the real ones not where one is trying to lose…haha but there is nothing more sexy than two men wrestling then the loser gets fucked hell yeah

  6. firstm8

    I’d love it regardless of being the winner or the loser. To me it’d be a win-win either way. Even better if an audience was around.

  7. junglemn

    ha ha dan love the comment! if the loser is loose i dont want him i like a tight loser The harder they are the harder they fall the harder they get pounded

  8. Edger4

    Gotta play safe at this sport, when your goal is sexual. If you play for sport then the goal is to defeat an opponent. For a sexual outcome or goal, different rules have to apply otherwise there will be injuries. Not that they were intentional, but because they are likelier to happen between competing players as sport. But the act of such hard contact and the friction between bodies is so hot, my eyeballs start rolling around in my head. And it is better without any clothing or gear, not even a strap. The bottom line is frottage is HOT.

  9. Josh

    I did this with another married guy. I never wrestled in school but wanted to… He did wrestle in HS an always wanted to. We started in jocks and actually put actual effort into it. It was a hot time and I won. Wr did it on a mat in his living room. It would be hot to do it in a gym… Maybe with spectators!

  10. Rafael(shyguytexas)

    I would think it would be awsome to do, even though I am a sub bottom I would be no punk when it comes to wrestling if they wanted this they would have to fight for it…

  11. godfreyguy

    My room mate in college was a former high school state wrestling champion. He always wanted to wrestle me wearing tighty whities. Even though I outweighed him by 40 lbs., he always pinned me easily. He had a fantastic body and was extremely strong. He always said he was straight. Usually later at night, when lights were out, he climbed on top of me in bed and without a word stuck his hard cock in my mouth. Of course, I loved blowing him. He never mentioned what happened in conversation. Today he is a married man with kids and grandkids. I think on those days with fond memories.

  12. Jimm

    I check the website out every Thursday morning. Sometimes, I think the matches are really hot. I like sportsmaship and being competitive. However, sometimes the guys who loose the matches are really treated like shit and humilated beyond belief. You never “spit” in a loser’s face and I see that often in some of the matches.

  13. joe

    i’m with the guy who posted earlier… it’d be even hotter with actual fighting. two hot bruised, bleeding men locked in a passionate kiss after they’ve beaten the crap out of each other would definitely be some testosterone soaked alpha male centric porn. granted that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, definitely would get my motor revved.

  14. John38111

    Kinda reminds me of basic training after lights out. Wasn’t quite nude, but those big boxer flys let many a dick flop and stay out. As much fun as watching the earnest competition between trainees … was watching those watching the competition and seeing where their eyes were glued.

  15. tentpole30

    Seen some of Naked Kombat’s videos and after a while they all start to look the same. I prefer watching amateurs wrestle naked (tougher to find), as opposed to this staged porn.

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