technology: Giorgio Armani Galaxy S

Giorgio Armani and Samsung Electronics recently collaborated launching the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S, a rather fabulous looking phone. The Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S exterior embodies quintessential Armani sophistication. Adding a touch of distinction, the sleek body comes adorned with an exclusive Armani-Patterned back metal cover and an oversized AMOLED display that lets you enjoy all your favorite HD videos, images and more with diamond sharp-clarity. But style has a price… This smart phone retails for 700 euros (approx. $965) at selected Giorgio Armani boutiques.

Let’s not forget to talk about the gorgeous male top model chosen for the campaign in the name of Benjamin Hill. What a pretty man, I wish i could see more then his face and chest in the campaign ….

(More pictures of Ben after the jump)

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  1. troy

    i don’t know which one i like more, the face or the phone. i don’t suppose there will ever be a two for one special for the price of the phone will there? if so, know it is already sold you bitches. happy holidays.

  2. Christopher/StonedSteps, Adam4Adam

    It’s a PHONE……..a Yakking device. That’s it….a GRAND for a phone that has some jackasses name on it?? Does GA make shit paper, too?? *sigh*

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