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Fantasy: teacher/student

Having sex with your teacher ….

Is it something you fantasized about when you were in College ? I remember when I was studying, my Phys Ed teacher was so gorgeous. Tall, curly hair, muscular, very masculine… Jean-Francois was his name (lol hope he is not reading this…)  I dreamed about him almost every night until I was 25. He was a bit autocratic in class, which turned me on as well. So I was fantasizing about him being a bit dominant with me while having sex (imagining him saying like “suck my cock!!” and stuff like that lol). I saw him few years ago at the supermarket, he aged a lot…not as sexy as he was, but still an handsome man.

Let me know if you had similar fantasies with your teachers or real stories and feel free to leave your comments !


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  1. randyb693

    I had a coach in Swim class in Hight school that used to do me. very forceful and demanding. I still think about thoes dadys. I loved it. I was 17 at the time and he was about 22 or so I guess

  2. kevin

    i had one the was a model for budwiser calender at my high school and i always had hot dreams about him and hung is what i was told but some players

  3. PeteJ1959

    A friend of mine used to sit in the back of our sixth grade classroom and play with our dicks while Mr. Roberts would be teaching up in the front of the room. I am sure he could see us once in a while. Fantasized about him for years in high school… then found out when I was in college that he was gay and fooled around with his fraternal twin brother. I used to work maintenance with the two of them in high school and had been around them when they were work sweated. If only I had known, I would have been their boy toy up for anything. They never would have had to suck each other off as I would have been their mouth slut. Makes me hard just thinking about them 35 years later. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

  4. workoutbud81

    I fantasized about an HS teacher of mine from about 9th grade..and I still do occasionally. Not only was he one of the most attractive men that I’ve ever met in real life, but he had a great personality. I probably jacked off thinking about him at least once a week since HS. I always wondered if he ever had any man on man action. You could tell that he had a great body under his clothes…we actually become friends after high school –nothing big, just meet about once a year for lunch. He knows I’m gay now..he probably knew is HS but never have a told him how HOT I think he is. He’s a bit older now..but still hot.

  5. LANCE

    This happened about two years ago. I was a freshman in college. I had joined the swim team because of all the hot guys on it including the coach! One day the coach was out sick so they gave us a substitute swim coach for the day. He grabbed a chair and sat right on front of the lane that I was swimming in. I sat down and leaned back; I could see his cock lazily poking out from the side of his shorts. If it weren’t for the pink goggles I was wearing, you wouldn’t be able to guess that I was gay. Needless to say, I would get a glimpse of his cock every time I swam into the wall and did a flip turn.
    We all went to the locker room to change when practice was over. I was drying off with my towel, naked of course. Suddenly he walks into the locker room and approaches me. He said, “did you sign into the attendance sheet today?” I replied, “I plan on doing it on my way out.” He then told me that I had to sign it right that moment. So I wrapped my towel around my waist and I walked him back to his office so that I could sign in to the attendance sheet.
    We stepped into his office and he closed the door behind him. He pulled off my towel and got on his knees and started sucking me off. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. he pullout his dick and started to play with it while sucking me off. I then got on my knees and gave him a blow job. he then pulled out a condom and a small packet of lube. I cleared the table like any other person would in that situation… Push it all off. I got on my back and he fucked me for at least half an hour. It was really intense…
    I never saw that swim coach after that experience. I always keep an eye out for him while I walk around campus hoping that I could approach him and maybe get a round 2. But that was my experience with a teacher/student rendezvous.

  6. mikey

    hot hot hot i had a crush on my teacher in high school. was hot for him. always had his 2 top buttons of shirt open, and boy was he hairy. wanted to get into his pants. that was 30 years,and still here hot dreams about him

  7. bttm-or-top

    Always had a thing for my wrestling coach, Mr. Galomoski. Big brute of a man. I was on the wrestling team at weight class 135, but I was also the class fool. When I would mess around in his History class and disturbed the class, he would take me out into the hall with his homemade cutting board paddle(complete with holes)and give me a great big swat or two as I was bent over in front of him. Two things I remember here: 1)He never knew how much I enjoyed it 2)He never knew that I saw his hard cock growing through his polyester pants as he swatted me. Ahhhhhhhh

  8. Soletario

    This is how I know I’ve always had an attraction to men, older men at that. I was still living in L.A. so I must have been in like K grade. This little horny bitch used to play with my shit. Well we played with each other under the table, it’s crazy to think about it now. Anyhow, we had a male teacher, he was all of a fantasy to me. Tall, dark and super handsome with his long dark hair tied in a pony tail, reminded me of a Steven Segal. And his beautiful veiny hands. So soft and strong. Fuck I can still feel that electric shock through my body when he gave me his attention, all the hairs in my little body felt to stand and a feeling of flotation, a real natrual high. So bad I wanted his attention that I took a pair of scissors and cut the tip of my finger, I was so upset when the female teacher’s aid came to assist. I threw a fit and then my dream daddy came to the rescue. I was the happiest little boy in all of L.A.

  9. Jones44

    When I was in high school our Volleyball Coach would always check me out. I never really thought much of it because he had a long time -super hot girlfriend. About a week and a half after I graduated, I am on adam and start messaging this guy- i send him my picture and he replys with – I know you. After a few emails back and forth he reveals that he is the Volleyball coach and invites me over. I was 18 he was 28, blonde, jacked and pretty hung. We flip flop fucked all night. Till this day we meet up when I am back at home.

  10. George

    This wasn’t a fantasy for me.
    I was in high school, and he was well into his mid 40s, but hot as hell! I still remember his red briefs and those furry runner’s thighs…

    I never saw him after high school again, but I’ve always kept the secret. Imagine the scandal if his wife, his bosses, and the community were to learn that a 40-something year old man was fucking his 16 year old student bareback after school. He was fucking AMAZING. I was very inexperienced, and he was gentle (only at first… hehh) and very loving. He would be in his mid-60s now… I wonder how time has treated him…

  11. Peter

    The problem with a lot of gay porn dealing with Teacher/Student is that in 95% of it, both teacher and student look to be around the same age and the teacher doesn’t look the least bit professional or mature except for his shirt and tie. What about having teachers who are much older and professional looking??? Otherwise, it looks like nothing more than mere roleplay to make a porn video.

  12. Roe

    I teach as an adjunct at a university and fuck 2-3 boys on campus each semester (not from my classes though). I usually meet them in the gym or pool. Nothing hotter than sneaking into a dorm and teaching a dude how to get fucked!

  13. eastsideblower

    There was a basketball coach at my school who was so hot. I used to fantasize about what it would be like to suck his cock. A couple of years later I was at a bookstore with an arcade that had gloryholes. Lo and behold, here he came walking in. My heart was pounding so fast I thought it would beat right out of my chest. I knew he didn’t see me, and I really wanted him to go into a booth that had a gloryhole. He did, so I went in the other side. After just a couple of minutes, he stuck his hard cock through the hole. I sucked him off real good. His cum tasted so sweet. I was pumped that I got to actually suck him off!

  14. Juni

    I remember my first gay crush. He was my teacher… in 5th grade! i was about 11 years old.. He was soo handsome and masc with a great body. I always fantasized about him taking total control of my body tearing my hole, despite my young age lol. It was because of him, I knew that I will grow up being attracted to men especially older men.

  15. DANNI Mutha f n J

    ohhh yeah mr. Nidlinger ….. my 10th grade science teacher dam he was so sexy…. he was in the military as well. he used to always talk to me and borrow my pen… green eyes black short hair a tattoo behind his neck….long big fingers and hands… tall about 6’3 and always dressed to kill. me on the other hand puerto rican / french 6 tall 32 w hazel eyes plus i faild once to i was kinda older then the rest… well so on. it was summer time… i went to summer school i failed his class. lol. next thing i know me and him are walking through the hallway together.. hes talking to me and i am acting like i am nervous lmao. he took my hand in his hand and said meet me at wal mart parking lot at 7 so i did. and how about me and my teacher had sex in the car in the parking lot at wal mart. it was one of the best i have ever had. and just to think he was my first. he was only 32 and now we see each toher all the time.

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  16. sockboy

    I was a jr in high school and was on the foot ball team . Had a strong crush on the coach. He was about 32 to 35 was 6’1 a tan to kill for six pack abs and built like a god. the man was a dream. blond hair all over. this was a thursday night we had been on the practice filed since 2 that afternoon and it was now about 7 that night . Hell I would always make sure i was the last to leave for i was already blowing another one of the guys on the team daily and enjoyed that a lot but always wanted to do the same for coach eastland . He would alway take his shirt off after school had let out and he would wear the coaching shorts with spandex under them.. Keep in mind this was 1990. so that was in style then. many of times he would be down to those spandex with his nice thick cock showing in all of its fullness.
    This thursday night I had just blowed the other guy on the team. I did not know at the time that Coach was watching. Had i known I would have done him to right then. I got up and headed to the showers to jack off my self . I heard the door shut on the gym house so i knew the other player had left. I heard the coach call me by name told me to come here I need to talk to you. I went to grab my towel he told me to leave it there I walked to where he was and he told me . Now you will do for me what you just done for him and more.
    by this time he was down to nothing but his white socks and wearing a nice hard cock that had to be every bit of 9 in and about 6 to 7 thick nicely cut head with trimed blond hair. his legs were very muscular and toned . His ass so firm you could bounc a quarter off of it.
    I waled over to him and he shoved me to my knees telling me that if i did not do what he wanted he would tell my partents and i would be off the team. Little did he know I would do what ever he asked and be happy to do it.
    I swallowed all of his hard cock in to my mouth almost gaging and needing to pull back but i wanted it as far in as i could get it . I wanted to taste all of him. he pulled me up from my knees by my hair turend me around and pushed me over a table that was close by. and shoved his cock deep in my tight hole. I could have cum right then it felt so good to have him inside of me .
    when i thought it was going to be over he pulled out and shoved me over to a bench
    Told me to lay on the floor. That he was not done with me yet. he sat on the bench me not knowing what he was wanting he put his white socked feet in to my face and told me to worship them make love to them till he said to stop.. To this day I still have a thing for guys white socked feet I guess he had more of a lasting impresstion on me than i thought at the time. I was happy to do what he wanted he took his other foot and rubbed my hard cock I was wet as hell and wanted to cum so bad but wanted him even more than i did the day befor.
    I guess about 20 in or so goes by with me at his feet and he tells me now you will blow me till i cum in your mouth and you will swallow my load and enjoy it .. This is what i was wanting to hear I was in heaven now . I was hapy to do this for him. I got to my knees and took my place with my mouth on his cock . after what only semaed to be a few moments i heard a load moan come from him and then tasted the sweated thing i have ever had in my life . he shot such a big load i thought i was going to chock but i did not want to waist a drop or his cum I swallowed it all and could have taken more if he had it to give. What could i say I love the taste of a hot load of cum. When i though the was done I started to get up from his cock and he told me no stay right where you are keep you mouth right there I have something more for you. I was so clad that I was going to get yet another taate of hos hot cum I stayed right there.. Little did I know it was not cum he had in mind but something more. He told me I want you to swallo all of it do not wast a bit .. I felt a warm stream of hot piss in my mouth and it tasted just as good as his cum. Now I have found something else i like White socks and piss. This was truly a teacher showing me things that he like and that I was enjoying. What more could i ask for.
    I though that i would wind back up in the showers by my self jacking my cock till I blow my load all by my self but no Coach had something else in mind. He told me to get as his socked feet again and jack my cock till it would blow its hot load and there is where i stayed loving the smell of his socked feet loving the taste of hois cum and piss till I was coverd in my own cum. My load shot out so hard that most of it was on my faceor his socks . He told me to lick the cum form his socks. And i Did
    Then from that day own every day after practice I would blow the hot team mate and then become the slave of the coach .
    Now that is the best memories I have of high school

  17. d14u

    @sockboy… that was a hott story you shared., Not really into the golden shower, but I tell you based on your story..I might just have to try it.

  18. d14u

    My first gay expeerience was with my highschool track coach. During our warmup exercises I would catch a glinpse of his manhood hanging out while doing leg stretches. One day after sprint drills, I caught a really bad cramp and he came over to rub my leg. His musclular grip just sent signals up my spine as I felt him move his big hand up and down my calf musucle and then he let his hand move to my inner thigh in a swift like motion. I didnt really pay it attention but then it happen again and he realized I then had an erection. He says, “well looks like we got that know out, but take it easy on the next runs and lets see how it feels after practice.”

    After practice my curosity peeped my interest and I hung around after showers and stopped by his office. He stood up, closed the door behind me and then stood behind me and pulled his body up against me and started to grind on my ass and feel my crotch. Before I knew it he was down on his knees and giving me head. We had a couple more oral episodes during the track season.

    I later went off to college and never saw him again. So every now and then when I am working out at the gym or running and feel a cramp….I think about good old Coach Roy.

  19. ooloi

    I’ve had sex with professors from college and graduate school. One was about 37 years older than me and the other was about 16 years older. Both ended up being long term relationships despite the fact both identified as straight but yet were dating me.

    Currently have my eye set on this other cute professor. I know I’m never going to get this one (despite the fact he’s gay), but a boy can dream can’t he?

  20. Alex

    I dated a professor also…He was married and so we met every other Friday two blocks from the school. We would go to a motel in Queens and spend at least 3 hours in our room….He had alot of stamina and very dominant. He was awesome at eating my ass and making sure my mouth was never empty. He had a very high sex drive and for 2.5 hours I was always in a different position and taking it all in…He was 10 yrs older, salt & pepper hair and packing 9″ of hard solid puertorican cock. He knew how to do it and did it very well. Needless to say, I passed bio-chem and after almost 2 yrs. We parted ways.

  21. BeachBum

    I used to fantasize about my 10th grade Algebra teacher, Mr. Blank. Yes, that was his real name. He was about 6 feet tall, slim build, trimmed full mustache/beard, nice pert little ass, hairy arms and long curly sandy blond hair that was down to middle of his back. I think he age was between 29-32 and I was 15 year old skinny quiet, nerdy kid.

    Most of the other kids in my class were older than me, and acted really silly. I just paid attention and earned my good grades. I use to love how he would always get chalk on his butt. He used to wear his slack very snug fitting too. I tried to be discreet about looking at him in class but he caught me a few times. Sometimes when he was looking at me, I swear he got a boner. I used to think it was just my imagination but he had a boner quite often in class. I think he was married too.

    There was a time when we were doing an assignment in class and I looked up from my paper and he was looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes! So, being coy I stuck my tongue out at him. He did the same in return and I smiled, giggle a little, started blushing & continued my work.

    One day he was giving us back our quizzes that we had taken as we left class and he told me that I got the best score out of the class. I think that was his way of telling me how proud of me he was. Somehow I think that was out own little special connection. I wouldn’t have dared to try anything inappropriate with him at school.

    He was so damn hot. His hairy face made me wonder if he had a hairy chest/butt. How I wanted to go somewhere with him and we could explore each other…just the two of us. but I wanted to fuck him so badly. What a nice and beautiful man. After that semester was over, I never saw him at school again. I wonder how life has treated him.

    To this day, I am still attracted to older hairy men. They make the BEST lovers. 🙂

  22. cntryman09

    Never was as lucky as most writing here, but I did have a crush on several men teachers as a young boy and teenager. The wrestling coach at my high school was so gorgeous. He was so muscular and sexy, I would have gladly done anything he’d ask me to do. Also, my male homeroom teacher in 8th grade. I was so turned on by his muscular hairy legs and would do anything to just rub up against them to sneak a feel of them. Wish I had had the experiences of the guys writing here who did get to have their way with their teachers. So damn hot !

  23. gibby

    I had a Mariachi teacher that was soo fine…I was a Colorgaurd Instructor my JR yr of high school and i was teaching my guard and we had to stand at attention when teachers would walk in. So me and my guard ar standing at attenetion and we walks by me and grabs my dick and says what a nice lil teacher. He grabed it infront of my entire class of 23 i was like wow… I went to my band directors house and when i got there he was laying on the couch in his whitey tightys OMG i almost jumped his bones cus his dick looked sooo yummy

  24. Jack

    Man these stories are hot. I have a teacher who i fantasize about all the time. Seth Swihart is the most attractive man I know. His pants are always a size to small so I can always clearly see his cock. The best part is when he gets hard. I just want to go up in front of the class unzip his pants and suck him till he blows all over me. Im not a bottom, but id take him in the ass any day

  25. ERicJ

    God these stories are so sexy and making me hard. I wish I had had some hot teachers in high school or hot professors throughout the 10 years of college I did. But nope never had the luck! The closet thing I had was a live-in faculty member at the dorms where I went to school in SoCal. And he was gay, but he was younger than me. I was a late bloomer when it came to going to college.

    Even though there weren’t any hot teachers; there were several hot fellow students who I would have let fuck me crazy or ones that I would have like to fuck!

  26. mascguysonly

    Holy crap these storoes are amazing. It kinda makes me want to join a sports team just to get the coach. Wish one of mine would bend me over.

  27. Levar1

    The only teacher Ive ever been attracted to was my High School AP English teacher Mr.Mulwanda. He was gorgeous. Nigerian, medium dark skin, handsome about 5’11”, and very muscular. He always wore sweater vests and straigh leg pants that were both just a little tight on him but no one minded cause he was always professional. He had a bubble butt that was so tight and round you could bounce two quarters off it. Mr.Mulwanda was a great teacher who always encouraged his students. I remember when we were getting ready to take the AP exam and he was psyching us up, he told me not to worry too much when I got to the essay portion because when I write it’s sexy. I swear Ive never blushed harder. I swear I never expected him to say that to me…in front of the entire class.That was five years ago and he’s married with a kid. We’re friends on Fb and if he ever approached me in that way I wouldn’t think twice about fucking him till his legs gave out, and I have very no love for people who cheat while married.

  28. litlebear4

    @ sockboy
    Damn man that is one hot story. someone take this down and make a movie out of this scene, the hot football player sucking the other hot football player while the older hairyer coach watches, and the coach using him as a suck sock piss and fuck slave after and daily. just goes to show you Life is often hotter than fiction

  29. txbro

    I still remember my first sexual experience with an adult which was with my tennis coach. I was 16 going on 17. This guy would walk into the locker room and piss while we would change before practices. I still remember the smell of his piss that made me wanna change closer to that urnal to see his dick and taste it. I’d stare at his crotch during practice all the time. Until one day I got what I wanted after practice. Best time was the out of town competitions when I’d sneak to his room and I’d take his cock every which way and bareback. He even pissed on me at my requests and
    loved it!!!! I still have his red shorts and sniff them while I jerk off because it still has the smell of sweat and piss on them.

  30. Len

    College? My fantasies started in 7th grade & continued through high school. By college it was mostly other students. I’m seducing 3 high school teachers now. Sort of a bit late but I want to get every one of them on his desk.

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