hot or not: hairy asses

As a total bottom boy, i am not at all into asses, except when it comes to get mine licked, munched or played with…So my answer to the “hot or not” of the week should be, no. But… my answer is YES, it’s hot! You ask me why ? I don’t know… (lol) I just think it’s very sexy! I love hairy muscle butch guys and love the manliness of their hairy asses. But I would not play with it. Strange ? No, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only bottom boy who thinks it’s hot.

So you know where I stand on that subject but let me know what you have to say ! Hairy asses, hot or not ?


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  1. Mtlguy

    I like smooth to moderately hairy guys. I love to rim a hot bubble ass and when there is too much hair it simply doesn’t feel as good on my tongue.

  2. germanadam

    what makes an ass hot is not whether it is hairy or not, but if the guy is a man or not. A feminine guy can have the hottest gym bunny body, hairy or not… my dick will not respond. A manly guy with a smooth or hairy ass, a six pack or a little gut, my dick still wants to top him. It is silly how some gays want to reduce attraction to a single detail. Kind of nelly to think that way, isn’t it? Peace

  3. ADDestracted

    Hairy asses are a big phatty yes. Yes ma’am, yes suh Yes indeedee!!!! If you think you don’t like em furry come take the ADDestracted fuzzy butt challenge and then tell me what you have to say… hmmm?

  4. Mash_up

    As a top who considers it his duty (and pleasure) to lick, munch, and otherwise play with a bottom’s ass, hairy asses are NOT hot to me. I want them smooth and hairless.

  5. Dustn

    Hairy asses are deffinatly nasty to me… i dont think that they are in any way attractive… i am a total top and i have been with one guy who had a hairy ass and i told him to just get dressed cause i wouldnt top him… I think completly shaven guys are hot… They need to be smooth on there chest stomach ass and cock… legs pits and arms are the only thing i am ok with being hairy…

  6. gene

    i am a bottom and do not top , however i love a guy with a hairy ass. i like to lick and rim a hairy hole if it’s clean. move on up to the crotch area, then to the hairy nuts and finally ready to suck some cock. if a man shaves his ass or any body hair it dosen’t matter how hot he is i am totaly turned off. a real man dosen’t shave anything below his neck. i like some smothe men but will always choose a hairy man over muscles or a big cock.

  7. Dave

    Yes, I do like the nice hairy ass. I love me men to look like a man, I agree it has to be the total package not just the ass. If the rest of the guy looks like a total man and the ass is smooth and hairless then yes it is still sexy, but do like the hairy ass.

  8. kotzboy

    I prefer, my self, to have nothing on my butt more than like peach fuzz length. just enough to feel and know It’s there but not get stuck in your teeth. Nasty.
    I’ve gotta have a hairless crack though. It’s probably me just being to critical of my self, but if I’m going to have someone eating me out, i don’t want asshole hair to be eating his face. I’d probably want the same thing in return, asshole hair, don’t eat my face lol

  9. culito2

    i do not likw hairy ass or balls is nasty im a vers top latino dude an i think we look and feel hot with the smood brown butt but any1 have the right to like what they like

  10. ACETEE315

    Smooth for sure! You can TASTE more of a man when he’s smooth. You TASTE less when he’s hairy!. But it is personal preference after all. It’s what makes the world go round

  11. Babik425

    NOT … I have an ass fetish and hate a hairy butt. Hairy butts seem to smell (badly) more. Never could get into that. Smooth as silk is a definite turn on for me.

  12. CJ

    I think that hairy asses are amazing. I prefer natural men though. I can’t say there is a preference over smooth asses however. The thing that matters is the shape and volume of the ass… is it round, or is it pancake?

  13. rooster_66

    love smooth, lovce hairy its all aboout the guy and chemistry really love a hunky bushy haird blond and a stud top latin boy…

  14. gently used

    chidren i like ass .eat it ,spank it ,shave it,hairless.i like ass . this ass i would like to keep as my very own. to use as needed. i find i need ass often. and this hairy ass would fill my needs.i just like ass . you dont have to douche. its ass .shit comes with ass. i really like man ass. you often find hair on man ass. it is a good thing.the taste of hair has never turned me off. just spit it out. i am willing to house this hariy assed mother fucker.send me one. i like ass and bubble gum. i got plenty of

  15. HryBtm

    for all you men into hairy ass: don’t forget to play with the hair too … the closer to the hole the more sensitive the hair so pick it between your teeth or lips and tug at tit gently and watch your bottom go crazy

  16. JP

    Hairy asses are hot. An ass is an ass is an ass, hairy or smooth, CLEANLINESS IS WHAT IS SEXY (and a MUST). Nothing worse than a gross dirty blown-out ass.

  17. DaNa

    I like them smoothe but LOVE them HAIRY. And the rounder/firmer cheeks are at the top of MY list, as long as its kept clean. So, part dem hairs and get ready to be licked, probed, plowed long and deep…such a turn-on!!!

  18. mascoh75

    Hairy asses? DEFINITELY HOT! I personally love furry dudes, not to say that smooth asses are a turn off at all. My #1 turn off and most of the time it’s a deal breaker is a shaved ass or cock. A hairy ass to me = man.

  19. Harry, Harey, Hairy....

    Like a firm ass. I like guys taller than me and over 179 lbs so I like big, muscled or firm azzez!!! It’s like the overweight thing…a little belly is fine but a lot of sloppy belly isn’t fine. I like a big, firm/muscled azz but a sloppy, dimpled azz will not work for me. Hairy or no hair they’re all fine when worked out!

  20. Baxter

    Shaved, smooth or peach fuzz ass is great – hairy asses are unacceptable. I don’t want to floss with pubes, thanks, clean that ass up!

  21. Michael Stanton

    i’m a total bottom and i love, love, LOVE to eat ass, either hairy or smooth; as long as it’s clean i can eat a guy for hours until my tongue is chafed that’s how much i enjoy eating a guy. one guy i was with had to literally PUSH me away from his ass b/c i made him cum twice just from eating him! that so far is my personal best!!!

  22. CallMe Jay

    Hair doesn’t bother me, it’s kinda fun to push it back & dive in ;-).

    I’m Latino and I’m hairy in places where it counts, but I do groom periodically. I’m not gonna lie, with my sexy, beautiful Black men, I like a smooth azz. Especially if it’s already a phat or muscled situation? Yeah, smooth and round and I will stay down there for a very long time, LOL. But it’s a quirk, not a requirement. Just be clean. 😀

  23. KingNard

    Give me the hairy ass there is nothing like stubble when eating an ass that shit is horrible, but I guess it also depends on how course your hair is although I have been asked to shave, no one has actually just not wanted to have sex because it wasn’t shaved, once they get a taste they enjoy the hair

  24. Thom

    Eh… It’s a hit or miss situation, but if I had to put an answer, I’d go for “no, subject to re-evaluation by extenuating circumstances”

  25. TopCop

    Masculine guy here. Not hairy myself but love to bury my face, tongue and anything else I can get in there in a round firm hairy ass. Love to rim then work my tongue down the taint to the balls, cock and head…..then all the way back up to the hole again. Now that’s what I call liven………

  26. Joel

    I have a hairy ass and I’m a bottom too BUT I absolutely love to rim a clean, SMOOTH ASS over a hairy one!!! This strict top that I’ve been messing around with for months now FINALLY let me rim his smooth bubble butt…oh my goodness it was the best thing ever lol!!!!!!

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