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Heteroflexable? Bending? Mostly Straight, Most of the Time?

I have this neighbor that has several identities he uses in the AOL chat rooms.  Some of them are men, some of them are women, and some of them are trans. None of these are too much of a stretch for him as with some significant effort, he can fit the part of any of these roles within an hour after shower and make-up at least without deep ‘probing’  and underwear inspection from the front. 

Over the years I have witnessed a stream of men arrive to his house looking like Darth Vader from the back. Most of these men are in work trucks with step up ladders and sport a bright and shinny wedding band.  Straight fantasies aside (or not) I am amazed at just how many straight men this guy services! 

With a little handholding, he ‘came out’ online as a cross dressing man in a few of his online hangouts. We both expected flaming and hate and we were not fully disappointed, but we were shocked to find that quite a few of the butchest men were wanting to know more, asking to get pics of him dressed and hoping to cam or hookup. The responses (mostly in pics and cam2cam requests) were  enough to make me think that buying myself a nice pair of frilly panties might not be such as bad idea!

Well, needless to say I have been over to his place for coffee almost every morning since his coming out and listening to his adventures with these straight men. Some of the reports are amazing (I’m thinking Fredrick’s of Hollywood online store might be my next stop) but most stories share a common theme. According to him, he is getting more and more frustrated as most of these men, over time, turn from being total butch tops to wanting to get rimmed, then wanting ‘just a finger’,  eventually becoming full on bottom wannabes,  asking to get fucked.

So yet again, we as gay men are on the edge as trend setters, making the anus and the prostrate the new vagina! So hats off gentlemen, hats off to the Mangina ..oh, and new toasters for everyone!


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  1. otro_companero

    Rimming is akin to scratching right above a dog’s tail. Just like a dog who’s gotten used to getting his happy spot rubbed, men newly inducted to the rim-job will approach ass first!

    Although not a complete bottom, I have made pretty good strides from an initial rim-job with a straight, divorced, ex-military, father of 2 (we’ve played amongst his kid’s graduation pictures). I’ve gotten him to call his ass, “man-pussy,” and the last couple of sessions his ass was shaved (which surprised me) and lubed-up for deep finger probing as he jacked. It’s been definitely a process.

    As he gets comfortable, I’ll be progressing onto small vibes with a my goal of having him ass up with a dildo sloshing in and out of his happy spot. He’s disgusted at the mention of it but, has admitted to being surprised at how clean the bottoms are in the gay porn clips – – links of which I’ve “accidently” sent him. He laughs that our recent conversation about enema’s was initiated by him (so he thinks…)

  2. Tyler

    the term Straight, really doesn’t mean Heterosexual. A hetero guy might get serviced but he’s really only into women unless he is bisexual.

    Most closeted men who are immersed in str8 society ie family job neighborhood religious affiliation marriage w/children, will call themselves str8 bi(curious)

    It’s still harder to be openly gay as a man in our society and the world in general. Most of these guys unless the come out. Will only use a gay man for a few hook ups and then go back to what they perceive as a normal & safe life.

  3. Jojoboe

    As far as I remember, since I was 17 and first time had sex with a man and he was straight, I enjoyed his domination and I believe would rather have sex with straight and Bi rather than dealing with all the non sense of the flaky online materialistics, superfitials individuals. straight men truly knows what they want and they get it done, whether they were looking for head or simply a nice wet, clean hole to plow, dump and go back to their wives.

  4. sean

    I am continually amazed at the number of str8 married men with kids that want it up the ass. I live in a small town in Texas, I get my men off the internet. My room mate as well gets them off the internet. He is a top and like I said I can not believe the studs that come by to take his 9.5 cock. They range from 18 to ? Some have no experience but are intrigued and want to try. Some will try and have a lot of pain but want it and I have seen them go from quiet backing on to a cock to screaming fuck me once he starts going. Yet I have seen them in the mall with their wives and kids, so str8 that no one and I mean no one would think they took it in the ass. I am a bottom guy, same thing, will get a call saying never did it with a guy but have with a woman, would like to try. They come over and put it in and go ape shit. one said you have an ass like pussy but a pussy would never be as tight as you are. another thing, the str8 guys taking it in the ass are super clean, haven’t seen a dirty ass yet on my roomies cock, he’s even commented how much cleaner they were then some gays. strange isn’t it.

  5. Rob

    The honest truth is there are very few 100% str8 guys out there. When I was in college it never ceased to amaze me how many “str8” guys with girlfriends were messing around with dudes. I would meet a guys in chatrooms and we would have sex and then the next week I would usually see the same dudes on campus with their hot girlfriends. LOL

  6. gently used

    the best sex partners i have had have been married men .i put them in drag or just heels .i had to turn them away. its hard work but somebody has to do

  7. Mark

    For me, I started out a str8 guy that was introduced to man sex when I had a 3way with a m/f couple and they both worked my cock over good. Since that time I’ve enjoyed lots of oral with gay and bi guys/couples. A very good gay friend of mine really enjoyed worshiping my ass with his hungry tongue, and to my surprise, I love it immensely. I want my ass tongue fucked every chance I get and do enjoy a finger, or 2, in me as well. I’ve had guys want to penetrate my tight ass and I’ve refused, but my girlfriend and I have been playing with her fucking me with a strap-on, and it’s very hot and enjoyable for us both. It turns her on to do me anally and I love to see her burying that fake cock inside me. I never thought or knew that it would be that enjoyable for me. I knew I liked to fuck girls and guys in the ass, and now, well, it might be time to take a mans cock in my mangina, too.

  8. CarlitosWay

    I could have sworn I was a heterosexual. I’ve had nothing but girlfriends in the past and I truly enjoy having sex with women. But one day I met this guy and we became really good friends. We came to the point where we were able to talk very openly about sex, and one day he came out to me. A few days after that he told me that if I ever decided to try anything with a guy, that he’d like to be that guy. I told him that if I was ever to try anything it would definitely be with him because we were so comfortable with each other. It was a no brainer.

    One day, in a surprise-attack move, he offered to go down on me during my lunch break and I agreed. It was just okay, to be honest, but good enough that it was interesting. Days after I thought “hey, I think I wanna do that too.” So I asked him if he’d let me go down on him and he agreed. It was a strange feeling at first, but pretty soon we were 69-ing everywhere we could. Eventually we decided to get a hotel room. We did so and he gave me his manginity. I honestly tried to return the favor but I really couldn’t do it at the time. I thought it was impossible for me to bottom so we couldn’t do anything. So, it was decided: I was a top.

    We went in separate directions for a while and, though we still keep in tough, I lost my experiment buddy. I sort of thought I had had enough anyway so I let it be. Of course curiosity got the best of me and years later, in my travels, I met this handsome Caribbean guy and he invited me to his place for some pot and some sex. I told him about my experience with sex (or lack thereof) and he said he was willing to take it slow. He seemed like a nice guy so I went with him. He was tall, handsome, dark-skinned and muscular. We smoked a little pot and we proceeded to make out and take each other’s clothes off. He had a beautiful cock. Probably 8″ if not 9, straight, hard and just beautiful to look at. He then started to take care of me, attending to my every request and need, and really being patient with me. We took it slow for the main act and, after a bit of pain suffocated with determination, he put his dick in my ass. I couldn’t believe it! I had lost my manginity! After a few minutes of gentle penetration, he proceeded to fuck the living lights out of me. I couldn’t believe how good I felt! I loved it so much I was smiling afterwards – I kid you not. I couldn’t believe I had stayed away from something so awesome for so long.

    We took a break and did it again. It was almost just as difficult to get his cock in my ass, but I braved it again and soon was riding his cock like my life depended on it. It was intense, unreal, wonderful, and my entire body seemed to vibrate. I didn’t know at the time that this was such a big deal, but both times he made me cum without touching my penis with his hands. He was hitting a spot so well I didn’t even know there is sometimes a need to “lend a helping hand”, if you will. The first time he was on top of me, all 6’4″ 200lbs of his muscular physique drilling me both gently and deeply with his fat cock while my toes curled in ecstasy. The second time I was on top of him, riding his pole in a way I can only describe as the way I’ve always wanted a woman to ride my cock. This experience is still so vivid in my mind. I couldn’t believe (and almost admit to myself) that it was so mind-numbingly good.

    I let that experience be. I later told my old experiment buddy about it and he was happy I had joined the ranks. I thought I’d leave it at that, but little did I know I had created a monster. I have since been with a few men, and every time I think I’ve had enough and I’m ready to continue my “straight” life I go back to those first experiences with the tall, handsome man, and I can’t deny that I like bottoming so much. I love to have sex with women still, but they couldn’t possibly top me the way a man can. I haven’t even asked a woman to strap one on and bang me, tho I hope to some day. I just think sex with women is one thing and sex with men is another, but I sure am a believer in anal sex now. And even though no one really knows about this part of my life, I am plotting my coming out these days. It should happen very soon. Wish me luck! I can’t wait to openly date both men and women. I like people for who they are and I won’t deny myself the physical pleasure from either sex. They’re both great and I want them both. I want it all! There, I said it.

  9. ThinWhtDuke

    I found it interesting that we are debating the “straightness” of another man. To me, it sounds eerily similar to same rhetoric that we hear as gay men about “it being just a phase” or “you just haven’t met the right girl.” Moreover how many gay men have experimented with women in their sexual discovery, a lot probably? It just seems to me that men in general regardless of our sexual orientation need a long overdue “sex revolution;” because obviously us “gay” men are equally capable of producing our own stereotypical bias prejudices too.

  10. Arthur


  11. jonn

    wow it has been a real dream of mine for someone to take there time with me and fuck me nice and slow and let me ride them wow i want this so bad for real

  12. Sean

    I can’t stand straight men who have men on the side. How trashy. Go home to your wife and kids, the life you won’t leave because you’re too comfortable.

  13. Davedick

    Or better yet, straight guys looking for dick. Go to a bathhouse and whore out — I won’t tell you about my life outside and you don’t have to tell me about yours, we’ll just fuck.

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