Would you do him : Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx, is an American actor R&B singer, stand-up comedian and talk radio host that we all like. As an actor, his work earned him the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Actor as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a musical/comedy. He is also a Grammy Award winning musician, producing albums which have charted highly on the Billboard 200. Since Jamie’s 4th album “Best Night of My Life” is set to a December 21st release, we chose him as our first “would you do him?” post.

So what I want to show you here is not his acting talent, or his voice, but nothing else then his body ! OMG ! At age 43, Mr. Foxx can beat many young boys at the “who has the nicest pecs” contest!  And I bet he can beat anyone at the B.B.D. contest too ! (LOL) Check out after the jump, you’ll see what I’m talking about !!!

So, would you do him ?



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  1. Chicag

    I wouldn’t mind spending some time in bed with Mr. Foxx. I’m not sure what we’d do, but it would be fun trying to figure it all out. He looks like he might be a GREAT kisser.

  2. Gilles

    jamie foxx could take me anytime, anyplace! the very thought of being on all fours and jamie foxx behind me about to…..ooh whee!!!! i get wet just thinking about it!

  3. lil joe

    Fuckin right he would not leave the house with out me doing him. We going to make new ways to have sex. Him and trey songz now that a hot boy. Baby we would put holes throu the wall. That bitch just so hot

  4. Deon Lofton

    Yes, I’d Fuck Around With Jamie Foxx He Is So Cute & Have A Beautiful Body On Him. Jamie Can Fuck The Shit Outta Me Anytime He Want Too.

  5. junglemn

    JF does have a nice body and i love muscle but im not sexually attracted to him (oh and he has a nice voice but honestly he should stay away from song writing especially if he wants to blame his mistakes on alcohol “hey jamie she caught you cuz you f”ed not cuz the booz”) now vin deisel is a chhunk of man meat i would love to climb all over and his voice is sexier than JF

  6. edub696

    He could fuck me ’til I saw stars, fuck me ’til I couldn’t see, and then fuck me again ’til I saw god in his eyes!! I want his loads flowing outta me like it was Niagara falls.


  7. Alex

    Definetly! I would luv for him to do me with that black big hard pipe. He can have me any which way he wants…as long as I get to suck his black cock and gets to pound into my second hole…….fuck yeah!!!

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